18 Attractive Teachers Reveal What It’s Like When Students Have A Crush On You.

Attractive teachers on Reddit were asked: "Did you know which students had a crush on you, and what is the strangest or most inappropriate thing you overheard said about you?" These are some of the best answers.

1/18 As a student teacher I walked into our local high school to observe a special needs class. One of the "regular" high school students told me I should come and observe him instead, if ya know what I mean.


2/18 I've had students spread their legs while wearing short skirts in front of me. One girl even pulled her skirt so far up that from my view it looked like she was sitting there in her underwear. Of course, being a new teacher I had absolutely no idea how to deal with this situation.

Most common is girls that will seductively suck on their pens while staring into my soul. Even had one student put her hand on my upper thigh while asking me a question at my desk.

This all happened last year when I took over for a history class since the teacher was out for the entire year, I was 23 years old teaching juniors/seniors..it was fucking hell. When I tried to tell the other teachers what was going on, the female teachers would all just laugh and talk about how I really got thrown to the wolves, while the older male teachers would just talk about how lucky I was.

I'd also be lying if I said I never had some perverted fantasies on lonely nights at home, but I'm only fucking human.


3/18 I'm a first grade teacher so I just get a lot of dandelions.


4/18 Student teaching at a junior high. 23 year old male, and I guess I'm attractive? The girls are flirty with me. A few have asked for my number, which I would not give out, obviously. Some show cleavage when I am trying to help them with an assignment, or do that little thing girls do where they hit a guy's shoulder and giggle. Main thing is I just have to watch how I interact with them. They will take any act of kindness as an, "OMG I THINK HE LIKES ME" moment, so I just have to be careful, and remember that I am their teacher, not their friend. Some of the boys will kind of defend me and call girls out on it, I guess bro code has no generation gap.


5/18 I teach in Indonesia. I have had many students ask me out after class, show cleavage during class, or keep their legs spread while sitting. I don't think it's because I am overly attractive, but because I am white.


6/18 I've taught in New Zealand and now I'm teaching in the States. It's very obvious when a kid has a crush on me or is just checking me out. I'm constantly getting boob-stared and seeing smirks between boys/overhearing comments. The things I've just overheard? "Damn, she's a sex sexy bitch", "Yeah, that's right, walk away, I love that view", and things like that.

The most inappropriate? That would be when a 16 year old yelled out "Hey miss, I like your tits!" as I walked by his classroom.


7/18 Was an English Teacher in Japan at a high school. I had the foreign-hot factor going for me, plus I was 21,22 at the time so by far the youngest teacher at the school.

When I first started, there was a comedian in one of my best classes. Genuinely funny, even in English (which is rare for a 16 year old learning a language). I only taught him his first year, but would see him around the hallways afterwards. He regularly asked me what my favorite food was, and if I would like to go get it with him. I'd say, "Maybe next time!" He eventually asked me to pretend to be his girlfriend in a film his class was making for a field trip. Of course I said yes, and the scene involved him introducing me to his friends in class, me linking arms with him, smiling and saying, "Hi! I'm quetzlthethird!"

Another time, I had one freshman student run up to me dragging his friend, and proceed to try and tell my in English his friend had a crush on me. Only, he didn't know how to say it in English, so it came out like "My friend!" he grabs his friend in a headlock "My friend! He... you!..." then proceeded to ask the other students around how to say, "My friend has a crush on you in English. I laughed, pretended not to understand (the friend was tomato red by then), and said I had to get going, and to have a nice day.


8/18 The strangest thing I ever overheard about myself was while I was teaching at an all boys private high school. One of them whispered to another, "She's so chill, she never gets bitchy, you can never tell when she's on her period."


9/18 I'm pretty dense, so I don't always notice when people are checking me out. However, my students have to fill out evaluations at the end of the semester, and those usually give me an insight into their thoughts.

Q: What did you like best about the TA?
A: I liked that she was hot. ;)

The worst part is that some student worker has to type up all those awkward responses.


10/18 I was an average looking high school teacher. That's really all it takes.

