17 Weird Laws Around The World To Know Before You Go Travelling.

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When most of us go travelling we check our flight times, repack our suitcase for the upteempth time, and make sure that our vaccinations are up to date. We may look up local customs to find fun activities to do, but most of us forget one of the most crucial steps in planning a trip abroad: seeing what's illegal at your destination. Here are some of the most absurd laws you might encounter around the word.

1. Masturbation in Indonesia comes with a maximum sentence of 35 months imprisonment.

2. It is against the law to wear camouflage clothing or carry items made with camouflage material in Barbados.

3. In the United Arab Emirates you can be arrested for public displays of affection, like kissing.

4. It is illegal for a man to wear a dress without straps in Melbourne, Australia.

5. There's a bylaw that says you can't skinny dip in Bancroft, Canada.

6. You can be fined up to $600 for walking the streets of Palma de Mallorca, Spain without a shirt on.

7. Observing any religion other than Islam or importing Bibles (or other non-Muslim holy texts) into Maldives is illegal.

8. Photographing government buildings, airports, border areas, military establishments, and some supermarkets is prohibited in Kazakhstan.

9. A new ban on "noisy footwear" in Capri, Italy means you could be arrested for wearing flip flops or high heels.

10. Running out of gas while on the Autobahn in Germany is illegal, as is walking along the side of the highway.

11. It is illegal to be out in public if you're not wearing underwear in Thailand.

12. Women aren't allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

13. Peeing in the ocean in Portugal is against the law.

14. Many countries in Europe, including Sweden, Romania, and Latvia, insist that cars should have their headlights on at all times regardless of what time it is or how dark it is outside.

15. Blue jeans are not allowed in North Korea because they symbolize the enemy, USA.

16. According to the Metropolitan Police Act 1839 in the UK, public houses (bars/pubs) cannot allow drunkenness on the premises.

17. Gum can't be bought or sold in Singapore unless prescribed by a doctor.


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