17 Food Delivery People Were Asked 'Who Is On Your 'No Delivery' List?'

Food delivery people were asked on Reddit: "Who is on your 'No Delivery' list and why?" These are some of the best answers.

1/17 [One] guy just happened to be masturbating facing the window so the drivers could see him this happened a couple times so the cops were called... turned out he had a record of doing this but also doing it in front of school buses


2/17 A lady on our delivery route was always just getting out of the shower when we arrived and kept "accidentally" dropping her towel. There wasn't a single driver in our shop who hadn't seen every disgusting fold and lump on the front of that 300 lbs acne-covered body.

The manager finally warned her that if she did it again she would be banned.

She of course did it again, and I like to think the resultant loss of home-delivered pizza translated into a net benefit for her physical health just as it had done for our mental health.


3/17 I delivered to the dorms when I was in college, back before credit cards could be used to pay for pizza. In the largest men's dorm, we had a "war" with some of the residents after they got pissed when we wouldn't accept an expired coupon for a 14 pizza order. So they kept calling us up with ghost orders and making life hell for us over the course of a few weeks. So we stopped delivering to anyone in that dorm. As we were the cheapest pizza in town, that did not go over well with them. The RAs got every student in that dorm together and told them to knock it the fuck off or get kicked out. So we tried to deliver again and the same shit happened. So we banned that dorm forever. It was cool by me because those idiots would place 5-20 pizza orders and tip $2.


4/17 I was delivering for Godfathers in Memphis in 1988. We had no-delivery houses as well as areas. We had one area smack dab in the middle of our normal delivery zone that was blocked out. It was a low income apartment complex.

We got a new manager. He was eager to up his numbers, so quickly changed that area to being a legit delivery area. The first time he handed me an order for that complex, I explained that it was a really shitty complex and we didn't go there for a reason. He accused me of being racist because I didn't want to deliver to the complex (complex was all black, I was white, manager was black) and said just to deliver it and quit complaining.

OK, man. So I drive it out there and walk upstairs to the apartment door. I knock. No answer. I look a bit closer and it is obviously a vacant apartment. So I head back to my car and am sorting my money bag and next order when I glance up in the rear view mirror. I see 3 bad looking dudes crossing the parking lot heading right for my car. I notice one of them is carrying a rifle. Holy shit! I cranked up my shitty VW rabbit, threw it in reverse, and hauled ass out of the lot.

I get back to the shop and the new manager accused me of making it all up and said he didn't think I had even attempted to deliver it. He says to go back out there. I say no way, dude. He insists, so I insist he comes with me. He agrees. We drive back out there, he carries the pizza up the stairs, realizes that it is a vacant apartment, and quickly gets back in the car. "Sorry dude. You were right. It was a set up."

We got back to the shop and he marked the whole area off limits again.


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5/17 I used to deliver sandwiches for a shop. We had to blacklist this one lady who would call up last minute and demand 50-100 sandwiches for her meetings and she wanted them delivered in 15 mins.

We explained things to her over and over again that this was not how it worked, but she still demanded her order. So, when it showed up 45 mins later than expected, she became a monster, causing a scene, not tipping, sending in complaints to the district manager, etc.

This happened so many times, and finally, one day, she called in an order for 200 sandwiches, wanted it in 15 mins. I delivered it myself and she took the sandwiches from me for her meeting. I sat there and waited for her to sign the receipt... and waited......... and waited.

Turns out, she took the sandwiches in to her meeting and booked the hell out of there, not signing the receipt. She then called her bank to cancel the charge on her card and called us in for fraud. She had the nerve to call up our district manager and said that we OWED this to her since all of her orders were late. She was blacklisted after that and my district manager finally apologized for not believing me on this story. Drug Reps are the WORST!


6/17 I worked at a Jimmy Johns, which have really small delivery areas. We had a place that was WAY outside the delivery area that we were always getting orders from. It turned out that the guy was dealing to the manager and 1/2 the staff and they had worked out an arrangement. When the new manager came in, he had to put an end to that.


7/17 I used to be a delivery driver for Pizza Hut. I used to work the Sunday afternoon shifts and would have the same man order a supreme pizza every week. I was always the one to deliver his order because most of the time I was the only driver on duty at that time of day. Alan was a nice, quiet man who had a lovely front porch. One day, I didn't take his delivery for some reason. Poor Marvon took the delivery instead on the day that Alan decides to open the door stark naked. Alan wanted to show me (a small redheaded girl) the goods, not big black Marvon. Alan never got another delivery.


8/17 I delivered pizza in NJ, I went on the porch to see a snarling Rottweiler behind the door. Not a big deal, happens a lot, I'm a stranger, the dog is just being a dog. The lady pushes him back, we do the pizza transaction and as I'm turning to go the lady said, "Oh my god, he's out.. " the back door was open and the dog was charging around the house about to come on the porch.