I had more than one student say I had a nice ass within earshot of me. I was told by other students that "so and so likes you" and I'd only notice it after they mentioned it but then it was obvious. I had one girl pull the "I'll do anything for a higher grade." I had one girl in a six inch skirt lift her leg to my eye level (I was sitting) to "show me her new shoes." I was spanked on two separate occasions. The list goes on. Kids are crazy.


11/18 I had a sixth grade boy in the class where I did my long student teaching experience who was "in love" with me. He'd sit in the front row, propping up his head on his hand, starting at me with his mouth hanging open. All the kids teased him about it but he didn't care. It was cute.


12/18 Weirdest thing said to me: "I want you to twerk on my face". He got sent out of class for that one.

Being a young attractive female secondary school teacher, you learn to perfect the 'not happening' look. Although, most sexual advances come from students who are intentionally trying to get a rise out of you, and are doing it to be edgy and impress their peers. The ones who have a genuine crush are harder to shoot down, because they will take it much more personally. I be gentle but firm, tell them its not happening, and that there are wonderful people their own age they should consider instead.

Honestly on my part, the idea of thinking about a student sexually is just weird. Whilst their bodies are mature (in the senior classes) their minds need so much more growing. They hold the sexual attraction of a tomato to me.


13/18 I don't consider myself a "hot teacher", but I constantly find students staring at my chest, and some students have even stood beside me attempting to see cleavage. I don't even wear revealing shirts! Consequently, I consciously monitor the way I stand/sit/interact to avoid any issues (never being in a classroom alone with a student, avoiding conversations considered sexual, etc).


14/18 When I was in college, I had my first "field observation" class. For non-teachers, it's not exactly student teaching, but I'd go to the school 2-3 times a week and observe, help the teacher with grading/making copies/paperwork stuff, and I think I had to do like 5 lessons over the course of the semester or whatever. Anyway, I was a sophomore in college so around 19 years old - I was placed in a class of 12th graders in their last 9 weeks of school, so 17-18-possibly 19. These kids were very close to my age. One day, a kid came up to me and said, "So how do you like it at your college?" I told him I liked it and he said, "You know, I'm on campus like every weekend. You should let me take you out sometime." I was like, "Um, I don't think so" and kind of ran away to do something else. It was pretty awkward dealing with this kid for the rest of the semester, but it gave me a fun story about the time a student asked me out.


15/18 I had a girl sit at my desk to use my computer during lunch. She announced to the other kids in the room "I'm behind Mr. Q's desk. Usually I'm under it."


16/18 Yes. It's completely, 100% obvious. It came into play a lot for me. I started teaching when I was 24 years old. I am always carded when I go out meaning people regularly think I am as young as 18. So I didn't look much older than the kids I taught.

Anyway, it was extremely obvious from day one. I was also a Canadian teacher at a British school, so I had the accent going for me as well. A lot of kids were obvious about it and would tell me to my face that they thought I was "fit". Other kids would tell me that someone ELSE had been talking about how I was "hot". And with other kids I could just tell by how nervous they got around me.

But yeah, it ain't a secret. It was difficult because a lot of the time I had to pretend to not see/hear kids when they were VERY obviously checking me out/talking to me. It's very strange.


17/18 "Yo, Ms., you look nice today." "Yo, Ms., my eighteenth birthday is next month.""You don't understand, Ms., I got it bad for you, yo."And the all-time favorite, "Hey, Ms.: I had a dream about you last night."


18/18 I'm a male in my 20's and was a teacher at a public middle school, where the hormones are ranging and the social boundaries are completely non-existent. I had 12 and 13 year old girls doing things as innocent as asking me to walk them to class, or eat lunch in my classroom with me, to more explicit/weird like trying to touch my face or hair, leaving me notes and pottery, asking for my phone number and facebook, and asking to pose in pictures with them.

Almost daily, it was "Mr., do you have a girlfriend? I know someone who has a crush on you!" A lot of the students also had mothers close to my age, so there was some attempted matchmaking by my students as well. Parent-Teacher conferences were weird.

It was oddly flattering though, if only women in their 20's were so upfront and direct. Thankfully nothing negative came of it, I loved my job and had full support of the other staff and administration who were aware of the "attention" I was getting.



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