16 Police Officers Reveal The Worst Criminals They've Ever Had To Deal With.

Police officers of Reddit were asked: "Who was the worst criminal you've ever had to detain? What did they do? How did you feel once they'd been arrested?" These are some of the best answers.

1/16 Man convicted of molesting a 7 yr old girl. Got placed on probation. Walked by me at Walmart one day, holding hands with a 6 yr old boy.


2/16 This guy and his wife start fighting in their apartment in south Los Angeles. It escalated into the guy picking up the 5 month old baby and charging at the wall with the baby's head as a battering ram. He then threw the infant out of the third floor window. As I sat in the front of my police car with this guy cuffed in the back seat, all I could think about was a Pulp Fiction type turn around and put a hole in his head so it would ever happen again. It was very early in my career and made me think about whether I could handle 25-30 years of these kinds of things and what kind of person it would turn me into. The child actually survived and the man [was] convicted.


3/16 Oh boy... Grabbed a guy walking down the street with a shotgun in one of those 12 can beer holders cigarette companies used to give away (yeah, I'm old.) We get the cuffs on him and he starts getting all chatty in car about all the other guns that's he has. One thing leads to another and we use his statement to get a warrant to get the rest of the guns. We go to the apartment with the warrant and there are HUNDREDS of different firearms and corresponding boxes of ammo and we start cataloging it and carrying it out.

Then we notice cases of photo albums and videotapes..... Aaaaaaaaaand it's child porn. I take random samples and as difficult as it is, and to the normal human being, it's difficult shit, confirm that its children being photographed doing sexual things. It's logical that given the sampling that the rest of it was kiddie porn, too.

Well, not enough for the ADA who took the case. I explained to her how we arrived at the number and she said that in order for him to be charged for all the porn, that I would have to testify that all of it was indeed porn. I was the arresting officer, I was swearing out the complaint and I also had to make sure asshole went to jail for a very long time.

I sat in a room in the station house for hours on end going through hundreds of photo albums full of children being destroyed. I viewed videotapes of innocence being swept away and in the end, I wept. I did not stop weeping for days. 20 some odd years later, I still have my moments and every so often I'll see a kid that looks familiar and I'll think.... It haunts me constantly because I couldn't save them. I'm supposed to defend the ones that can't defend themselves. That was my sacred vow and yet, all I could do was catalog their horror.

Years later, I was a first responder to the WTC attacks and saw horrors that no person should ever have to see and yet, 9/11 wasn't close to being my worst day on that job.


4/16 A fellow who molested a number of his pre-teen daughter's friends. He'd have her invite them over for movies and such, then drug their SunnyD and rape them. We never figured out exactly how many girls he raped, but we were able to prove up 28 counts.

The arrest was not particularly satisfying. Having to be near him and listen to his diatribe made me feel unclean. His conviction and subsequent LONG sentence made me feel like being a cop was worth it at least 1% of the time.


5/16 Cop here. I responded to a child not breathing. On arrival I find a 2 year old girl, wearing only undies, unconscious on the cement kitchen floor. She is freezing cold, pale, foaming at the mouth, and barely breathing. I spent the next 6 hours by her side as detectives learned that mom's boyfriend was pissed that she wouldn't stop crying, so he picked up by the waist, over his head, and slammed her on the ground. Twice. When mom got out of the shower he told he she wasn't breathing right. Mom uses the girl's asthma inhaler twice, and waits. An hour and a half later she goes to her neighbors house to use her phone to call her mom. The neighbor overhears the conversation about baby not breathing and takes it upon herself to call 911. The girl received a basal skull fracture which caused little seizures. She vomited several times but lay on her back for over an hour. She aspirated the vomit repeatedly. For nearly two hours that little girl lay on the ground with her skull bleeding into her brain, her body temp being sucked into the floor, trying to breathe vomit. And for the next six hours I sat with her, and held her hand, stroked her hair, and watched her die. Hoping that her little brain shut down and blocked out everything that was happening. That case still makes me tear up to this day. And it was one of the three worst calls Ive ever been on. I don't know how someone can do that to a baby.


6/16 The earliest memorable person is a 16 year old who killed two men by stabbing them in the head with a screwdriver. He was just acting the hard man in front of his mates and picked on these two guys for nothing. The thing that got me was his complete lack of remorse or regret. I'd never properly understood what a psychopath was until then.


7/16 I've been in the Police for nearly 2 years now. I was working a late shift on Christmas Eve, which is usually a matter of holding the fort and counting down the clock until the end of shift.

We get a call, "Sudden Death", an elderly gentleman. A shame certainly, but nothing more than assumed routine, inspecting the body for signs of trauma and calling the undertakers to remove the deceased. We get there and go in, the gentleman is lying on his sofa, with a duvet covering him. I perform the usual inspection of the house, looking for anything out of place or suspicious, not that it'd be easy, the house was like your over the top hoarders palace. After some enquiries it became apparent that the gentleman had lost the use of his legs many years before and lived downstairs, relying on his daughter to care for him utterly.

