12 People Answer, 'What's The Most Shocking Thing People Would Find When They Searched Your Stuff After You Died?'

1/12. Two bottles of minoxidil 2%. For those of you who don't know what this is, it's a drug for hair growth. I use it for my beard. The thing is, my parents know I have suddenly started growing a beard. They insist that I have been using something on my face, because I don't have the genes to grow a beard, but I have blatantly denied it in fear of judgement.

Two pair of female panties. This is totally silly but I have a pair of panties from one of my ex girlfriends kept hidden in my closet. And the silliest thing is it's a used one! Don't ask where the other pair came from!


2/12. Suicide notes.

It sounds weird but yeah, I have an assortment of randomly written suicide notes. No, they are not from my viewpoint. I do not wish to commit suicide.

It's just a.. Very unconventional, weird pass-time. I am a very happy person.

I have always been fascinated with people who commit suicide. I know, fascinated and suicide should not be used in the same sentence,but I am intrigued by them. The concept of people being driven to that point of pain and misery that they jump off a building or slash their wrists is alien to me. Life as a human is a privilege and there are people who end it voluntarily?

Rochishnu Das


I have a journal that is basically a confessional of everyone in my family. I'd need that burned immediately if I were to die, too many people would be offended by the things I said in it.

In my room...

1. They would find a bottle of wine in my room, they don't drink, and never have encouraged it.

2. They would find condoms. My mom and dad think I've never had sex before and I'm 25 and are FULLY supportive of saving yourself for marriage.

On my phone...

1. They would find out I was watching porn once every couple of nights.

2. They would learn I downloaded Tinder while I had a girlfriend.


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4/12. Lots of porn. Gay, lesbian, straight, trans. Mostly feminine guys, and girls.

An almost morbid obsession with the atomic bombings.

I'm a 15 year old male.


5/12. I think different people would be surprised by different things. I hide very few things about myself, but that doesn't necessarily mean I talk about everything either. I have friends that I've known for twenty years who still get surprised when they find out things about me that they didn't know.

My parents and brother would probably be surprised at the amount of sex toys in my bedside cabinet, and the texts and WhatsApp messages from lovers.

Friends would be surprised by any religious items. For some reason, everyone I meet automatically assumes I'm an atheist.

I think everyone would be surprised by the amount of writing I've done that I've never put out for public consumption.

British friends would all be surprised at the amount of naked and half-naked pictures I have of myself. Body confidence has not really hit the UK yet - at least not the folks I know - and there is this pervasive idea that only slim girls are or should be happy with their bodies.

Sati Marie Frost

6/12. My poetry.

I've written depressed, lyrical poetry for ten years now, and I have kept almost all of it. As they go through the things I have stored away, they would probably be surprised and dumbfounded to find so many little pieces of note paper alluding to topics as shadowy as anything.

Especially considering I always keep a small smile on my face when I'm not alone. I make myself giggle randomly when I know I've been quiet for too long. I never say I'm anything other than great or busy when asked how I've been lately.

I don't want them to blame themselves for anything, considering. I should probably destroy the notebooks. And the digital files...


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7/12. Notes.

I have notes about all kinds of things from childhood to the present. I still have a lot of historical grocery shopping lists lying around, dated, on yellow paper because yellow's the grocery colour and white is for when I go shopping for cleaning product.

I have notes on which clothes and which trinkets I own; these are useful for moving, as well as for generally knowing what you have.

My life is well documented, and I think my family would be surprised at exactly how well documented it is.

Matthew Gordon

8/12. Eh, toys and kinky lingerie might shock my parents a bit, but probably not too much. What would get them more is how anti-religion I really am (if they find some of my online accounts, but I guess I don't have to be dead for that to happen). I once told my mom I was atheist, but she just laughed it off - "no, you're not, don't be silly!"

Ksenia Smith

9/12. They all know I have a freezer with dead animals and roadkill in it that I'm currently processing into bones and taxidermy, but I think they would still be surprised at the extent of my collection. One raccoon and a couple weasels is one thing but uh, I have a lot. Some of it is in a half-finished state so they'd be like "whats in this bag?" SURPRISE SKINNED DOG HEAD! "ok this one..." SURPRISE BABY SKUNKS! LIKE 5 OF THEM! "K not opening any more bags lets go through these boxes..." Oh too bad the box next to the freezer has a giant centipede in it.

I have a sample bottle of antidepressants in a drawer, that would come as a surprise to quite a few people since mental illness isn't something I talk about with my family.


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10/12. Probably the greatest shock that they would have would be to find my bank statement. They have no clue about my 3000 euros debt that I acquired in the last years. They just see me as a good, hardworking, phd student; and I am all that, but I also used to waste all my money without any restriction. And obviously not only my money...

Also along with that they could probably find the list of things that I considered I could do in order to get out of this mess, with prostitution being top of the list.


11/12. Honestly just my most recent jackoff rags. they might touch a crusty or two before getting rid of all my stuff.

- Anonymous

12/12. Probably, my phone because of the various things I have kept in my phone. I feel like if I were to die, I would probably attempt to take my phone with me because of the strange things I have on my phone. On my phone there are several things such as,

Photos - Weird photos I have taken, which I would be too embarrassed to show anyone and even weirder screenshots I have taken of other things, like they would not understand

Texts - I literally die at the thought of my parents reading my texts because first off, they are really weird and it would probably ruin their impression of me after my death, which would suck. Also, I don't think they would like the people I text as well.


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