18 Hotel Employees Share The Weirdest Request They've Had From A Guest.

"Room service, how may I help you?"

Hotel employees on Reddit were asked: "What's the most insane thing a guest has asked you for?" These are some of the best answers.

1/18 A guest once got upset because I wouldn't get him coke and a hooker. He was going on and on about how the concierge in Vegas would do it for him. Well this is a family ski resort, so maybe go to Vegas next time.


2/18 I worked front desk and maintenance for a summer at a hotel. The only illegal thing guests ever asked me for was a drug hookup. A local dealer who would deliver had left his number (and some free samples) for a few of the front desk staff at one point, so we would always just give the guests that number. The dealer would always come by and "tip" us afterward, so it was a good arrangement.


3/18 In the summer, this one lady was staying with us by herself. She came up and asked for the closest petting zoo. I asked how old her kids were so I could better refer her or suggest other activities (as I wasn't sure there even was a petting zoo close by). She said it was just her. Well I found her a local farm that would let kids come to pet the animals. She went, and came back, and talked to me for an hour on how she pet the chickens.


4/18 I'm in maintenance, and had a call where a guest asked me to lower the water level in the toilet bowl, because his balls would hang down into the water when he sat on the toilet.

I had to tell him, "Sorry, but metro codes won't let us take the water down any farther."


5/18 I work night shift at a Holiday Inn Express, and one time this old man came through and he was being really rude. No big deal, that shit happens all the time. Guy goes to his room and doesn't know how to use a thermostat, so he calls the front desk and yells at me for having a complicated thermostat (the thermostat has a total of three buttons: two for changing the temperature up/down, and one for changing from A/C to heat). So I go to his room and show him how to use it while he mutters and grumbles, and head back to the front desk.

Around 15 minutes later, I get a call from the guy again. This time he's furious because he doesn't know how to work the remote. I tell him I'll be right there (fortunately his room was like three seconds from the front desk). He hands me the remote, I press the big red POWER button and lo, the television comes on. He grumbles angrily about something, and I go back to the front desk.

Don't hear from the guy again until around 4:30am. He comes to the front desk, and quietly asks if I'll tie his shoes for him. If this guy were a day under 50, I'd just assume the guy was being a dick and refuse, but I said sure and hopped over the desk and tied his shoes for him. He then explained that he'd had a stroke or something relatively recently and it made it extremely difficult for him to tie his shoes, and we went on to talk for probably twenty minutes. He was actually an alright guy, just really quick to get flustered. Also, totally bewildered by buttons.


6/18 Block of wood, a doughnut, a ball of twine, three nails, a club sandwich, a bucket of ice, and a hatchet "as sharp as the Devil himself."

Made $1100 that night.


7/18 Ex-hotel employee here - I had a guy who was on something come to the bellhop desk and ask where he could get a blowjob. I told him that I didn't know and he should look it up in the phone book (back when they were a resource instead of a door stop). He started to cry and security had come over. Security escorted him out of the hotel. 10 minutes later he was back inside and we had to call the police because he whipped his dick and started soliciting anyone who walked by. One of the many reasons why I am happy I don't work graveyard shifts anymore.


8/18 Worked front desk at a hotel next to an airport. A bunch of flights were canceled so we were sold out. Guy came in looking for a room. He didn't believe that we were full so as a joke I told him "unless he wanted to sleep in a closet we were sold out". He paid me $50 and took our storage closet.


9/18 Worked at a small resort in North Scottsdale. I was a supervisor at the time. A guy checked in with him and his buddies for a golf outing. The only thing we had for extra beds were air mattresses. The dude who's name was on the villa told one of my employees that if he could get him a real mattress to sleep on for one night, they would pay him $250 bucks. So, after my employee clocks out at 7:00 pm, he drives from north Scottsdale to Tempe, get one of their buddies' mattresses from his dorm, throw it on the roof of his Mini Cooper and drive it back up to Scottsdale. Dude delivered the money.


10/18 Housekeeping comes to my office telling me guest left his gun under the pillow. I tell them not to touch it - and call the guest.

