16 People Who Used To Be Emo Were Asked 'Where Are You Now?'

I don't know about you, but when I think of my high school fashion I cringe. Definitely not one of better phases. Some people had much more intense phases than I did and swore that they would never change, that it wasn't "just a phase". Were they right? Emos of the early 2000's were asked on Reddit: "What are you doing now?" Here are some of the best answers.

1. I became a dentist. Now I get to stab people with things, just like in the songs! Right?


2. Still listening to Brand New. But my jeans aren't tight anymore.


3. I legitimately didn't believe everyone who told me it was just a phase back in high school. I had the long bangs covering one eye, tight black jeans, and most of my wardrobe was mainly black. Nobody understood me and I was the only one who truly understood the complexities of the world.

Turns out it was a phase and cut my hair and changed my wardrobe right after school to re brand myself before college. I'm a RN now.


4. Well, I am a normal, fat 28 year old that started his family early. I own my own home, make 50,000 a year in a medical field, and I am really enjoying life. Pic.


5. I became an accountant.


6. I got a music degree and a Bachelor of education. Now I'm a music teacher. I educate the new generation of emo kids!


7. I'm a college student now. Computer science major. Before this I tried welding. Still kind of into morbid stuff, I'm arguably into darker things now than I was then, only now I wear polos.


8. Went to college, voted Republican, drive a Camry, working 9-5 doing medical research and in a stable +2-year relationship. Nothing makes me hate myself more than filing taxes.

The man got me.


9. I'm a special education teacher for high school freshmen. I teach kids like I was how not to do the things I did. So far, so good. Me in 9th grade. Me teaching 9th grade.


10. Hate to sound stereotypical but I'm a manager at Hot Topic.


11. Skinny jeans turned into leggings (and still sometimes skinny jeans). Band shirts stayed band shirts. Makeup went earth-toned. Grew hair out to my butt as is the style now. Continued listening to pop punk. That's about it. An adult now with a baby.


12. Actually lately I have been listening to a lot of my chemical romance after ignoring it for years because life is hard and no one understands me.


13. Alcoholic "pianist"


14. Emo. Goth. Emo. Emo. Marketing consultant. Pic.


15. Working in tech. Still wear all black but I've dropped the "IT'S THE COLOR OF MY SOUUUUL" shit. Just really like the color. Got psychiatric treatment, which really helped. That whole melodramatic suicidal depression thing was not for show.


16. Going to see panic at the disco this weekend, so still emo.



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