15 Spaced Out People Tell Their Best Drug Stories.

Not everybody has an amazing drug story, or has had the inclination to try drugs. But even if you're not curious about what it's like to try different kinds of drugs, it's easy to be curious about people's best drug experiences - if only to live vicariously.

Here are fifteen people's best drug stories.

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1/15. My friend was having a bad trip on shrooms. He was super anxious and freaked out, and proceeded to shut himself in a closet for a few minutes. He emerged, calm as a Hindu cow, and explained, "I realized I had nothing to fear, for I am fear itself."


2/15. Once, my three friends/roommates got really, really stoned and went to the gas station down the street around 4 AM to get some food.

We were eyeballing the Krispy Kreme donut case when suddenly, a Krispy Kreme vendor appeared, walking in from his Krispy Kreme truck with a large garbage sack and boxes of fresh donuts. He begins to dump all the glorious-looking "old" donuts into the sack. My friends and I all look at each other with that knowing twinkle in our eyes, as one of my more daring friends politely and eloquently asks the man, "Excuse me, sir, but do those donuts get discarded when you're done with them? If so, would you be interested in donating them to us?"

The guy was like, "Uh... sure..?" and we happily skipped off with a garbage sack full (I mean FULL) of assorted Krispy Kreme donuts. T'was a magical day indeed.


3/15. Back in the day I used to go to lots of raves. This one in particular was in November 2002, in a massive marquee set up in a huge field somewhere in the South of England. At that time I was 17 and experimenting with quite a few different drugs, I can't remember exactly what I was on that night but it would most likely be a mixture of MDMA, Mushrooms, Ketamine, and 2CB.

It got to about 3am and due to the fact it was really cold outside and there were hundreds of sweaty ravers going for it in the marquee, it started raining inside. Yes, all the dirty raver sweat was condensing on the cold marquee ceiling, and raining back down. Now even in my inebriated state I knew this was fully rank, despite most of the other ravers taking it as a once in a lifetime euphoria moment and actually catching the drops in their mouths. Massively grossed out by this, I decided to head out in the field and take a walk...

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Now if you've ever taken 2CB you'll know you can pretty much stare at anything and find it thoroughly entertaining. So I was walking across this field kicking my way through low lying fog, and absolutely loving it. At which point I decided to take a piss in the middle of the field. Whilst standing there taking a piss and admiring the shapes being made by the steam coming off said piss, I notice what looks like a massive piece of driftwood lodged in the ground sticking almost upright about 10 meters infront of me. I decided to investigate.

Once I'd finished my mammoth piss, I strolled up to the driftwood to examine it. It was huge, about the size of a railway sleeper, and properly lodged in the ground almost as if Thor had decided to lob down some wood rather than his normal bolts of lightning.

As I was stood debating where this wood had come from in an otherwise empty field, I noticed that on one of the sides there was a tiny red light kinda like an LED slowly blinking on and off. As I was studying this tiny red light it began to move up and down the wood very slowly. I watched it do this many times, up and down, up and down... This really threw me, and I started debating whether or not the wood, and the light were really there at all, there's no reason for such a tiny moving light, and where is the electricity coming from in this empty field? Could this be just be a ridiculously vivid, but otherwise massively boring hallucination?

Then my mate gave me a shout to come back in the tent and I decided before I head back in, I needed to get to the bottom of this conundrum once and for all.

So I decided to kick the little red light really hard, as at the time that seemed the most logical way of determining if something was real or not. As I connected the little red light, it exploded into the most beautiful firework display. Splintering off into billions of tiny red sparkles, and I was hit with an amazing wave of euphoria. This euphoria didn't last long as it was pierced by a horrible booming voice from the heavens shouting "WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING?!" As I heard this, all the trippyness fell away, kinda like a heat wave shimmer, including the wood, and the red light, to reveal an angry geezer standing over his girlfriend, with the girlfriend holding her mouth.

The red light was her f*cking cigarette.


4/15. In college, I smoked with my neighbor and went back to my apartment to make myself a pb & j. I went back to my room, ate it, and still felt hungry. So I went back to the kitchen, made another one, went to my room, ate it ... still felt hungry, STARVING! Went back to the kitchen, made another, went to my room, ate it, fell asleep. Woke up in the morning with three pb&j sandwiches in various parts of my room with one bite taken out of each of them.


