18 Identical Twins Were Asked: 'What's The Craziest Way You've Swapped Places?'

Twins are double the diapers, double the giggles, and double the trouble.

Identical twins of Reddit were asked: "What's the craziest way which you've abused your powers of mistaken identity?" These are some of the best answers.

1/18 I had my brother go to prison for me more than once for my convictions of tax evasions and treason committed by my family's real estate company.


2/18 My brother had me go on a date with a girl he met online.


3/18 Not exactly swapping places, but my twin and I both got an awesome scholarship because of a clause that stated that twin siblings could both win the scholarship if they had similar GPAs.


4/18 My twin brother and I went to different colleges and didn't generally reveal to the friends we made that we each had a twin. One day a group of people approached me in the street, calling me by my brother's name and asking me if I would like to join them in the pub. I knew that my twin brother was already at the pub so I said I'd bet them free drinks if I beat them to the pub in a foot-race, even if I gave them a headstart. They agreed and ran off at top speed while I stood there casually checking my watch and buffing my fingernails on my lapel, only for them to arrive exhausted, and find 'me' standing at the bar, drink already in hand.


5/18 While in Iraq, I signed all my legal rights over to my brother. That give him legal rights to my bank account. When my family was in financial trouble, I gave the ok for my brother to take money out of my account. The bank refused to honor the legal document and would not let my brother take money out. Next day he went to the same bank with my passport and took the money out of my account.


6/18 My identical twin died. There are some people who knew him but did not know he was a twin. When I bump in to them accidentally they always freak out.


7/18 My twin brother was President of the class and I was Vice President our Junior Year. When it came time for after school re-election speeches for senior year, my brother completely forgot and walked home. I did my speech for Vice President, then borrowed a friend's shirt and made up a Presidential speech for him on the spot. We both won :)


8/18 My brother and I had a sequence of 10 numbers memorized, so if anyone ever asked if we were telepathic we could prove we were.


9/18 When my brother and I were about 2 years old, we went to get our passport pictures taken. My brother went first and he got his picture taken normally, but for some reason, I was being a little bitch that day and I got to the point where I was screaming to my parents that I did not want my picture taken. They were not ready to put up with another minute of my nonsense, so they got me and my brother and they switched our shirts without the cameraman noticing. So, in my place, my brother took the picture with my shirt without anyone ever finding out that he was in both pictures. To this day, I still mess with other people to try to guess which twin is which in those two pictures.


10/18 My brother went to a job interview pretending to be me. I (he) got the job, and I've been working there for just over a year now.


11/18 I was a very good little girl. Never broke the rules. Always on time. Always nice to everyone. Perhaps a little bit of a teacher's pet. So imagine my surprise when a scary-looking yard teacher grabs me by the shoulder and informs me that I'm benched for recess because I was running in the boy's bathroom. I was horrified. I shivered. I felt like I was in jail and I'd never get out. I don't remember a thing about that afternoon except one minute I'm eating a tuna sandwich and the next, I'm a 5-year-old female Jean Valjean.

A decade later, we're all going around the dinner table exchanging stories from elementary school. I mention that I'd always been curious what the inside of the boy's bathroom looked like. Then I realized I'd actually NEVER been inside the boys' bathroom, even though I had gotten in trouble for it in kindergarten. So I asked if any of the other ladies at the table if they did.

My twin sister smiles and says, "I have."


12/18 My sister and I were handed each other's picture forms on our senior year picture day in high school. We thought it might be funny to not switch them back, take each other's yearbook/school ID card pictures, and have few people know we did it. Harmless shenanigans, right?

Then one day at the end of the year, after SAT's, AP tests, and collage applications were all over, I got called into the principal's office. This had never happened to me before, and I had no idea why on earth I would be called down, since I hadn't gotten into any trouble. I get there, and my sister has already arrived, and I'm just like "oh shit."

Principal sits us down and tells us that, when cross referencing our school ID photos and the driver's licenses we provided at the SAT, College Board found a discrepancy and was investigating the possibility that we may have taken each other's tests. I hadn't even thought about that being a possibility, and all the blood went to my stomach. My sister and I freaked out, and as calmly as we could tried to explain what we thought was a harmless prank, but he kept a straight face and insisted that if there was any possibility that we had switched tests, our scores could be invalidated.

After about 10 minutes of explaining and reasoning with him about how we'd comply with any investigation but we swear we took our own tests and so on, he calmly told us it was all a joke. I felt like I was going to pass right out. He was laughing his ass off and saying things like "got you good," and reassuring us that everything was fine and that we should go back to class.

Turns out that since we have family in the school district, the principal had heard that my sister and I switched and decided it would be brilliant to make us think our futures were in danger. In his defense, it was objectively a fantastic prank, and his delivery was so level and authoritative it at no point occurred to us that College Board doesn't reference yearbook photos to confirm identities. Props to him for creativity, but what goes around comes around.


13/18 My dad is an identical twin. When he was dating my mom in college, he used to play a game with his twin. He would call my mom and part way through the conversation hand the phone off to my uncle. My uncle would see how long he could carry the conversation before he had to tap out and hand the phone off to my dad. Anyways, the first time my mom ever said "I love you" to my 'dad', she was actually talking to my uncle. My uncle faltered, and that was when my mom realized what had been happening.


14/18 Identical triplet here. I was the paper writer back in high school, while one brother took care of the sciences, and the last one helped with math tests or homework. Done it a few times in the freshmen and sophomore years. Decided to end our shenanigans in the later years for academic integrity and stuff.


15/18 I'm an identical triplet and we play a game on Halloween where you show up to the others classes randomly without notice and they have to go with it without anyone being late or missing a class. For example my brother could walk look into his math class and see me sitting there grinning at him them he has to run to w/e class I have and maybe the other brother will be there already but he dunno.


16/18 My twin brother got me a detention for his dress code violation and neglected to tell me which resulted in me almost getting suspended. In return, I failed his French test.


17/18 I was visiting my brother's college campus, where he lived in the dorm. I parked and was headed in, when a pair of female hands covered my eyes from behind. I turned around and saw a pretty blonde girl, to whom I only had a chance to say "hi" before she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. She then said, "is your brother here yet? I can't wait to meet him." To which I replied, "I think you just did." She looked confused for a couple seconds and then turned bright red. When we both got inside she beat my bro's arm for a solid five minutes. Apparently he had never told her we were twins, since they had only gone out for a few weeks at the time. They eventually got married but the way she and I met gets brought up just about every family gathering.


18/18 My brother got free drinks at my wedding, from the bar, because they were saying "the groom drinks free!". So he was scoring free mixed drinks all night.


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