15 Poor Souls Share Stories Of Their Horrible Roommates.

Living with roommates can feel like living with family, living with ghosts, or living with pigs. Sometimes all three!

People on Reddit were asked: "What's your worst roommate story?" These are some of the best answers.

1/15 My old roommate stole money for "utilities," stole money from other roommates, went on heroin benders, disappeared in his room for days, reappeared and bitched about the house which he hadn't cleaned.


2/15 2 months in, I realized that my roommate was absolutely nasty. We both kept to ourselves pretty much. One day, I went to grab a plate from the cabinet, and noticed we didn't have any clean ones. I look in the dishwasher, and it is only half full. Where are the rest of the plates and glasses you might ask?

I walked into his room, and I would find 7 plates, 10 glasses, all just sitting on his desk. I'd grab them so we can get them clean, and noticed A LOT of mold growing on the bottom plates.

It was so disgusting that I left it there. My roommate came home and I told him he needs to clean his f*cking room, and needs to learn to walk the simple 20 feet from his room to the kitchen to put his dirty dishes away after he eats off of them. He told me to f*ck off and he can do what he wants. 2 weeks later, he got sick as shit from some kind of mold sickness and puked all over the bathroom. I was out of town for work, and come back to a nasty disgustingly smelling bathroom. It was a 3 day old, non cleaned, puke covered bathroom. Lets just say I talked to my landlord and he was nice enough to work with me on our lease paperwork to evict him.


3/15 I had a crazy roommate my junior year of college, let's call her J. There were three of us with our own bedrooms that locked. My good roommate, S, and I had asked J to please either clean up the bathroom after she showered with her boyfriend (they left it a horrific disaster and I don't even want to think about it), or just not shower together at all.

She went apeshit crazy, crying and screaming that we were just jealous of their relationship and trying to keep them apart. She stopped showering completely, and smelled like rank BO for weeks after that. She would type up diatribes about her rights and tape them up to the outside of our apartment door (so our neighbors could stand and gawk at the lunacy going on). She ran into me in public once, slapped the coffee cup from my hand and started screaming at me. An actual CIRCLE OF STRANGERS began to form around us as she berated me for having the audacity to ask her not to destroy the bathroom every time she and her boyfriend f*cked in the shower. At one point she screamed "YOU CAN'T KEEP US APART! WE LOVE EACH OTHER!"

Like this was some f*cking Romeo and Juliet saga and not an absolute bullshit issue that would have been resolved by just mopping up the f*cking floor with a towel.

The morning before we kicked her out was a Sunday. She had slept at her boyfriend's, but set her alarm to play some godawful Sarah McLaughlin song at full volume on repeat starting at 5 am.


4/15 Fundamentalist Christian. Did not believe in science. I remember trying to explain to him that the stars we see are billions of years old, because it takes their light that long to reach us. He kept telling me "that can't be true, we can't see back in time".

Hated white women. Talked about how he would never ever date one because he would never want to father a white child (this is a white dude we are talking about). He said he "knows how evil white people are because I am one, so I know how they think". It felt strange for me (black woman) to have to stick up for white women and white people in general so much.

HATED gay people. Talked about "committing a hate crime the minute I get off the plane" when he had to go to San Francisco. I told him not to say that shit around me, because my sister is gay and she means everything to me. But apparently my sister is fine, because she is a woman, which is sexy, it is only gay men that are evil and hell bound. Insisted that I vacate the living room when he had a friend over, as they couldn't hang out in his room because "two dudes in one room is gay". If you think two men cannot be alone without gay stuff happening, that says something about your sexuality doesn't it?

It was not so much that he had these crazy beliefs that bugged me, it was that he was ALWAYS bringing them up without provocation.


5/15 My roommate did all of the following:

While we were throwing a party, he locked a few guests in his bedroom with him and set off a bottle rocket inside the room.

When one of my other roommates asked him to do his dishes, he said that the dishes were left out by the cat.