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5/15. Took an adderall, masturbated 8 times in a 5 hour period. Still finished my paper.


6/15. Got really baked at my friend's home, she has three floors to her house.

She decided to go all the way upstairs and I was about to follow her when I noticed one of her cats was at the bottom of the stairway.

AWESOME. I'm going to pick this cat up and bring it to the top floor.

Suddenly another cat shows up.

Both are so cute and I cannot decide which one I want to bring with me upstairs. And then...a third cat appears.

All three are staring at me with a curious look. I'm staring right back at them trying to decide which one I should bring upstairs.

F*ck it, they are ALL coming upstairs with me, those cute fluffy bitches.

At that moment her sister walks in and asks me what on earth I was doing.

I was stacking the cats.

One cat on top of the other cat on top of the other cat. Like some sort of a cat sandwich that I was planning on carrying to the third floor.

The cats must think I'm weird.


7/15. Saw Soundgarden open up for Guns N Roses on New Year's Ever 1992. Yeah, I'm old.

Took so much acid that I spent three hours looking in the opposite direction as the stage. Ripped my baseball cap to shreds.

Best part was the crazy guy who was dancing a few rows away. Everyone was laughing at him, he wasn't even dancing to Gn'R, he was dancing to some celestial rhythms that only he could hear. When he took off his clothes he really became the center of attention.

Folks are laughing as security approaches. Everyone laughing saying OMG that dude is out of his mind! What is he listening too?! As they carried him away all I could think was Man, I am hearing the exact same tune that he is dancing to.


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8/15. I had the first orgasm of my life on ecstasy. I was 26. I'm fairly sure I never would have had one if I hadn't done ecstasy. I had tried for years, but the drug finally helped me learn to have them. :)

It was a great night. And, my sex life has been excellent ever since that night.


9/15. The first time I smoked salvia:

While still smoking it the lights in my bathroom were telling me to stop, then I stumbled back to my room (I could barely walk) where I communicated with my door like it was a living being, as I genuinely thought it was (I even patted it and thanked it for letting me in the room).

Once I was in my room I became overwhelmed with the number of inanimate objects around me and they all individually became living beings and exposed themselves to me and told me that inanimate objects were the true inhabitants of this earth and they all view humans the way WE view inanimate objects.

I will never forget what I refer to as the "rebellion of the inanimate objects."

It was one of the most frightening legal experiences I've had.


10/15. Waiting on line with friends to go into a rave. We were all tripping before we got in.

The front door security was handing out little pieces of paper with disclaimers written on it, basically saying, 'drugs are prohibited, there is a zero tolerance, blah blah blah.'

The guard is telling my friend to read it. My friend kept saying 'what?', and the security guard kept repeating, 'read it'. Eventually my friend shrugs and puts it in his mouth and eats it, thinking that's what the guy is telling him to do. The guy just shook his head and let us in.

We get inside, hysterically laughing at the situation/my still confused friend. It was great.


11/15. I used to climb buildings in the old downtown of Winnipeg, a snowy city in Canada. We would go up the fire escapes of 5/6 story buildings and smoke weed. One night me and a friend were doing this when all of the sudden I noticed red and blue lights flashing. It was a cop car and I looked over to see two officers starting up the fire escape. My friend freaked out and started climbing down a pipe that ran down the opposite side of the building. It was wobbly and I had no intention of adding my weight to it. The police were almost at the top.

I don't know what I was thinking but I ended up at the ledge and when they crested the ladder I turned to look at them and said: "Stay back! I'm gonna jump!"...

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They immediately became very concerned and placating and I let them talk me down after 5 minutes. They took me down the fire escape and when we got to the car the officer let me sit in the front.

He showed me how the computer worked while they drove me home.


12/15. Three-hour blowjob after me and my ex ate some MDMA.

You have no idea how much everything in the world pales in comparison to this. I went skydiving a few months after this whole event took place, and I distinctly remember as I was plummeting to the earth thinking the thought, "this is awesome and all, but its no 3 hour blowjob."


