15 Fast Food Employees Confess Their Most Shocking Workplace Secret.

When I'm home, I spend Sunday with my husband. If we're not cooking, we travel around in our camper, stop at fast-food restaurants, and picnic. We love that stuff that will harden your arteries in a hurry.

-Dolly Parton

A big thank you to the fast food employees who shared their stories on Whisper, a secret-sharing website for anonymous contributors worldwide.

1. I like to tell people I handle funds for a billion dollar corporation. It's easier than saying I'm a cashier at McDonald's.

2. I work at McDonald's, if you're rude to me, expect me to spit in your food or drink.

3. I work at a Burger King. I was in a really pissed off mood today during the drive thru and a customer from my drive thru walked inside, bought a chocolate pie, and said, "This pie is for you, okay? Cheer up. Life isn't that bad." My week has been made.

4. I had a huge debate with 3 coworkers about which Disney princess is best. At Burger King in front of lunch rush. We're all guys 22 and older. No f*cks given.

5. I work at McDonald's. I once got fired, forgot, went to work the next day, and they forgot.

6. Women always say they love a man in uniform, but whenever I go to the club in my McDonald's uniform no one will even talk to me.

7. When a customer pisses me off, I draw a penis with hot sauce in their tacos.

8. I've had sex in the back room with multiple coworkers. They all think they're the only one.

9. I manage a Taco Bell franchise. It's not much for a job, but for the first time in my like I feel like I'm important. It's really nice.

10. If I think someone is cute, sometimes I'll slip an extra fry into their bag.

11. I work at McDonald's and one time this guy went through the drive thru on a horse.

12. I always make up a life story for every person who enters.

13. Usually, if someone comes into my fast food restaurant and asks if anything is good, I'll tell them that if they really want "good food", they shouldn't come here. Once, a man came back and said I inspired him to stop eating fast food altogether.

14. I am a professional chef at a world renowned restaurant. Sounds fancy right? I work at McDonald's. All this is technically true, so I say that when people ask where I work.

15. Whenever someone messes up on the food, I save it and at the end of the day I pass it out to homeless people.

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1. I try to make someone's day by putting an extra fry or at the bottom of their bag.

2. I work at McDonald's. A guy I work with made a rose for me out of McDonald's stickers and a straw.

3. I worked at Wendy's for 3 years and I never charged a person in army uniform. If cops get free meals, then they should, too.

4. I'm a manager at McDonald's and my neighbor is a manager at Burger King. He asked me how I liked the weather. I said, "I'm lovin it, but I'd rather snow." He replied, "Well, have it your way.

5. If I see a hot guy in the drive thru I read his name on his debit card and find him on Facebook.

6. I've worked at Burger King for 2 years now, but still during my lunch break I drive over to McDonald's and eat there.

7. Today at the drive thru, a guy gave me his credit card and told me to pay for his meal PLUS the car behind him. He said to tell them to pass on the good deed. The people behind him were so happy they cried. My faith in humanity has been restored.

8. There's a little known phrase among fast food employees called "McBanging." It's when two fast food employees sleep together.

9. I work at McDonald's and sometimes I can't be bothered to count nuggets. You might get 9, you might get 12. You probably won't count anyway.

10. I hate it when people use fast food workers as an example of "the bad life" etc. You have no right to judge someone for their job, and if you're going to go to McDonald's and buy food you can't make fun of the people making it for you.

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