16 Easy Hacks To Make Your Fast Food That Much Tastier.

You know when you go to a fast food restaurant, expecting a greasy yet satisfying meal but you end up being disappointed? Well, fear not! Here are some tips to make all of your fast food fantasies become a reality.

1. Taco Bell: Where Dreams Are Made.

Are you a Taco Bell fanatic? From the monstrous Crunchwrap Supreme to the simple tacos, you just can't get enough of Taco Bell. Oh, and you can't forget the ever coveted Baja Blast! What if there was a way to make your favorite Taco Bell food even better?

Yes, you read that right. Taco Bell is about to get 10 times better with this one simple food hack. If you can't decide between the Cheesy Gordita Crunch and the infamous Doritos Taco why not have both?! This is 2017 after all. You deserve it. Simply ask for your Cheesy Gordita Crunch to include a Doritos shell and you have a combination that's out of this world. And you know what's even better? This simple hack will only cost you an extra 30 cents. But the flavorful goodness? Well that is down right priceless.


2. The Secret Sauce.

Sure you could live simply and just order a plain old Big Mac. But sometimes, well, you just can't stomach all those calories. Plus, you just need to leave room for dessert. But you see, the real dilemma is your taste buds are just drawing your eyes towards that ever decadent Big Mac. What is a person to do in this predicament?! Well, we have a hack just for you, and those taste buds of yours. When going to McDonald's, ask for a McDouble without the ketchup and mustard and swap in lettuce and Big Mac sauce. What happens next is just pure magic. You're left with a miniature Big Mac for...wait for it...less than two dollars. Who could say no to that steal?!


3. The Real Deal.

Did you know some of the eggs at McDonald's are real and others...well, they just aren't (story continued on the next page...).

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But don't worry, there's a simple way to ensure you're getting the real deal every single time. McDonald's actually uses three different kinds of eggs in their breakfast foods. Three! Whether you opt for the Bacon, Egg and Cheese or the Egg and Cheese, make sure you ask for the egg that goes on a McMuffin. It might seem like a weird request. But believe us, that is the egg that you want. All of the other eggs, well, they just aren't what they're cracked up to be.


4. A Decadent Discovery.

Want another helpful tip for the next time you go to McDonald's? We thought the answer might be a "heck yes!" This tip is for all you coffee lovers out there. Because when you love coffee as much as we do, you'd do anything to make it taste as best and a heavenly as possible. Between the rejuvenating coffee and decadent chocolate flavor, McDonald's mochas are definitely something to be savored.

But you know what's even better? Fudge. Yes, fudge. In your mocha. It's a game changer for sure. Next time you order your favorite mocha from McDonald's, ask them to swap out the syrup for fudge instead. It may cost you a little extra, but you best believe it is well worth it. Your mornings will never be the same again. And that my friends, is what life is all about. Chocolate and coffee.


5. Chipot(bae).

Oh sweet, sweet Chipotle. How did the world ever survive without you. We all love our Chipotle burritos packed full of meat, veggies and the works. We're talking so full it weighs more than a newborn infant. Want to know a little secret to get even more bang for your buck? We thought you might say yes. Instead of opting for just chicken or steak in your burrito, order half portions of each meat. This is a sure fire way to get more meat in your burrito, because let's be honest, you can never have too much Chipotle. But wait, before you head out the door to get your burrito, make sure you check out these other helpful hacks. Your fast food experience will never, ever be the same.


6. Sucker For The Big BK?

There are two types of people in this world. Those who choose Coke and those who choose Pepsi. Those who choose McDonald's and those who choose Burger King (story continued on the next page...).

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If you're a sucker for the BK, then you absolutely NEED to know this hack. We're talking life or death knowledge here. When ordering at Burger King, always, and we mean ALWAYS customize your order. Whether it's simply adding a tomato to your burger or asking for no salt on your fries, doing this will insure that your food is being made to order. Otherwise, well, you may just be getting something that's been sitting out awhile. We told you this was a life or death situation...


7. Once You Go Steamed, You'll Never Go Back.

You know what possibly the worst thing in the world is? Craving that juicy, fatty burger from McDonald's just to get handed a cold burger that's surely been sitting there waiting for their lonely companion to walk through those golden arches. Just like Burger King, there is a way to prevent this cruel punishment from every happening to you again. Ask for your buns steamed. It might sound like a weird request and you probably want to word that a little differently than we did, but you get the point. Not only does this simple request ensure that you are getting the freshest burger McDonald's has to offer, but once you go team steamed buns, you seriously will never, ever go back. They taste that much better.