13/15. There were probably 10 of us total, running around inside of a small duplex that I and 3 others lived in. We had all taken ecstasy and were all having a very good time... The night goes on, and my friend "zach" asked me if I'd like to go down into the basement with him to sit in the strobe light. I told him that I would be downstairs to join him in a little bit. Almost simultaneously, everyone crashed. I was on the floor, some people were on couches, and some were upstairs, but nobody was downstairs with Zach.

The next thing I know, I am woken up by the sound of crying. A male. SOBBING. I started to get up to see what was going on. I saw zach, sitting and on the floor playing super nintento. I asked him what had happened, and he suddenly got very excited and stopped crying.

"Dude I was yelling at you for like 20 minutes and you wouldn't get up. Nobody would. I thought that you guys had all overdosed, and I was sitting here waiting to die.

The thing that I find most hilarious was his reaction to us "not waking up". He thought he was going to die, and decided to just sit down and play SNES instead of doing something about it.


14/15. Took shrooms by myself one night back in college. Plug in the headphones and go dance in the athletic fields listening to music tripping balls. Then I decide to go into the woods (it's really just a few trees separating the field from the highway) and I decide to climb up a birch tree.

I'm in the middle of a conversation with this tree, trying to convince myself to fall out of the tree, on purpose when I hear someone coming. Two guys walk into the woods and make a drug deal and then decide to sit down and smoke weed together not twenty feet from my tree. Mind you this is a birch tree so it's white, and I'm in a black hoodie, jeans and black sambas on AND it's a full moon. I try to stay as calm and quiet as possible, start thinking about being one with the tree to blend in, hoping they don't notice...

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Then suddenly one of them flips out, falls on the ground and is like WTF? Then:

Them: Hello?

Me:...uh hello...

Them: are you a cop?

Me: um... nope...

Them: oh, ok... Want to smoke with us?

Me: Sure... want to help me out of this tree?

Them: No.

Me: Oh... ok, I'll be right down.

Then I climb down from the tree and smoke up with these two, the dealer is a sophomore and the other a freshmen (I was a junior at the time) After that we walked back to campus and saw an owl on the way. And we awkwardly went our own ways and never saw them again. But I heard stories from some friends about people seeing a weird dude in a tree at night by the fields.


15/15. I was being a tourist and decided to visit Leipzig on a detour. I climbed to the top of the Vlkerschaftsdenkmal which is one of the tallest buildings outside downtown Leipzig. I had a bunch of shrooms and was scoping a place to take them from atop this viewpoint. I saw next door a beautiful autumn park and monastery with a belltower. I decided that's where I'm shroomin' and proceeded to devour the batch. I took my time down the monument continuing to be a tourist and made it to the park perfectly on time.

It was so beautiful. The sun was shining and the weather was so clear and warm. I'm putting my shroom face on and I'm starting to stroll and gaze when all of a sudden I see a tombstone and another and another. Oh my god I thought This is a cemetery! What a beautiful place to rest in peace. It's so full of...life.. I continued to make my way to the monastery and when I got there I could feel the shrooms kicking in.

It was such a beautiful building, so richly decorated with many gorgeous carvings. I'm taking photographs of every possible inch. After a few minutes I'm getting curious as to what the hell is this place. Can I see more of it? I want to see the view form the belltower. So I start pushing on random doors like I own the place and can walk anywhere I want as I please, but the doors are locked. The shrooms are kicking in, I'm finding it a bit weird to walk straight, and my vision is starting to warp. It was at this time someone walks up to me with the biggest smile on his face and says to me,

"Tot bist du?" (Don't translate just yet)

The F*ck? "Bitte wiederholen?" (Please repeat)

Again he comes at me with, "Tot bist du?"

Is there something wrong with my German? He cannot be asking me this... "Auf Englisch bitte?" (In English please).

He then points me to the office and everything made sense. The logo on the door said Krematorium. "Tot bist du?" means "Are you dead?" I had walked into an active Crematorium...in Germany.

There were people dressed in black and mourning their loved. While here I am, an American on vacation, taking photographs, big smile on my face, fryin' balls on mushies.



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