18 Florists Share The Hardest Notes They've Ever Had To Write For An Arrangement.

Flowers are a symbol for health, love, and the precarious nature of life, but flowers often come during the saddest moments in our lives.

Here are eighteen of the saddest things florists (and friends) have written on an arrangement's card.

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1/18. I worked for a florist delivering flowers all through college.

The saddest was a delivery of yellow roses I made to a notably attractive young lady. The card said: "I hope he'll love you as much as I did - and still do ..."

She just stood there, reading the note back to me, and then she burst into tears. It's something that made a lasting impression on me.


2/18. I was a trainee florist when I was 17. The saddest one I had was a phone order from a gentleman who wanted a bouquet of flowers with the note "Sorry I ruined your life" to his ex lover.


3/18. We had a standing order for a weekly bouquet. This was an exclusive shop in an affluent area, and the gentleman clearly had enough money to send something showy to his beloved wife on a regular basis. What struck me was that he would personally call in a new poem with each order. And these weren't Shakespeare quotes, by any means. All were summoned from the depths of his own creativity.

I was tasked with painstakingly transcribing his weekly poem onto the card. They had been married for a long time, and you can imagine how these poems would have devolved into Cornyville. Yet, he never missed a single one, while I was there. We all marveled at how he always took the time from running his large company to write a lovestruck message to his wife every week. He never had a secretary call in the order. I was always touched to take the call from that old guy.

Then one day, a woman called in with the poem. It was quite a bit different (perhaps lifted from a Hallmark card). As I filled out the order form, she explained that her father had experienced a debilitating stroke, and she would be providing the poetry from that point forward.

The deliveries stopped shortly thereafter.


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4/18. I was working for a florist and it was around Father's Day. Someone ordered flowers and I was instructed to write, "Dad, thanks for keeping the abuse physical," on the card.


5/18. I was a florist for about 5 years and though I don't specifically remember any of the card messages, my worst day was when a local 7 or 8 year old girl passed away after she was thrown from a horse. The neighborhood she lived in was right across the street from my shop, and one day before the funeral all the little girl's friends came in with their parents to pick things out for the funeral.

It was heart wrenching with each of these little girls and boys choosing flowers and saying what they wanted on the card. I'll never forget it.


6/18. 'Only here for a day, however his memory will live forever'.


7/18. A girl in our work received flowers to her desk on Valentine's Day and was delighted, even though they didn't look very impressive. But she told me her boyfriend had been struggling financially recently because he was starting his own business, so this meant a lot to her.

About half an hour later, a girl who sat two desks away received a much more impressive bouquet which got a lot of attention from the other women in the office. I saw the first girl watch all this, looking so sorrowful, before taking her flowers and hiding them under her desk.


8/18. A man paid for flowers to be left at his wife's graveside once a month. Always wrote "I love and miss you" on it. Not the saddest thing to write, but just the idea of it. He always called to make sure we didn't forget, too.

Also, having to do the flower arrangements for a friend I was just with the night before. Imagine finding out they died because someone was ordering flowers for their parents.


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9/18. I once saw a card in some flowers at a little boys gravesite (there was a photo in the headstone, he couldn't have been more than 6). Scattered around it were some of what I assume we're his favourite action figures in life, and on the card (presumably from a brother or friend) "I keep coming to play with you but it just isn't the same."

Hit me right in the feels.


10/18. A few years ago on the day before his mom's birthday, my friend ordered her flowers. On the card he wrote something along the lines of "Happy birthday, Mom! I'll love you always." And he died in the middle of the night.

The next day, in the middle of her mourning someone came and delivered her those flowers.


11/18. Only slightly on topic, but I received an amusing card with a bouquet once.

My mom had been dating this guy (we'll call him Bobby) who absolutely spoiled her. I'm talking massive bouquets delivered to her office at least twice a week. By the weekend, her kitchen table would be covered in these elaborate, beautiful arrangements. I came round to visit one evening & jokingly said, "wow, what a spoiled little brat!"

The next week at work, I received a pretty little bouquet with a card that read "now you're a spoiled little brat, too. Love, Bobby". I always wondered what the florist who wrote that out thought.


12/18. Well not what was written but the bad timing of it.

My brother has always been a sarcastic and funny kind of guy. He had a friend from church who was hospitalized due to some life long health complications. The guy has been hospitalized a lot his life and it was expected he'd be out in no time. He sent flowers basically saying "I bet you a $100 you'll come out of this fine and we can go get high and hammered with the money".

