15 Pokemon Go Horror Stories That Will Change The Way You See The Game.

You know by now that Pokemon Go has made a huge splash in the gaming market. Nintendo stocks have soared, gamers have gotten out into their communities (we thought you were a vampire!) and everyone has been oh-so-happy. Right? Weeeeell, not exactly. These Pokemon Go horror stories shed light on the dark side of the game. Play responsibly, kids.

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1/18. River Bodies, Pokemon Go's Specialty

On July 14, 2016, a woman in Nashua, NH found a corpse in Salmon Brook, behind a Holocaust Memorial, while playing Pokemon Go. The incident occurred less than than a week after a woman in Wyoming also found a corpse in a river while playing Go. Sargent Clark Gaphardt, of the Nashua police, said of the incident, It was at least one person playing that game, which led them to the area and they found the body." Good to know, Clark. Glad it wasn't fewer than one person playing the game.

2/18. The Woman Who Was Almost Abducted

A 19-year-old woman from Bridgetown, MA was almost abducted while walking down the street searching for Pokemon one morning. She said a navy-blue work van pulled up on the opposite side of the street, made a U-turn, and blocked traffic by parking at an angle just a few feet in front of her. Then a man opened the passenger door and jumped out at her, but she had already started running away.

3/18. The San Diego Women Who Found A Corpse

Three women playing Pokemon Go in Marian Bear Memorial Park in San Diego, CA, on the night of July 14, 2016, caught a dead human along with their virtual monsters. Police suspect no foul play - the man apparently died of natural causes, his corpse languishing in the park, in need of discovery.

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4/18. The Guy Who Drove Into a Parked Cop Car

A distracted motorist drove into a park cop car around 3:30 am on July 20, 2016. What was he distracted by?Pokemon Go. Two officers got footage of the aftermath of the collision (which is pretty minor) on their body cameras. Said the motorist (who seems to be a teenager) of the event, "That's what I get for playing this dumbass game." One of the officers came across a bit like DMX when commenting on the situation: Its not a game when youre behind the wheel of a 2,000 pound vehicle.

5/18. The Man Who Was Stabbed

A man playing Pokemon Go in a park in Anaheim, CA, was stabbed around midnight on July 14, 2016. According to police, the victim lost track of his surroundings while trying to snare some 'Mon and wandered into a dangerous area, where a group of men in their late teens or early 20s accosted him. The man was stabbed several times in the torso, though not fatally.

6/18. The Two Guys in California Who Walked Off a Cliff

On July 13, 2016, two men fell off a crumbling ocean bluff in Encinitas, CA, while playing Pokemon Go. Firefighters were dispatched to rescue one man, who fell 75 to 100 feet down the bluff, and found a second man, unconscious, on their way. Both men were taken to the hospital. In response to the blunder, Sgt. Rich Eaton of the San Diego County Sheriffs Department said,I think people just need to realize this is a game. Its not worth your life. No game is worth your life.

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7/18. The Man Who Destroyed His Car

On July 12, 2016, a 28-year-old man in Auburn, NY, destroyed his car while playing Pokemon Go. Of course, he wasn't just playing Go, he was also driving. And he drove straight into a tree while trying to catch a Pokemon. Miraculously, given the state of his car, the man was uninjured.

8/18. The Government Watching Pokemon Go

We all knew Pokemon Go was too good to be true. Why must every augmented reality game be a gateway into shadowy government conspiracies? It turns out that one of the founders of Niantic, the company that designed Go, founded something called Keyhole, which was built for "collecting, analyzing, and distributing geosptatial intelligence." Remember, if anyone asks, 2+2=5.

9/18. The Robbers Targeting Pokemon Players

Who knew that walking around in public, staring at your phone, and not taking in your surroundings makes you an easy target? One player, Nikolas Howard, said that what started as a trip to a convenience store to pick up some smokes turned into an epic Pokemon hunt that got dangerous. Howard was trapped in a parking lot when a black BMW pulled up behind him. "There were four kids inside. The kid in the back passenger seat had a silver pistol. He got out of the car and put it into my face, told me to 'lose my stuff.'"