Whenever housework got done (cleaning the bathrooms or the kitchen, or taking out the trash for example) he would complain that he was going to do those things later that day and that we didn't give him the chance to contribute.

He now wonders why I don't really want to associate with him anymore.


6/15 My friend's girlfriend was in need of a roommate. So I offered to take the spot.

First of all, the place was in a ghetto basically. I had a cab give me a ride home one night, and when I gave him my address, he said "Oh, you mean the 'shooting gallery'?"

Secondly, the friend's girlfriend was never there....except apparently when I slept. I'd wake up, and find half eaten food sitting around the house that wasn't there before. And she'd never clean after herself. So if I didn't clean the aftermath of her ninja meals, there would be rotted stinking food laying around. Oh and at this point I'll add that the A/C barely worked. This was in the southwest U.S.....in July.

The final straw was when I was showering for work at 7AM one morning. The lights suddenly shut off. I go to check the circuit breaker and everything appears A-OK. I call her (she usually slept at my friend's house) and no answer. So I end up driving over there after work, and she's sitting squat on the floor playing Final Fantasy. I ask her why the power's off. She says "Oh, they probably got upset because I didn't pay the bill on time." I asked what happened to the money I gave her for power.

Her verbatim reply: "Well I needed money for cigarettes...."


7/15 I had to share a room with my little brother for most of my childhood. There's nothing like coming home from school to find that all your underwear has been stolen.


8/15 My college roommate was a mess.

First, this was a tiny dorm, and she brought a U-HAUL trailer, a Surburban, and a Mustang full of her shit. She wasn't there to study, just to party. She'd stumble into our dorm at 4am, WAKE ME UP and ask if anyone had called for her. Our dorm phone had individual voicemail (this was slightly before everyone had cell phones).

She constantly had booze laying out in plain sight everywhere. I drank, too, but I was a lot smarter about it. I just knew an RA was going to come over and see all that. The kicker was when I returned to the dorm after a weekend visiting my hometown. She had a leaking McDonalds cup resting on my laptop that had been a graduation present from my parents.

I told her I was going to see about moving out. I went down to the admin offices to see what could be arranged. Luckily there was a single room available just down the hall. Yeah it was more money, but well worth it. When I got back to my dorm, my roommate had already moved all my stuff into the hallway!! I hadn't even told her I could indeed move yet, ugh. I was so glad to be out of there.


9/15 Freshman year. Lived in a dorm room with 8 people, 4 rooms with 2 shared bathrooms. I don't know how the college thought that having that many 18 year old guys in one place was a good idea, but whatever.

Shower shared by the other 4 had gotten backed up because someone would shit in it and no one would take blame. Maintenance gave up trying to fix it as the problem would resurface after a week. Fetid water everywhere in a brand new building. They started using our shower near the end of the year, and sure enough it started clogging shortly before we left

I was never able to figure out who caused it, but someone thought it was a HILARIOUS idea to hide shit in plastic baggies all across the dorm. I found a bag in my desk, and then someone thought it would be hilarious to drop a deuce in the sink.

I'm honestly surprised I survived my first year of college.


10/15 Freshman year of college, I lived in a tiny forced triple with one really cool girl and one crazy girl. Crazy girl had gynaecological issues but refused to see a doctor about them. She only got her period twice a year, so when she did get it they would be extremely heavy and last for several weeks. She also refused to wear tampons because they were "weird." So she would wear pads but would constantly bleed through them and onto her clothes. However, instead of putting her bloody clothes through the wash like a normal human, she would soak them in bowls of water on her desk. Our entire room reeked of period blood. This went on for weeks.


11/15 As a freshman in college, I had a very lazy roommate. That in itself is ok most of the time. The problem for me was that our room was as far as possible from a bathroom.

The first pee incident was rather innocent. I woke up to the sound of running water. Did he leave our sink on? I wondered. But no. He was at our door, peeing into the hall. When I yelled at him to stop, he looked at me and said "but it's a urinal". It was not, but the alcohol he been consuming all night convinced him it was.

