17 Frustrated Hooters Waitresses Reveal The Worst Thing They Experienced While On The Job.

Women that have worked at Hooters were asked: "What is your worst story?" These are some of the best answers.

1/17 I was once called a b*tch by a guy because I wouldn't sit at his table and flirt with him. I told him that he would have better luck with that at a strip club so he gave me a penny and left.


2/17 One time I waited on a guy who tried to slap my a** after I took his order, and while I was looking for a manager to kick him out another girl caught him videotaping waitresses a**es as they walked by. Some guys you really did feel sorry for, especially older guys who'd come in alone and tip big just for you sitting and talking with them.


3/17 I didn't work at Hooters but at a sports bar where they required us to wear skin tight jerseys with the number 88 obviously circling our breasts. I once had a drunk guy tell me "You're naked under those clothes" all seductively. I thought it was sarcastic & harmless until he became grabby. When I told him to back off he became persistent mumbling dirty talk & pulling me to sit on his lap. When I yelled "DUDE STOP IT!!" other guys from other tables stood up and then he became furious calling me a teasing b*tch and said I was leading him on. 3 guys escorted him out of the building and he screamed "CUNT!" on the way out. Yep. My fault. I shouldn't have lead him on.


4/17 I was a waitress at a strip club for a while. Plenty of drunk people getting kicked out and some odd individuals wanting strange requests (these people are the reasons why I never became a dancer) but I wasn't their main target since I was only a waitress not a entertainer so mine is kinda lame.

The creepiest comment I can remember off the top of my head was when I was talking to a customer about how I needed to go out into the parking lot to give a customer back his card that he forgot in the sleeve after paying. The customer I was telling this story to promptly said "If you come after me in the parking lot you wouldn't be coming back in." I never went after a customer who forgot their card again.


5/17 I had a summer waitressing job at a sports bar/restaurant, that was basically like a poor man's Hooters. The funniest part was that the name of the establishment was very similar to the name of a local strip club. Guys would come in and walk right back out, others would ask the hostess to be seated near "the stage" or ask when the show started, etc. The worst was when they decided to stay, and then act like they were at a strip club. It was a long summer.


6/17 We had a guy propose to his girlfriend while she was standing on a stool surrounded by hooter girls. Classy as f*ck.


7/17 Former Hooters girl here. I would have men who think that you're flirting with them, wives that get mad because they think that you're flirting with them, teenagers who think it's cool to cop a feel and a manager who would put us through a really long, super invasive inspections every day.


8/17 I worked as a hostess at a strip club. I was fully clothed, but guys would regularly ask for lap dances, or tell me what they wanted to do to me, etc.

I was just a curious person between jobs in my technical field, I didn't need to work at a strip club, it was just a little fun. I never went too far out of my comfort zone to get tips, I was just nice to people. My worst story was I was joking around with this guy. Every time I'd walk by, we'd dance together for a little and move on. Then we started having bits of conversation here and there. He was really kind and smart, and I was enjoying our talk. Every time I'd walk away, he'd give me a dollar. After a few times, I was like, "You don't have to tip me for just talking to you."

He went on this long rant about how I'm just pretending to be nice to get his money. He said, "I'm hoping you're a hostess with a heart of gold, but you're only here right now to get my tips." He asked me if I'd go home with him if he promised to buy me breakfast in the morning. I told him absolutely not. The rant continued, but I was just too hurt that he thought I was lying, and had to walk away. Worst hostess ever.


9/17 When was in college I used to work at a local yogurt shop that required that all the girl employees wear white shorts. Usually I would get weird comments, but nothing too harmful. However, one night when I was closing by myself I saw a guy just standing at the front door. I signalled the guy that the store was closed but he just stood there and kept staring at me. I thought he did not understand me so I walked up closer to the door and that's when I saw him wanking off. It was awful and I had to call the police and it was a huge deal.


10/17 I was a promo girl for a liquor brand. Mostly it was fine over all. Never had a huge problem with a guy. However girls were another story. We had to wear little slutty eskimo costumes. The number of dirty looks I got from girls is off the charts. I always wore volley ball shorts under the skirt bc it was VERY short and we would often dance on the bar. One time a girl walked up to me and said "What do you even wear under that" and before I could say anything she lifted my skirt up and held it there. My manager had to come over and ask for her to refrain from touching us for the rest of the night.


11/17 I worked in the bikini bars and I am Asian so I always got the ones that wanted to see if my p*ssy was slanted.


12/17 I have many stories from my year spent wearing those God awful orange shorts, but my favorite by far is the older "gentleman" who in dead seriousness grabbed my wrist and asked, "How much do you sell your p*ssy for?" He's a close second to the guy who left me a note along with his phone number that said "I'd really like to feel you from the inside."


13/17 I worked at a Hooters for a while to make some money for grad school. There were definitely a few weirdos here and there. One guy used to come in once a week or so right when we opened at 11, order only a Pepsi, then stay until the girls working the dinner shift came in at 4:30. He wouldn't say anything when you came by to check on him or tried to strike up a conversation...I'm pretty sure the only word I ever heard him say was "pepsi." Sometimes he'd stick around after paying his check and just stand in our little merch area staring at the waitresses.


14/17 My first table, after asking what he'd like on his philly cheese steak, answered with, "You." That was his answer for anything I asked.


15/17 I was working a party of 8 that turned into 18 (they were coworkers as I recall, and sort of slowly showed up in pairs after the initial 8-top). I was certainly weeded, but for a Tuesday night this was an unexpected surprise, and as servers do-- I rolled with it. There was a guy that had been sort of flirty from the get-go. Very common. My outfit consisted of a pretty revealing jean skirt and a snug, low-cut top. Just another part of the job, ya know?

Anyway, a particular cocktail on our menu featured several liquors and had a limit of two per guest. So this guy, maxes out on his 2 specialty cocktails and gets a little "friendlier," with me. He starts commenting, aggressively, "Your eyes...your legs...your hair," etc. Come to find out, inbetween the drunken passes he's asking people at the table to order more of these cocktails for him-- and they're doing it! About 2 hours into the ordeal he starts slapping my a** every time I walk by. I'm going out of my way to avoid him and his coworkers are cringing. Finally he stands up, wraps his arms around me and starts swaying. He's telling me he wants to take me to the Jay-Z concert the next day and lifts me up over his shoulder. I realize he's been stealing other guests' beverages and decide to tell my manager. "Well," said manager, "did you tell him to stop? I mean, they're gonna be gone soon anyway. Just avoid him."

More or less the reaction I expected, but priceless nonetheless. Loathed that establishment. I just want to finish off by saying, if you're ever with "that guy" do the right thing and call him out. I was pretty straight forward, but damn. All those people just watched in horror as I got fondled and disrespected. Servers, no matter how "scandalous" you may think their uniform is, are still people. Still daughters. Still mothers. And still handling your food.


16/17 Honestly, the worst part was daily uniform inspection. Having to stand up with legs spread and arms straight out so our managers could inspect every detail of us (armpits for hair, hair for bobbypins, face for makeup application, tights for runs/holes, shorts for stains/tears, shoes for whiteness, tank tops for stains and to make sure bra straps weren't peeking through) was always torture.


17/17 I have been working at breastauraunt called Tilted Kilt for about three weeks. Wasn't my section, but I walked over to drop off some refills with a big bright smile and "Hey guys! Cold drinks ;)". A senior citizen at the table motioned for me to lean in but still very loudly asked "Ever get paid to f*ck an old guy?"



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