I quickly opened the door to run inside but the lady screamed "no, the really bad one is inside" and I see a bigger Rottie just inside the hall so I stick myself between the screen door and the real door and I'm trapped in an angry dog sandwich. The outside dog bites my calf because I can only close the screen door so much, not much damage but I'm bleeding.

The manager goes to talk with the lady (it is like 1/8th of a mile from the store or that lazy bastard wouldn't of bothered) and Rotties are penned up out back. As soon as the lady starts talking to him another small mutt dog zips out the door and bites him on the hand. He made the call on no more pizza for them.


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9/17 When I worked at a pizza place, we just had one person that we wouldn't deliver to because he would always refuse to pay and hassle the delivery guy, saying the pizza was cold, took too long, wasn't the right order, whatever. He probably got a couple free pizzas at least before we stopped bothering sending him anymore.


10/17 We had a few blacklisted numbers/addresses. Mostly were for people who wrote bad checks or would constantly complain/return orders/make threats. One address that was on the absolute edge of our delivery area (a business all by itself on the edge of town) got blackballed because people from outside the delivery area would give that address and meet us there.


11/17 Okay - we had a really nasty apartment complex in one area of Sacramento. Totally a no. One night a new guy took an order and actually accepted one from there. I was about to call back and say no (I was asst. manager at the time, but running pizzas that day), when in come two cops to pick up their pizza. They listen in and offer to 'tag along.'

I was dumb and crazy then, so we made the pizza and I loaded into my little truck and drove out there. As soon as we pull into the parking lot, the cop turns off ALL his lights and coasts in to the spot next to mine. I walk up, start the spiel, and start listening to their story of 'this guy' or 'that guy' ordered it.

I started to walk away and one of the shady dudes steps out of the bushes next to me, where he'd been hiding. Instantly, every light came on on the cop car, flashers, both spotlights pointing right at me, the cops getting out of the car - fast. Dude steps way way way back, I walk back to my car, and a couple cops got an extra free pizza that night, and I got a great story.


12/17 [I] asked [my] manager to ban a house because they always want [me] to wait until they eat first slice and then complain [the] pizza is not well made and ask for some discount or coupon and end up not paying tip, acting angry.


13/17 In the late 90s I was still living in Detroit and in between desk jobs, so I delivered pizza as a part time gig. Detroit's neighborhoods have been rough for a few decades now, but the 90s seemed like they were on their own level. I won't say the specific neighborhood, but there were some really rough ones.

This one house, though...this house was just in awful shape. I kind of figured this would be bad even as I was driving down the street to get there. Every other house (literally) was either burned out or very obviously abandoned.

This one was just shitty looking, but I tried to be optimistic. I walked up to the door, awning kind of drooping over my head, and knocked. Almost instantly, the door cracked open, and all I saw was a dark hand with what looked like a glock. "Leave the pizza and walk away."

I complied, obviously, and told my manager that I wouldn't be delivering to that neighborhood anymore. Still stuck around with that job for another 6 months or so, but that was probably the only thing on that level I've seen.


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14/17 I worked at a Little Caesars when I was a teenager. On a really snowy night one of our drivers got into a car accident and sadly lost his life on his way to deliver the pizza.

The customer called in a little while after we learned about the accident and absolutely lost his shit that his pizza hadn't been delivered. When the manager explained the situation, he stated he did not give a fuck and wanted his pizza delivered for free

Needless to say, he got an earful from my manager and then was put onto a no-serve list.


15/17 Our delivery store has a woman who used to come in every so often, or order delivery, who did not want black people to interact with her or her food at all. One of our drivers, a really nice old black dude, delivered to her, and she simply slammed the door in his face. Another time, she walked out on a black cashier, because she swapped places with the white driver who was originally taking her carryout order. Finally, the manager put his foot down and told her not to come back or order from us ever again.


16/17 Incredibly misogynistic verbally abusive man. Would call and order, being a sexist ass the whole time "I don't give a fuck about any goddamn specials sugartits, just gimme a rib plate" and then ten minutes later call back, livid, because his food wasn't there yet. "NOW LISTEN YOU GODDAMN BITCH..."

I hated that man and it was glorious when my boss snatched the phone from me, mid-tirade and told the guy off.


17/17 There was an older man who suffered from dementia that would order four fountain drinks and nothing else from my shop, then would tip about $300 every time. After hearing about it a couple times, I told my manager, and we all agreed to get in contact with his family, let them know we wouldn't take orders from him, and that they'd have to take some measures to keep him from doing the same with other establishments. God only knows how much money that guy gave away.




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