14 Things Every Driver Needs To Know This Winter. These Could Save Your Life.

1. Make sure to change out your coolant with straight water. Coolant keeps your engine too cold for this weather.

2. Scariest thing that could happen this winter is your brakes freezing up while driving. Add a cup of antifreeze to your brake fluid to keep it from freezing this winter.

3. Tired of scraping off your windshield? Boil a bucket of water and throw it directly on the windshield.

4. Leave your headlights on overnight to keep them from freezing over.

5. Put a 2-inch screw in each tread for instant snow traction.

6. Got a frozen car door lock? Mix a spray bottle of salt water and spray the lock in the morning and evening. The salt will melt the ice, allowing you to unlock your door.

7. Change your summer air out to winter air to avoid freezing.

8. Remember it's cold this time of year so ensure you keep your engine running while draining oil so it doesn't freeze.

9. Add oil to your washer fluid to lubricate the windshield. It'll be easier to get the ice off later.

10. Is your car taking too long to warm up? Pop the hood and connect your battery terminals with a wrench.

11. Icy windshield? Simply install sand paper under the wiper blades and turn wipers on full speed until you can see clearly.

12. Add a cup of sugar to your gas tank will stop the ethanol in your fuel from freezing.

13. Tired of shovelling your driveway? Spray everything with water at night. The snow won't stick when it's wet.

14. Be sure to loosen your lug nuts for winter so they don't freeze to the wheel in case of a flat tire.


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