16 Security Guards Get Out The Popcorn And Reveal The Craziest Things They've Caught On Camera.

Sometimes we act no knowing that there is someone watching, and had we known, we certainly would have done things differently...

Here are sixteen times security guards caught something crazy on camera. Enjoy!

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1/16. One time a family was in the store with their kid younger than 4. They're standing by a display when kid drops trow and takes a poop on the middle of the floor. The mom watches it happen and instantly a look of horror comes over her face, she smacks her husband on the shoulder then grabs the child in one arm and scoops the turd into her other hand. and runs full speed out of the store. Dad wasn't as fast to react and just apologized profusely wanting to fix it. The employees were cool told him worse has happened don't worry and called the maid.


2/16. I used to work at a mall at guest service and was pretty good friends with most of our security. One day I get a call to come up to security where I am then shown a video of two of the night guards.

They spent all night racing around the mall in wheel chairs that we lend out. After showing me a couple minutes of them just rolling around it then switches cameras to the stairs where you see the two roll up and stop for a bit them one tries to roll himself down the stairs on the wheel chair.

After getting down 2 or 3 steps he then loses control of the wheelchair and continues to fall down the rest of the stairs face first with the wheel chair in top of him. You see the other guy burst out laughing and not paying attention. You then see a 3rd night gaurd come up behind him and push him down the stairs as well. It may have been one of the funniest moments I've ever seen. Nobody was injured but it made for a great story.


3/16. I used to run a 24 hour library at night which basically entailed occasionally answering a question, fixing machines and keeping drunks and criminals out. Mostly the last part, student town, lots of drunks wanting to come in and mess with it.

Anyway I was based on a kind of mezzanine above the second entrance where there was coffee machines and stuff. Had to stop a couple properly going at it against a coffee machine, I'm astounded they didn't knock the thing over.

I was sat there with my feet up watching a film on the pc, eating some popcorn and I just heard this BANG BANG BANG BANG looked over at the cameras. (continued...)

Shouted down "You're on camera guys, I don't want any extra milk with my latte" and the girl pushes the dude off and flips out about it, eventually runs out. Dude follows her out and I chuckle and go back to my film.

I stopped a lot of people trying to do that in the library to be fair.


4/16. I did some base security when I was in the army. 24 hours up, 24 hours down.

We have recordings that go all the way back for a few years, before it is dumped into the central server. However, there are some tapes that have been specially kept aside as they were funny/scary/weird.

- On a tape marked "fail": The base was in quite a scenic place, so I saw a couple taking their wedding photos outside the base. Lady in full wedding dress trips and falls right into the ditch. From white to brown. From happiness to tears.

- "Animals": Dogs, cats, and all sorts of animals breeding.

- Okay so the base is secluded. There's a tape marked xxx where the guy pulls over at a more secluded location, gets out with his girl, and they start making love.

- One of the weirdest was the dancing girl. It was on a tape called "dancing girl". In the middle of a stormy night, a girl was caught dancing outside the fence. Moving her hands like the Eliza Lam case.

She danced and rotated back and forth, and then she started moving towards the fence. Remember the girl who fell into the ditch with her wedding dress? Well, this dancing girl seemed to float above that ditch... before disappearing and reappearing on the inside of the base, and then disappeared off camera. This is serious as it meant a breach, which meant that a few unlucky souls had to drive down to that section to check it out. I dug out the report on that case and it was the shortest report I've ever seen. After studying the tape during countless nights, we surmised that she had no face.


5/16. One morning we have a ice hockey skills camp for kids and afterwards kids (plus parents) get to watch the professional hockey team practice.

I was told to patrol the section they are sitting in and do crowd control, don't let kids or parents wander into other areas of the building.

I spot a kid (7 or 8 years old) walking into a different section of the bowl where he's not allowed. I follow him, he decides to get on the railings for some stairs and slide in between the railing and the concrete, lays down and starts humping the pole that leads into the railing.

I yell at him to stop and go back to your parents, he leaves, I walk away, but I come back around 5 minutes later and this kid is there again humping the pole. I yelled at him to quit, I've already told you once. A bunch of parents hear me and turn around to see this kid aggressively humping a pole next to me.

Kids not bothered at all, still humping the pole


6/16. Not a security guard, but when I worked at the mall at a food place, there was an incident where someone broke the refrigerator door off its hinges. So my boss brings a TV screen back to the booth and goes through footage with me there. The girl that worked the morning it broke literally just opened the door and it fell off. And the look of horror on her face was priceless. She didn't get in trouble.


7/16. I do security at a casino and have pretty much seen it all. Some of my favorites are:

Older lady taking off her prosthetic leg and using it as a back scratcher.

Many people making out and more in the elevators until they realize the camera and stopping.

Couples going into the caregiver restrooms to get it on.

We have live music some nights so we get to see people dancing to the music with varying degrees of success.


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8/16. This was about march time, I was guarding a wind farm construction site in a place called coldham, it's in England in the fens, my site was in the middle of a bunch of fields, I liked to sit in my car during my night shifts as the piss poor excuse for a cabin they gave us smelled of urine and the heating would cut out the power.

So I was in my car with my laptop watching something or other and I see a quick dash to my left and without getting out I look out the window and because it was night I couldn't see much so I flick on my main beams and what did I see?

Two of the biggest hares going at it right in front of my car.... Not so spectacular I hear you say? Well ever heard the expression "you look like a rabbit caught in head lights"? It refers to rabbits, hares, deers and other woodland critters being frozen in place when hit with a sudden beam of light.

