15 Surprising Behind-The-Scenes Stories From Tom Cruise’s Career.

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2/15 The dance scene where Cruise as Joel dances to "Old Time Rock N' Roll" in Risky Business was completely improvised by Cruise. The director simply instructed him to dance to the music and started filming.

3/15 Tom came up with an idea to schedule three film premieres for Edge of Tomorrow in one day. His co-star Emily Blunt complained that it was hard for her to do a different dress, makeup look, and hairdo for each event while Cruise simply put on a new suit. For the London premiere he landed a helicopter in Trafalgar Square.

4/15 Ben Stiller says that Tom Cruise developed the character Les Grossman for Tropic Thunder all on his own. In addition to requests for obvious makeup effects and extra chest hair, Cruise also asked for oversized prosthetic hands.

5/15 For The Edge of Tomorrow, Tom spent over $100,000 on a lavish wrap party for the cast and crew despite the fact that he couldn't attend because he was still filming scenes for the film.

6/15 The scene in War of the Worlds where Ray runs out of the house to find Robbie included a crowd of people outside the house photographing the lightning storm. To get a realistic sense of the scene's urgency the producers hired strangers to come to the street while filming with a camera or cellphone to try to get pictures of Tom Cruise.

7/15 The flat-screen television that retracts into the floor in Vanilla Sky was dreamed up by Cameron Crowe and Tom Cruise while brainstorming things they've always wanted. Cruise drew up the design for the movie with the intention of actually installing on in his house, but later decided against it when he realized that it would retract through the ceiling of the floor below him.

8/15 Cruise showed up two months early for The Edge of Tomorrow filming to participate in research and development for the exo-suits. He specified that he wanted the suits to be as realistic as possible without using CGI so the final suit ended up weighing 85-90 lbs.

9/15 Cruise insists on performing many of his own stunts. He climbed the exterior of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest freestanding building in the world, while filming Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, and has performed in numerous car chases and fight scenes. He did most of the running and jumping stunts in Knight and Day without any wire works.

10/15 In Top Gun, after the car chase, Cruise was supposed to reply to Kelly McGillis saying that she didn't want anyone to know about them but he forgot the line. Instead he ad-libbed by kissing her and the director liked it so much he kept it in the final cut.

11/15 While filming War of the Worlds, Cruise and Spielberg visited a Dairy Queen in Lexington, Virginia. Cruise saw that there was a jar on the counter with a picture of Ashley Flint, a woman who had been in a go-carting accident that left her family in financial distress. Cruise left $5,000 cash in the jar.

12/15 While filming Days of Thunder at the Daytona International Speedway he drove a Hendricks Motorsports R&D car around the track. He recorded a lap at 205MPH.

13/15 In preparation for his role in Top Gun, Tom was allowed to take 3 rides in an F-14 Tomcat. He vomited during the first flight but survived the other two.

14/15 To make Cruise appear more like a teenager for Risky Business his physical trainer put him through a unique training process. He worked out excessively over a short period of time to lose ten pounds and then stopped working out entirely. He ate extremely fatty foods to add a layer of baby fat to give him a fresh teenage look.

15/15 The tension between Maverick (Cruise) and Iceman (Val Kilmer) was fuelled by the actors' dislike of each other. Kilmer even refused to participate in a charity beach volleyball game with Cruise because he thought Cruise was dangerous. While filming a fist-fighting scene Kilmer even knocked Cruise out.


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