We have to inspect the body for any signs of trauma or suspicious marks prior to calling the undertaker, so that we are sure that there is nothing untoward in relation to the death. We lifted off the duvet, as only his head was showing, and I was rather taken aback and stunned. The main images, having studied History at university, that came to mind was the pictures from the liberation of the concentration camps, emaciated and starved corpses. This man had been dead for no more than 4 to 5 hours, yet he was all skin and bones.

He relied on his daughter to care for him, and he clearly had not been. He lay there, in his own filth, wasting away without anyone properly looking after him. It was utterly despicable. Death has a very distinct smell. It clings to your uniform, and your body. I finished my shift in the early hours of the morning, went home and tried to sleep. I couldn't. I just lay there, eyes wide open, the mans body and his haunting stare taking centre piece in my thoughts. In the end, I thought f*ck it, I'm not going to sleep at this rate. I got in my car and drove the 100 miles to my parents to spend Christmas Day with them.

To end on a slightly more humorous note, whilst opening one of the doors in the house a cat jumped out of the darkness at me and I absolutely shit myself, nearly tumbled down the stairs with a shrill Yelp!


8/16 I honestly feel that the majority of the people I arrest aren't bad people and aren't criminals, per say. That being said there are a couple dozen arrests that stand out in my mind. One in particular sticks out, not necessarily the worst, just one the sticks out the most.

The suspect was approximately 40ish, had a 15 year old daughter. Was a methamphetamine addict, lived in complete squalor. They get evicted and daughter gets taken into state custody. After a year of counselling finally discloses that her father would inject her with methamphetamine and rape her. Therapist comes to us and we bring her in for an interview.

This girl, I believe may have been 17 by now, is no girl. She's intelligent, articulate and lived well beyond her years. She details in remarkable detail how one night her father injects methamphetamine into right forearm. This happens several times. One night he is extremely high, gets her high. As she is walking into the kitchen he pins her against the wall and rapes her. This begins to happen on a regular basis.

Suspect eventually convinces daughter to start bringing friends home. Suspect injects friends with methamphetamine and rapes them as well. Daughter continues to bring different friends home so that dad will rape the friends rather than her. Eventually when they get evicted father kicks daughter to the curb and two of daughters friend go live out of dad's car in a nearby park.

While these kinds of things happen all the time it was the victim that struck me. When asked why she didn't tell someone she replied, "The first time it happened when he pinned me against the wall all I could remember thinking over and over: This is my life now." This is my life now.

I will remember those words for the rest of my life, as clear as they were said to me. I can still hear the inflection and tone in her voice. About eight months later I ran into one of the other victims, the daughters friend. After dad was evicted he lived out of his car with her, she was 15ish at the time. Initially she was going to cooperate in prosecution, however, disappeared. She's 18-19 now. When I last saw her I didn't recognize her until I saw her identification. Heroin, methamphetamine and the streets have destroyed her. She won't be alive much longer.


9/16 Arrested a doctor for sexually battering female patients. I've had partners of mine arrest even more awful people (like child rapists) but this man I actually arrested. He would only target his female clients who were mental health patients, so that many of their claims were overlooked due to their existing bi-polar disorders or depression. He was a POS and his wife sat next to him the entire trial. True love, right? He lost his medical license but we lost the case due to almost half of his victims refusing to testify and his high dollar, very educated attorney.


10/16 Police officer here. I remember getting a call one time of a guy who was high on meth creating a disturbance at a local hospital. First officer gets there and they immediately start fighting. I eventually get there and help my partner cuff this guy. He's a big time gang banger and super methed out. Two other officers arrive and the guy is just laying on a hospital bed and we're all just waiting for the medical clearance paperwork so we can book the guy into jail. Well all of a sudden he slips his cuffs and jumps up and wants to fight again. One officer take him to the ground and we all end up on top of him. I swear the guy had superhuman strength. At one point during the struggle, I hear a loud bang and look over at my partner. All of a sudden he says, "he's going for my gun!" I look over at the guy and both his hands are on my partners holster. I start checking my buddy to make sure he wasn't shot and then I saw a bullet hole in one of the cabinets near us. Eventually I just yell at the other officers to just pick him up and take him outside to one of our cars. We carry him outside and I'm looking around the ER and it's a ghost town. Once outside we shackle his legs to his hands and I took him to county and booked him. Needless to say that was an unforgettable night.


11/16 Had a guy who had been f*cking his girlfriends 3 year old daughter. He found out he had gotten busted and took a whole bunch of methadone and probably anything else in the house he could get his hands on. Was found unresponsive and put in an ice bath by his friends and one of them was nice enough to call 911. Hell of it is that when we show up the girlfriend is defending him, stashing contraband and trying to keep us from entering the department without a warrant. Exigent circumstances hip hip hooray get out of my way and we got him to the hospital. Hell of it is that while we got him out she flushed all their shit and deleted all the images from his phone of the rapes. F*ckin mom choosing her rapist boyfriend over her daughter. Lowest of the low. He pled to a lesser charge eventually due to a lack of evidence and she caught a tampering with physical evidence charge and got her kid taken away. She's out and works at a local restaurant that I'll never go to again.


