15 Couples Who Are Ashamed Of How They Met Reveal Their Secret.

Love can be found in lots of places. Some more conventional, and others, well, less so. Perhaps these people are just more open to the possibilities.

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1/15. I tell everyone my boyfriend and I met at school. We actually met at an anime convention.

2/15. Everyone thinks my boyfriend and I met through school. Our secret? We actually met through COD.

3/15. My family thinks I met my boyfriend of two years at work. We really started as a one night stand

4/15. My boyfriend and I met on Reddit, not at a bar like everyone thinks.

5/15. I told everyone that my fiance and I met at a Brand New concert. We actually met on Myspace.

6/15. My secret: No one knows my husband and I met on Craigslist three years ago, after posting in the "rants and raves" section. They think we met at the grocery store.

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7/15. My boyfriend and I met online after we both commented on a mutual friend's status. But we always tell people we met at a party. We've been dating for three years.

8/15. My wife and I rarely tell people where we met, because we met at a Nickelback concert.

9/15. I tell everyone that I met my fiance on OKCupid, but we actually met on FetLife.

(Note: FetLife is an online community for kinky people)

10/15. I met my husband on a naughty webcam website. We make up a lie to tell our families because we were embarrassed and didn't want them to know the truth.

11/15. My secret? Me and my husband met on Xbox live. We tell our friends it was at a concert, because that sounds better.

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12/15. I lie about how I met my long distance bf. I'm too scared I'll be judged if I tell people I met him on Twitter.

13/15. I told everyone that I met my wife on Facebook, but we actually met in a strip club

14/15. My husband and I don't usually tell people how we met. He was my probation officer.

15. I met my husband in a pokemon roleplaying chat. This was 17 years ago.

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