The next time however, he knew what he was doing. I woke up (different night) to hear the sound of pee hitting the trash bag. I later found out hid aim is poor, but that doesn't matter because when I yelled "what the hell are you doing?", he turned. Without stopping his stream. I later learned that he regularly kept a water bottle in his lofted bed to pee in, and peed in our sink occasionally, which I brushed my teeth and washed my face in nightly.


12/15 My first year in law school, I lived in a house with five foreign exchange students. One of the housemates, who was from Sweden, somehow thought that Southern California was too cold and bought a electric heater. The first use of the heater tripped out our circuit breaker, which wasn't that big of a deal. It did burn out my desktop, which resulted in the loss of a final brief I was writing for our legal writing class, but in the end, no biggie. I wrote like a fiend on my laptop the next day in the library, and did very well. But, he continued to insist on using the heater, never mind that it would trip the breaker every single time without fail.

After winter break, I returned to the house only to witness the kitchen on fire and used condoms strewn all over the house. Turns out that one of the housemates had been sanitizing some socks in a pot of boiling water, and had forgotten about it while having insane sexy time with his boyfriend. The water completely boiled out, and the socks caught on fire.

After the fire was put out and the condoms cleaned up (by the rest of us, he refused to touch his own condoms...), a truly rancid smell started to come out from the kitchen. We looked throughout the kitchen to no avail... until we pulled the refrigerator out. A whole raw chicken was rotting behind the fridge. Whose was it? You guessed it...


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13/15 During my second year of university, my best friend moved to my college town to go to school. Her abusive, alcoholic father started stalking her in residence, and she was told in no uncertain terms that she had to leave. I offered to let her crash on my couch until she found a place; all of my other roommates agreed, since they knew how serious her situation was. Things started going sour immediately.

We had two living rooms, and she moved our couch into one of the living rooms and hung curtains to make it "her room". She would yell at us when we stayed up watching TV past her bedtime (since the two living rooms were side-by-side). She ate our food, only paid $25-50 a month for utilities (which was nice, but she would run power 24/7), and literally NEVER cleaned.

Around the time she started bringing home random men and having sex with them in our shower, she went into my room and had a nap in my bed. Apparently she was on her period, and put one of my pillows between her legs to help with cramps. Well, she "leaked" all over my pillow, and instead of telling me she flipped it over and left the room. I found out the next morning, after I woke up to a god-awful bloody mess and though I had a horrible nosebleed. I confronted her and she confessed, and then started crying as she accused me of picking on her.


14/15 Freshman year of college first semester. We were in a forced triple, which basically 3 people crammed into a room meant for 2. 2 desks, 2 dressers, 2 closets, a set of bunk beds, and a cot. I was the "additional occupant" and they were best friends. They would always come home really late and drunk while I was sleeping. Bring back random guys.

One time I woke up to a weird guy in my room when they weren't there, they had given him their key so he could go get their pillows for them. So finally I'm able to move out before the end of the semester into an upperclass dorm with a 21 year old for a roommate. Awesome right? So I walk into the room tell them I'm moving out that night and leave. I come back later with a few friends to grab my shit (They had already rearranged the room and taken my bed out) My friend grabs my filing cabinet and we head down the hall. I look and I see its been all scratched. They carved "BITCH" on 2 sides of it and drew a penis on 2 other sides. Why did they do this? They thought I killed their fish. Their fish that they never fed, or changed the water for...


15/15 I've had 16 different roommates in the past year and a half. You would not believe the stories I have.

My personal favorite is probably first semester of freshman year; I lived in a 4bedroom 2bath suite-style dorm room and the girl next to me was the most ridiculous person ever. I woke up at 7 AM to her earsplitting cries of "Oh daddy! Spank my ass! Harder! Arggh!". Every day. For 5 months. I wish I was exaggerating. And then, after she'd finished, she would go to the sink in our bathroom and make herself vomit.



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