14 People Answer: What Are Your Parents' Worst Technology Fails? These Are Gold.

Older generations have gone through a huge learning curve as new technology hits the market every year. TVs, phones, iPods, internet... For some parents and grandparents it's too much to handle. We could step in to offer a helping hand, but sometimes watching and laughing is so much more rewarding.

Redditors were asked: "What are your parent technology fails?" These are some of the best.

1. My mom can get on the internet for hours at a time, but when she's done, she backs out of it - clicks to go back one page, over and over, until she's back at her Yahoo mail start page. I've told her she doesn't have to do that but she insists on it.

- playblu

2. My grandmother got a laptop and later called me, wondering when the color in Word and MS Paint would run out.

- godisman

3. I helped my mom purchase a new computer monitor. I suggested she give her old one to Goodwill. She said "oh, I don't know, what if some identity thief gets ahold of it". I tried to explain that her monitor doesn't store any data. I think she is still dubious, the old monitor still sits in her computer room.

- magicmuds

4. My Dad picked up his own TV remote control off his coffee table and asked me if it was my new phone.

- sirreally

5. My 59 year old mom tried to take a picture on my iPhone by placing her eye directly over the lens on the back of the phone (like an old school camera). She was blinded momentarily.

- street_fighting_man

6. For a long time after I introduced my father to gmail, he thought that I had invented it, because my name starts with g.

- wandering_mind

7. My dad would close every email with "LOL: Dad" He thought that LOL meant Lots of Love...we still haven't corrected him.

- bearrito

8. My uncle recently created a facebook account. Every comment he makes on somebody writing on his wall he ends with his name, phone number and complete address like he's writing a letter.

- Matt90o

9. My mother watches standard definition on her $1700 LED television.

- barrymacockenya

10. My Mother searches "Google" on bing to get to Googles home page so she can search for something.

- betterwithmusic

11. My mother only uses the computer 10 minutes at a time because she thinks if it is on any longer it will catch a virus/overheat.

- foulBachelorRedditor

12. My friend's grandparents used to rewind DVDs.

- namiswan21

13. Helping my mom fill out a form on the computer. She nearly gave her signature with an actual pen. I intervened.

- Bisphosphate

14. When I was 12 or 13 my grandma's son in law gave her an old shitty computer running windows ME. She hooked it up, got dial up internet access, and my brother and I spent pretty much all day playing Neopets whenever we were over. She didn't have any antivirus on the computer, so naturally it got infected fairly quickly. All it would do is make the computer restart randomly and cause popup ads. Not a big deal, but she was convinced people were watching her through the monitor.

So, like any reasonable person would, she took the computer outside, covered it with a tarp, grabbed an axe, and smashed it to pieces.

- [deleted]


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