Me: Hi Mr. ________. You forgot your gun.
Him: Oh sh*t! I'm already at least 200 miles away. Can you hold unto it for a week?
Me: No I cannot. I can leave it with the local sheriff.
Him: Please don't do that. I'll be there shortly.

He arrived a day later.


11/18 I used to bartend at an upscale hotel in Houston. I met the coolest guy who must have been in his mid 60s and ordered nothing but scotch all day. His first night as a guest he arrived late and asked if I could find him food. I told him the flying saucer was the only thing open given that it was a Monday holiday at midnight. The saucer was literally one block away and told me he'd give me $200 to drive me there. So I take him and one other person that was drinking at the bar and he picks up the tab. Right when we were finishing up he gave me another 200 to drive him back. So he stays there for a week and starts telling me about the prostitutes he's been picking up and calls me to his room to deliver a pint glass full of scotch which rang up to around $130. I deliver it and he wanted to introduce me to his hooker. He proceeded to tip me another $200.

Then at the end of the week his wife flew in and he made sure we had an understanding of confidentiality. Coolest old man ever.


12/18 I was screamed at because there was a blizzard and the public sidewalks weren't shovelled. Note I said public. Our property had been shovelled and salted.


13/18 One day we (the hotel) got an e-mail from a possible guest asking for a room about 2 months in the future. Nothing unusual. However, the e-mail said the following:

"I also want to inform you up front that I'm a nudist, and I like to spend as much time as possible naked (inside my hotel room). I hope this doesn't bother your employees. If they feel comfortable with it, I'd like to invite them to my room while I'm staying. Also, i have included pictures of myself so you can make yourself familiar with my physical appearance."

Lo and behold, he really sent us 2 or 3 nude photos of himself. Nothing pornographic, just a dude standing naked in his garden or his kitchen. We refused and didn't write back. Over the next few weeks he sent another 3 mails, then he stopped.


14/18 One time a woman wanted me to move guests out of the room next to hers because they were Asian and "those people smell funny". When I refused she charged at me. I put my hands on her shoulders and held her at arm's length. Then she started screaming to the other people in the lobby that I'd assaulted her and she jumped away from me and collapsed on the floor. Throwing her out was a real pleasure.


15/18 A guest called to tell us to call the city and tell them to "shut it off" because she wanted to sleep with the window open but the dam was making too much noise.


16/18 Had a nice lady book the honeymoon suite and pay for it in installments over the course of the night - each installment coming from the inside of her thigh high boots.


17/18 I own a "economy" motel in Seattle, WA. One quiet, hot summer evening, I received a call from my front desk clerk requesting me to come to hotel immediately. I stopped by the office to check in with him and all he could say was that a guy was screaming for help from the 3rd floor and was denying any police or medical attention. In fact, he was requesting we do not call them.

As I make my way up to the room, I can hear his screams getting louder. He sounded like he was in extreme pain and as though he was crying while shrieking in pain. So I pull my phone out and punch in 911 ready to press the call button if needed and approach his room cautiously.

Upon knocking, the man yells "Come in" and as I open the door, I see a 6'2'' red headed man with a body builder type built, butt ass naked with only a small hand towel to cover his penis. He was bent over from the waist and was crying as he begged me to help him.

As standard procedure, I speak with this man one foot out, one foot in the door. After a moment, his shrieking stops and he said those words I will never forget. "My ass swallowed my dildo, and I need you to pull it out"

A world full of NOPES as I stepped outside, called paramedics, and proceeded to explaining to them the situation, all while trying to calm the other guests in the building without having to explain that a ginger Vin Diesel had accidentally swallowed his dildo from the bottom up.


18/18 Worked in a motel overnight in very rural Idaho. Was asked once if we had a large chest freezer "big enough to fit a mountain lion in". Informed guest that no, we did not. Guest proceeded to haul a huge black garbage bag down the hall. He did not know that I also volunteered in the same offices as the local game warden. Warden was called, guy was arrested; mountain lions are endangered species.




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