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10/18. The Brooklyn Hipster Who Got Caught Cheating

Pokemon Go, ruining relationships one Charizard at a time. One hapless Pokeboy, Evan Scribner, was caught cheating on his girlfriend after he used the app to catch some Pokemon after hooking up with his ex in Bushwick. Scribner said, She found out last night at my house and hasnt contacted me since then."

11/18. The Two Players Robbed in California

While hunting for Pokemon at Lone Oak Park in Antelope, CA, two friends were carjacked at gunpoint. One of the survivors of the attack, David Wallace, said, "A guy pulled up with a gun and held a gun up to me. He held it right by his waist and said, 'If you don't want to get hurt, give me your phones." Wallace also said he wouldn't have been in the park if it wasn't for Pokemon Go.

12/18. The Unsuspecting Man's House That Became a Pokegym

Boon Sheridan lives in an old church, so he's no stranger to random people turning up on his yard. But things got out of control after Pokemon Go turned his house into a gym, a place gamers can go to receive free points. And so, countless gamers turned up on his lawn after the game's release. Sheridan live tweeted the affair, making salient points on individual rights in the a world of digital media.

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13/18. The Pokemon Player Who Found An Unconscious Woman

In Holland Township, MI, Gabriel Loyola was just trying to catch some 'Mon when he came upon a woman passed out behind the wheel of her car. Loyola called 911 instead of trying to stuff her into a pokeball. He said, Im over here supposed to be catching Pokemon, not saving people, right?

14/18. The Florida Teens Who Were Shot At

Two teenage boys were sitting in their car on a residential street playing Pokemon Go early in the morning of July 18, 2016, when a homeowner strode across his lawn and opened fire on them. The boys sped off, uninjured, and later discovered bullet holes in the rear tire, hub cap, and fender. The incident took place in Palm Coast, FL, because Castle doctrine.

The boys report they were speaking about catching a Pokemon at the time the incident occurred. The homeowner says he saw a suspicious car, heard someone say "did you get anything?", and assumed the boys were burglars. So, as one does, he grabbed his handgun and went outside.

15/18. The Australian Who Got Fired

If you need a reminder that Pokemon Go is just a game, this story is for you. Sonny Truyen is an Australian expat who, until the launch of Pokemon Go, was happily working in Singapore. When he realized the game hadn't yet been released in Singapore, he let the entire city-state have it with a nutso Facebook rant, in which he claimed the average IQ would fall if he left, and that "locals can't even read." And then he was fired.

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16/18. The Pokemon Gym In Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church HQ was turned into a gym on Pokemon Go (gyms are basically like Four Square with a battle mode), and someone made a fairy type Pokemon named "loveislove" the defender of the gym. The notorious bigots of the church got involved, creating homophobic and end-times, fire-and-brimstone memes using Pokemon characters. The church also decided Jigglypuff is a sodomite, even though it remains unclear whether the character has the right parts to commit or receive sodomy.

17/18. The Players Who Tried To Catch Em All at a Sex Shop

One of the best results of Pokemon Go is the amount of IRL hangs that are happening while people of all ages try to catch 'em all. In one such group frenzy, a mass of players stormed a sex shop in the UK looking for Pokemon. According to a worker at the shop, "There are people coming in talking about [Pokemon]. I didn't know what they were talking about, as I'm not really into games." Maybe the gamers picked up some other futuristic Japanese toys to augment their reality while they were there.

18/18. The Sex Offender Halfway House That Became a Pokestop

The New Windsor Hotel is a historic building in Phoenix, AZ, and thus was included as a destination in Pokemon Go. It also happens to be a halfway house for sex offenders. According to Fox affiliate KSAZ, 43 registered sex offenders live at 546 W Adams Street, the location of the hotel. Thankfully, you don't have to go into the home to take care of your Pokebusiness.

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