The flowers arrived 2 days after he died.


13/18. My grandmother was a florist for many years. I used to go to the greenhouse with her all the time and watch her make these amazing flower arrangements...

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One day, I was visiting and she's just got done making a stunning bouquet with a small card in the center. The card read "Eric, I'm sorry to have heard of your recent tragedy. You'll forever be missed by us all."

Turns out Eric was just getting married - the arrangement was from his drinking buddies.


14/18. My mom was a floral arrangement "specialist" at Kroger. A young woman came in asking for lilies and rosebuds with baby's breath. My mom put it together for her and asked what she wanted on the card. The woman replied, "To Lily, the breath of your baby shall forever bloom, in our hearts and yours."

She told my mom her sister's daughter died of SIDS the day before.


15/18. When I was in high school, my best friend's mom owned the local florist shop. Small town, so everybody ordered all their prom stuff from her and she'd be up for days just filling orders. Me and my friend decided to help her out.

I had been dating a guy for about 3 years. We were high school sweethearts. He was the first boy I ever loved. So anyways, he says that he can't go to prom this year because his family is going out of town to visit his sister who is away at college. I think, ok no big deal.

But then, as I'm filling orders in the flower shop, I pick up the order form from none other than my high school sweetheart. Except it had a different girl's name on it. There was no note, but I was absolutely heartbroken. Even my best friend knew he was taking somebody else to the prom. I called my dad sobbing, who then must have called him, because he showed up about 10 minutes later to apologize and try to console me.

That was the first time a boy broke my heart and I'll never forget it.


16/18. I take care of the orchids in a floral store & had a young woman come in, maybe in her early 20's. She was very sweet, attentive, & wanted to know about everything we had, but eventually settled on an orchid. She was very excited about moving into a new home & had me help her find a flower that would brighten up the place.

She listened very closely to the directions I gave her for caring for her new plant (it was a gorgeous plum & white blossom, & very hardy), & even had me write them down for her. I used store stationary & even wrote my name in the card & told her to come see me if she had any questions at all.

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About a month & a half later, an older man comes in with the orchid, possibly her father. He'd seen my name & the name of our store on the card & brought it back to us. The young woman had passed away in an accident shortly after moving, & he didn't know how to care for the plant.

It was in great shape, I could tell she'd been taking good care of it, but he didn't want anything to do with it. He asked me to refund it & put it back on the shelves, as even with the directions he wasn't sure he could take care of it, & even if he could, he didn't want it around. I think it reminded him of her too much.

I have a small amount of oversight in the department, so I managed to trade him the orchids for a funeral bouquet that was worth a lot more. I was supposed to put the orchid back on display, but I couldn't bear to. I got permission to bring it home with me, but even with all the care I gave it, it died a couple weeks later.

I don't know if flowers can miss people, but part of me likes to think this one did.


17/18. The florist didn't write it, my grandfather did:

"Happy anniversary. I'll always love you. Fife"

It was delivered on their 40th anniversary. 5 months after he had passed from colon cancer. He had his son (my uncle) get the card and he wrote it a week before he passed. My uncle then saved it and sent it with the flowers my grandfather had ordered for her.

We found the card again when she passed away. She had kept it stashed in one of his old cigar boxes with a stack of other love notes he'd sent her through the years (most when he was overseas in WW2).

(Fife was his pet name from my grandmother.)


18/18. The florist I work for prints the cards and we don't have to hand write them. The sympathy cards are always sad, but the worst one I've read was something along the lines of "I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother so soon after the loss of your parents."

I upgraded that arrangement a bit and I know it wouldn't make the situation any better, but I wanted to make sure the flowers they received were extra nice.



First off, guys.. If you're using the same florist to send your wife and mistress flowers on Valentine's Day, take 2 minutes and make sure the cards are right.. It's not our job to be a marriage counselor.. 2nd, we see some crazy messages.. Like, "To one of God's most beautiful creations, from another one of God's most beautiful creations.." Mostly, the message is in the flowers.. Or lack there of.. Had a guy come in once, order a dozen roses for his significant other.. Wants to see it before being delivered.. Walks over and cuts all the heads off the roses leaving just the stems, greenery and baby's breath.. Then says, "okay, now you can deliver it.. She'll get the message..."



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