17 Car Salesmen Share The Most Outrageous Thing That Ever Happened On A Test Drive.

Car salesmen of Reddit were asked: "What's the most outrageous thing anyone has done while out on a test drive?" These are some of the best answers.

1/17 Former salesman here. Most outrageous would have to be almost killing me getting on the freeway and not yielding right of way to an 18 wheeler. This old bag was so close I had to grab the wheel to prevent my death.


2/17 Former sales person here. Probably the craziest would be this guy suddenly yelled "LETS TEST OUT THE 4 WHEEL DRIVE!!!" He veered off the road near the dealership and cut donuts in a muddy field. I didn't really give a shit if he damaged the truck because that's what insurance and lawyers are for. I just felt bad for the underpaid guys in the back who had to clean it back up.


3/17 I work at a used dealership. We sell all types of vehicles, but our most popular vehicle in this area is a full size pickup. We always have at least 5 or 10.

Early December 2 years ago, we had a dude come in and he was looking around at our cars. He said he was interested in a Focus wagon and wanted to take it for a test drive. No problem man, have a good time.

He came back about 45 minutes later, said it wasn't what he was looking for, and rushed off. I went to put the car away, and noticed it smelled like pine. The asshole loaded a Christmas tree in the back and took it home, then brought our car back. Why couldn't he have just used a truck?


4/17 Had a guy show up on a fairly nice Harley Davidson w/out a shirt on. Nobody helped him so I offered to. He wanted to drive one of our top end cars ($320K Rolls-Royce Ghost). I got a service bag (the ones that protect the seats from the mechanics grime) and let him drive it. We got up to about 140 mph on a public road before I told him he needed to buy it before hitting 150 mph. We went back to the dealership, he went to his bike and wrote us a check. We delivered the car to his house that night and has been buying cars from the dealership ever since.


5/17 I had a dirty looking guy with long, greasy hair want to test drive a Cadillac. We had a pre-planned route for test drives, but he turned the opposite way out of the dealership and told me he wanted to go his own way.

At this point, he was acting somewhat strange, like nothing specific, just odd mannerisms. We drove a couple miles and I started getting a bit scared that I was going to be on the 6 o'clock news, when suddenly he pulled into an ice cream place. He bought us both ice cream cones and we ate them as he checked out the engine, then we drove back and he left. It was nice.


6/17 Used car dealer in NJ here. I was selling a 2006 Honda odyssey EX-l and the only info i get before a test drive is a drivers license and a phone number. The guy said he knew the area so I let him go alone cause we were short staffed, I told him to keep it short. This jackass is gone for 3 hours, and ignoring my phone calls. I was about to call the police but I decided to give him another half hour, he finally came back and the van was filled with groceries and some shit from home depot. I was pissed and he knew it. I'll never forget what he said, "I know your pissed, but before you say anything, I'll buy it." I laughed and held firm on the price, which he didn't seem to have a problem with.


7/17 Took the car for a test drive, made a music video with it...


8/17 I was showing a car to a guy one day. When I went to go get something, he had opened the hood to look at the engine bay, and he had closed it before I got back. Well, while we were driving on the interstate, sure enough - the hood flew open because he hadn't latched it all the way. It smashed into the windshield, shattering it. We were going really fast, and all of the sudden we couldn't see anything at all. I thought we were goners... But somehow he made it off the road without any further incident.


9/17 A year or so ago an old man was test driving an F150 and when we got back to the lot he insisted on backing it into the parking space himself. There was a BMW behind us and it looked like he was going to hit it, so I offered to get out and move it. "I'm not gonna hit it." he said. "Sir we're getting awful close, put the vehicle in park for me."

"I'm not gonna hit the damn car!" crunch

I basically said "Well there it was." and hopped out. Showed him the damage and he insisted he didn't do it. I think he was just embarrassed and panicked a bit. I would have worked something out with him since the damage wasn't all that bad, but he called me a liar, hopped in his truck and left so I called the police. He wound up paying a couple hundred bucks for the damage.


10/17 We had a brand new 2014 Audi S4, and it was right after a snow storm. The kid test driving it was younger, and came with cash. We were going for a normal test drive when he went into an open hospital parking lot. At that point he proceeded to turn off the traction control and start doing donuts as I hold on to the "oh shit" handle for my life. After telling him to stop well over 10 times, he stopped and I kicked him out of the drivers seat and drove back. After getting screamed at by our GM, he ended up buying the car. Needless to say he scared the shit out of me. Could have been worse!