8. We Have The Meats.

If you're anything like those weightlifting bros at the gym, you're all about the meat. Okay, not that kind of meat...But, if you think, breath and live all things protein, then this hack will definitely be a dream come true. Arby's is known for having the meats, and this my friends, is a way to get even MORE of that meat. Instead of ordering a regular roast beef sandwich from Arby's, order two junior roast beef sandwiches. Not only will you get more meat than the one bigger sandwich, but it is also cheaper! And who doesn't love some cheap meat? Again... get your head out of the gutter!


9. A Water Charge.

Tired of paying a ridiculous amount of money for a water bottle? Yeah, us too. (story continued on the next page...)?!


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Well, unfortunately, the water bottles at Starbucks offer are two bucks. That is, unless you know this useful hack. Instead of forking over the two dollars for a water bottle, ask for a Venti cup full of water. It's free, just as water should be. Or, just bring a reusable water bottle around with you and have them fill that up!

Don't be fooled by fancy bottled water and just save your money.

10. A Cheesy Endeavor.

Not a fan of the burger and chicken options but you seemed to get dragged there by your friends regardless? Or do you have a picky child at home who just turns their nose at your fast food favorite? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Next time you're at McDonald's, ask from a grilled cheese. Even though it's not on the menu, the staff know how to make it. All they simply have to do is turn two buns over and plop some cheese in the middle. And there you have it folks, something even for the pickiest of eaters, well, that is unless they don't like cheese. Then you're probably out of luck on this one.

11. Solving The Sog.

Oh Chick-Fil-A. One of the best options when it comes to juicy, fast food chicken. Seriously, how could you ever go wrong with Chick-Fil-A? Well, there is one thing. You know those pickles they put on the chicken sandwiches? Well, sometimes they just cause a soggy chicken and bun mess. And who wants to bite into a pile of soggy breading? Not us, and surely you don't want that either. Next time you're ordering at Chick-Fil-A, ask for the pickles on the side and put them on before you're about to bite into your sandwich. This way, you'll still get the pickle flavor you love without the soggy flavor you aren't fond of.


12. Jamba Her Way, Jamba His Way.

See multiple things you like on the Jamba Juice menu? Don't you worry your pretty little mind because get this, you can have anything your heart desires (story continued on the next page...).

Unlike some places where substitutions and customization is seriously frowned upon, Jamba Juice encourages it. You read that right. You can have your Jamba any way you'd like it. Whether you want to go heavy on the bananas or light on the coconut or steal some ingredients from another smoothie, the options are completely endless. No matter what is, the employees at Jamba Juice have to honor it.


13. Making Room.

Tired of getting jipped on the ever so needed caffeine? Yeah, us too. If you ask for room for cream or milk, often times that means less caffeine, and no one wants that. So instead, ask for your drink in a cup size bigger. This way, you're sure to get all the coffee you need with extra room for your add ins. Plus, you're less likely to spill all over the place this way too. Unless you're clumsy like us, that is.


14. Make It More.

Subway is a classic go-to lunch spot for those in need of a sandwich and in need of one fast. But do you want to know a little secret (story continued on the next page...)?

There's a way you can get more meat on your sandwich without suffering the consequences and having to fork out the money for it. We know, we know, the sandwich gods have answered your prayers. Let the meat fall down, we can all rejoice! Instead of ordering the Philly Cheesesteak next time you go to Subway, order a sandwich with double steak and cheese. Not only will you get WAY more meat, but you will be paying almost two dollars less too. Who doesn't love that scenario!?


15. Saving Lives.

To our surprise, there's other food at Jack In The Box besides those delicious tacos. (PSA: if you've never tried them in ranch, you're seriously missing out. Go do it, and do it now). If your love for Jack In The Box runs deeper than those greasy tacos, then listen up because we have a way for you to get more bacon cheeseburger for less. Instead of ordering the double bacon cheeseburger from Jack In The Box, which will run you around four dollars, order two junior bacon cheeseburgers off of the one dollar menu. You'll be cutting your fast food spending in half plus getting more bang for your buck. Stick them together for your double, or eat them separately, but whatever you do, use those two dollars you saved and buy some tacos.

You won't regret it.


16. Clucking Good Savings.

While surely there a lot more fast food hacks, this is the last one we're going to give. We can't spoil all the secrets now can we?! If your favorite McDonald's food are the chicken nuggets, then you're in luck with this hack. Steer clear of the numerous nugget options and instead go for the simple four piece nugget. It is the absolute best value in terms of chicken nuggets. Need more than four? Just order more! Plus this way, you'll be able to get a variety of sauces at no extra charge. It's a cluck for your buck!



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