We're the two hares frozen in place? Yes... Yes they were and this made it much easier for the fox hiding just behind the cabin to run out and snatch the one on top... And all I could do was ring up my brother and tell him of the hare's tale of woe.


9/16. When I was a regular security officer at my first site, I would work the night shift. My job was to basically walk the building's interior and exterior and watch the CCTVs. At night, the cameras sometimes don't show perfect images. After I am done with an external round at 3am, I go inside and look at one of the cameras that cover one especially dark corner of the building. Standing there, doing absolutely nothing but staring at the camera, is a lone man. I cannot distinguish his features because of the camera's low quality. This man is just standing there staring at the camera, not moving an inch. He wasn't doing anything mischievous, so I couldn't call the police just yet.

So I killed some time and reviewed the recorded footage to see when he got there. He popped out of the bushes right after I'm seen walking by from my recent external round. He seems to follow me a little bit but when I cut out of view he stops and stares at the camera until I come back in to the control room. When I stop the DVR, I look back at the camera and he is gone. I did NOT go back outside until sunrise.


10/16. When I was seventeen, I was working security in a twelve story building in Dallas. It was a full secure building and my job was to take the elevator to the top, and walk down over and over randomly going into offices and checking them. It was a big building. Multi-use with dozens of companies inside.

One night around three AM, where I was pretty much the only person in the building, I was wandering around in an office I hadn't been in much, and went into a corner room just to look around. Mostly I was intending to look out the windows and check the parking lot. I rarely bothered turning on lights. Just randomly lit things up with my flashlight.

I watched the parking lot for a moment then turned to wander out. The office closet had no doorknob, and looking right at me through the hole was an eye. (continued...)

After half my hair fell out, and and my heart started to slow down, I realized the guy who owned that office had put a poster on the other side of that door with an eye lined up with that hole.

I'm still mad at him.


11/16. Working at small casino I was an assistant manager (not on duty). Some darwin award recipient tried to drive his harley through the casino. It wasn't a very big place so he thought he could make it from the back door to the front before anyone caught him. He didn't make the tight turn between the slots and ended up on his side.

Best part, all the male security guards froze and the lone female (6'4" 280) basically jumped on top of the guy and sat on him until everyone came to help. Can't believe I wasn't on duty that day. At least I didn't have to fill out the paperwork.


12/16. First security site I worked at was a beef plant, and while most cameras just showed people cutting beef, occasionally I'd see the off pair go off to the "non traffic" areas to do the dirty.


13/16. I worked at a large retail establishment for many a year and the "highlight reel" of the security team was awesome. Weirdest thing was two bros shopping in electronics together, not looking particularly suspicious.

One perched down to look at something on the bottom shelf and the other one came up, put his hand on the crouching guys shoulder, and fully puts his hand down the back of the guys pants. Bro number 1 is unfazed. Bro number 2 steps back and inhales deeply of the backdoor essence of bro number 1. They don't buy anything and then leave nonchalantly.


14/16. I worked graveyard shift security in the psych ward of a hospital last summer. The most memorable thing I can think of was when a patient threw the television across the room after pacing in front of it for over half an hour. When I rewound the tape, I noticed that he had been watching a Magic Bullet infomercial.


15/16. I'm a guard at an office building. I've seen two separate women urinate on the property. One was obviously drunk and tried to conceal herself in some bushes in the middle of the night. (continued...)

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The other woman pulled up to our parking garage entrance, got out of her car and (in full view of our security camera) pissed for about 90 seconds in broad daylight.

I've lost count of the people I've recorded parked on the property having sex in a car. This includes an on duty cop who would park and then be joined by a woman for an hour.


16/16. Worked security for a university dorm before.

I've watched drunk freshmen try desperately to act sober before throwing up in the lobby in front of me. I've seen people proudly walk past carrying a life sized blow up alien sex doll. I've witnessed a streaker rip off his bathrobe in one proud flamboyant gesture and throw it to the floor before he went racing off into the night.

But the most awkward incidents are always the kids trying to "discreetly" go at it on the couches. They're located just out of sight of the security post so people think they're not being watched. If they would bother to detach from each others' faces long enough to look directly above their heads, they would see a small black orb staring down at them disapprovingly.

There was this one foreign exchange student couple who were determined to bang it out on that grotty old couch one night. They were pawing at each other's (minimal) clothes. Unfortunately for her, he was too inebriated to handle the complexities of the bra clasp and kept fumbling. It honestly looked more like he was giving her repeated back slaps. This went on for a few minutes. She was pretty frustrated at this point, but tried to encourage him to work on other endeavors instead.

But the more the guy failed, the more he was determined to conquer the bra. He spun her around on the couch but did it so abruptly she fell face down onto the cushions. So focused was he on his battle he didn't care/didn't notice. He started yanking on her bra strap aggressively instead. (continued...)

Now at this moment another gentleman wandered past. The lady, clearly incensed at this point, sprang up and started shouting. Cameras don't have sound recording so had no clue what she was saying. But the newcomer flinched and was acting confused as the girl began gesturing wildly at him. Then he nervously reached out, unsnapped her bra, and ran away.

Bra finally undone, the leading lady of this security tape movie turned back to her boyfriend. But he wasn't too pleased and stormed off back upstairs to the dorm. She trailed him while shouting some more.

I can't actually leave my post. So when I heard shouting I radioed my supervisor to go investigate. When he arrived all he saw was the young lady stomping away half dressed but not in signs of distress. So he decided to review the tape and watched the exchange in bafflement.


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