11/17 Took a woman on a test drive, she backed into a fence while turning the car around to go back to the dealership, and when I had to go report it to management when we returned (there was damage) she DENIED it, and quickly jumped into her car and left. That and the guy who just pulled out SLOWLY into 4 lanes of traffic without looking. I've had some fun ones but those two stick in my memory...


12/17 I left the car business a long time ago but one customer will be forever seared into my brain. She came in to trade her 6 year old car in on a new Ford Explorer. I got the car ready and pulled it around front. She climbed in and carefully pulled out into traffic. She asked if we could run an errand. I said sure. We drove to a house a few minutes away. She got out, took a small bag out of her purse and placed a used feminine product on the windshield of a car in the drive way, got back in the car and said "F*ck that ho." We drove away. She bought the car and was gone a couple hours later. I will never be the same.


13/17 I was working at a Dayton, Ohio BMW dealership selling new and used cars. A late 20 something fairly well dressed gentlemen wanted to look at a used jeep Cherokee. He had credit issues but I called a local credit union and got him approved. I grabbed the keys and we left for a test drive. He asked to stop by his financial advisor's office to get a second opinion. I was slightly reluctant because this office was located in the absolute worst part of Dayton. I agreed since it was only 3 miles from the dealership. He pulls into this parking lot and run inside this sleezy strip club and tells me to wait. Soon all these crack whore strippers come out to check out "jim"'s new ride. These girls were in g strings crawling around in the car pushing buttons and cranking the radio up. lil wayne starts playing and they start grinding on the leather seats. All in broad daylight mind you. Jim finally returns with this "financial advisor" and tells me the payment is too high. I agreed and knocked another 500 off. He gave me 100 free passes the club. I still don't know what happened to my necktie.


14/17 The only time I ever got upset with someone and told them to pull the f*ck over was this old man was test driving a brand new 2008 Corvette. This guy couldn't drive a manual for shit. He could barely get it out of the parking space but he managed to get enough momentum to start rolling toward the road and I noped the f*ck out.


15/17 This guys showed up in a flashy Maserati and wanted to test drive a new Nissan. I don't even remember what it was - maybe an SUV or something. He drove it to an ATM and withdrew like $200. Then he just gave it to me. That was kind of weird and I wasn't really sure what to do with it. I tired to refuse it but he was insistent. He said it was a tip and just wanted to make sure I was taken care of.

We went back and he said he would have someone be in touch to complete the purchase. My manager was trying to get him to stay and just buy it now. The guy broke down and started yelling at my manager about how his son had just died and he had a bunch of other things he needed to do.

This was all a long time ago so I don't really remember the details. I was in my early 20s at the time, maybe only 20 or 21, probably about the same age as any kids this guy would have had. I reported the money he gave me because I didn't really know what else to do with it and didn't want it to become an issue if he told other people later. I figured we'd just apply it to the purchase or something. My manager told me to just keep it.

He never ended up buying the car and I never heard from him again. Kind of a weird experience all things considered. I sold cars for years and that was the only time someone ever gave me extra money (especially for NOT buying a car) and the only time I saw someone yelling at a manager in the showroom.


16/17 One time this tall, thin, gangly fellow wanted to see if the car he was test driving could handle his daily routines... Then he wanted to see how long the car could drive while on E. It was nighttime and the needle read empty on the gauge but we kept driving, man. We kept driving.


17/17 I work at a Ford/Lincoln dealership and this was a few months back but I had an elderly couple come in and ask to take a new Lincoln MKZ out for a test drive. While making a selection to drive they bring up the fact they are very interested in the Lane Keeping system and driver assist package. I think it's great they are wanting to get some of the latest and greatest technology so I find one with all the features we talked about and proceeded with a drive. Just before allowing them to drive I ask if they have a radio station they want to listen to. They did, it was a spa station on Sirius so I put that on for them and we start the drive.

About half way in I ask why they were so interested in the drivers assist features and they come right out and tell me he has issues passing out at the wheel and wanted to feel safer while driving. I ask how frequent and they say a couple times every time they drive! If I would have had the power to revoke their drivers license I would have on the spot. I recommended not listening to the spa station at this point cause anyone would pass out listening to that music. But we continued on with the spa music and all.

On the way back sure as hell he passes out while going 70 on the freeway. No one really notices it at first and the car did a good job keeping it in the lane but then his wife noticed and had to scream and hit him gently to wake him back up. Couldn't believe they would even risk themselves let alone others lives by getting behind any wheel. I made him pull over and I finished the drive for them.



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