18 Men Were Asked: 'What's One Misconception About Men You Want To Clear Up With Women?'

There's a lot of gender stereotyping that happens in our society these days. Guys of Reddit were asked: "What is one misconception about males you wish you could clear up with women?" Here are some of the best answers.

1. That thing jeans do when you sit down. Yeah, that's not a boner.


2. Shrinkage is a real thing!


3. Surprisingly I've met too many girls who think it's the man's responsibility to foot the restaurant bill, despite not being in a relationship. That's not right.


4. Thinking about "nothing" sometimes means "my train of thought derailed 10 minutes ago and I went from when I last had an oil change to how many miles per brontosaurus my car gets". You don't care, we're not bothering you with it, and it's so trivial and speculative that it's really just 'nothing'.


5. Sometimes, guys are just being nice for the sake of being nice, not the try to get into your pants.


6. When we say "we don't care" were not mad, we really just don't care


7. Looks attract me, personality keeps me. Yeah looks are important at the start, but being smart and being able to hold a good conversation is very important. Girls around me have this idea that being too smart is intimidating or something, and they play dumb. It's really annoying, because it's actually a huge turn off, to me anyways.


8. Its not funny to hit us in the balls. Ever.


9. Just because your sister is hotter than you, doesn't mean we'd prefer to fuck her instead of you. Don't ask us over and over again, that shit is annoying. You will just start a fight because there is no right answer to "Is she more attractive than I am?" if she is working as a model and you are selling insurance.

You can replace the word sister with the word; Friend, co-worker, mother, classmate, waitress... just get over it. You're not a model, we still love you.


10. We have feelings too.


11. Sometimes, I just want to cuddle. I'm not constantly thinking about sex. Sometimes, I just want to be the little spoon.


12. I'm not the only one who stinks up the bathroom.


13. We're not that obsessed with breast size, nor do we all prefer larger. Seriously, every time an adult woman thinks she's less attractive because of her small breasts it shocks me that no one ever told them any better.


14. That men like it when they (women) play hard to get.


15. We can't read minds. If you're not telling me, or at least making very clear hints towards something, I'm probably not going to pick up on it.


16. We're not simpletons or 'simple creatures' as I keep on seeing here, if we've done something wrong tell us about it, just don't treat us like a toddler who wrote on the walls in crayon when you tell us. If you tell us what's wrong we will get it, but if you give us just small hints and comments we will most likely let it lie because it obviously isn't important enough to you to actually bring it up.


17. We too, have our "not-in-the-mood" time.


18. It is not our responsibility to put the toilet seat back down. We lift it up when we pee, you put it down when you pee. Why is this so difficult.



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