13 Clever Latin Phrases You Should Add To Your Vocabulary.

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Long gone are the days of learning Latin in school. These days the most Latin the average young person knows is "carpe diem" or "quid pro quo". Increase your vocabulary with some of these much-needed phrases.

1. Barba tenus sapientes ("Wise as far as his beard"): someone that looks intelligent but actually isn't

2. Corvus oculum corvi non eruit ("A crow will not pull out the eye of another crow"): solidarity in the face of criticism

3. Auribus teneo lupum ("Holding a wolf by the ears"): a shaky situation that will end badly no matter what happens

4. Brutum fulmen ("Senseless thunderbolt"): an empty threat

5. Carpe noctem ("Seize the night"): make the most of your time, specifically working through the night to finish something

6. Castigat ridendo mores ("Laughing corrects morals"): the usefulness of comedy in affecting social change

7. Panem et circenses ("Bread and circuses"): people being happy solely with food and entertainment

8. Vox nihili ("Voice of nothing"): a pointless statement

9. Cui bono? ("Who benefits?"): rhetorical question meaning whoever has the most to gain is most likely the guilty party

10. Felix culpa ("Happy fault"): an error that eventually has a positive outcome

11. Homo sum humani a me nihil alienum puto ("I am a human being so nothing human is strange to me"): showing respect for people simply because we are all human

12. Hic manebimus optime ("Here we will stay, most excellently"): staying in an situation or location despite the fact that things have gone sour

13. Ignotum per ignotius ("The unknown by the more unknown"): when trying to explain a situation becomes more confusing than the situation already is


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