12/16 Had a call once in a major metropolitan area during my probation period some years ago. The fire dept called us for help saying they had been threatened with by knife wielding maniac while attempting to render aid to someone. My partner and I got there and saw the FD just standing around so were thinking okay this guy is probably gone and we will have to just take a report for them and get to our next call.

That's the first time I heard the screams of someone about to die; the shrill terror in a persons voice is completely distinguishable from your everyday scream for help, or yells of anger. It sends a shiver down your spine.

My partner and I didn't have time for backup to arrive or make a tactical plan so we entered an apartment complex by ourselves and followed the screams until we located a door we thought they were coming from. I kicked in the door and we entered to find that knife wielding madman stabbing a woman in the chest. Shots are fired and the man goes down.

As though a scene from a movie after the shooting backup comes running in to clear the rest of the apartment while I awkwardly handcuff this man who is bleeding all over my uniform(he's missing either his radius or ulna (?) One of the two wrist bones from a bullet shattering it. Theres blood everywhere, and you can smell it in the air. This is also the first time I held a person while they were dying. Which isn't particularly pleasant either. The man passed shortly after in the ambulance (even with the fire dept outside already).

We later discovered the man was on drugs and suffering from mental illness; he had attempted to kill himself a week prior and failed so the higher ups believe this is how he wanted to finish himself off. The woman survived.


13/16 A few years ago we get sent as the second car to a family disturbance, sent as routine. Halfway there we get updated to roll code 3 to a shots fired call......at the same house. We arrive and there is a young man with what looks like a stick in his hand lying on the ground already zero (dead). My partners have an older man in handcuffs in the back of their unit. After speaking to a lady (the wife) and another young man (son) who were home, the story comes out. The family disturbance was the deceased young man breaking a chair and hitting his dad with the broken chair legs. Dad gets gun, warns son, son doesn't stop, dad shoots son in face and kills him. I will never forget the way the father looked me in the eye and said "I'm going to hell for this aren't I?"


14/16 My worst was a reopens to a home for attempted suicide with the individual still armed with a knife. When we arrived the suspect was walking down the side of the road at 3 am. Covered in blood from having cut himself over most of his body with moderate to deep cuts he was covered. While we where standing around ordering him to drop the knife he stood like a statue not saying anything but staring. This guy was a towering 6'5 220 pound man who looked at me a 6' 160 pound 22 year old and said "I'm going to take your gun and shoot him". Referring to my FTO at the time who was similarly built to me. I deployed a taser which did nothing but anger him, my FTO deployed his which brought him down. Trying to handcuff a man covered in blood is terrifying, all the blood borne diseases you can contract.

He was transported to the hospital for his self inflicted wounds. Upon further investigation this guy had been luring cats and dogs to him which he would end up killing and skinning. In this guys shed he had a harvesting room where he would turn the pelts of these animals into clothing, you name it this guy had made it. The entire thing reminded me of some horror movie with a stench you could not stomach. That was my first week as a sworn officer, I turned 21 three days before graduating the academy. Ive been on now for a year or so and that is the only guy I have ever met I believe could have taken my weapon and kill me. He later was declared mentally competent and charged, he as well was not suicidal but angry because he messed up on one of his "creations".


15/16 Cop here! There are so many terrible, ugly things that come to mind but one that sticks out was the guy on a 24 hour beer, crack, and PCP binge who was startled by an old lady trying to leave her apartment to take the two young children she was caring for to a store. He had been hitting his pipe in the foyer area and became so enraged by the interruption he began stabbing first the old woman, then the children.

A neighbor called in the suspicious noise - the woman and children's screams - and I found all three in the apartment. The older of the kids, a little girl, was unconscious and stabbed in the back. The younger, a boy, was stabbed in the leg and hiding under a table. The old lady had been stabbed about a dozen times in the stomach and eventually succumbed to her wounds. The children made it through their injuries eventually.

The murderer said he couldn't remember the event. He also claimed he was undiagnosed with depression and PTSD from the Salvadoran Civil War, from we he fled in the early nineties. The drugs and alcohol were his "medicine." He only had to serve a few years because of this defense before being deported. If I had to put money on it, I'd bet he has crossed the border again and is living somewhere near the murder scene again under another name.


16/16 My partner and I chased down a kidnapper/rapist. Guy convinced a petite drunk girl to go into an alley, while back there he beat her and tried to rape her. She was wearing jeans and he couldn't get them off. If she hadn't been wearing jeans, he'd have completed the act. A passerby called 911 and my partner and I stopped him less than a block away. His fly was down and he hadn't even put his dick back in his pants. We caught a lucky break too, the entire attack was caught on a security camera we were able to immediately obtain. Watching the video nearly made me cry on duty. With that arrest we were able to close out 3 other sexual assaults. The guy was a serial rapist who usually preyed on homeless women (He was homeless himself). It's been 1.5 years since the arrest, we go to trial in a few weeks. I can't wait to put him behind bars for a very long time.



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