18 Of The Creepiest Things People Have Done While Trying To Be Romantic.

You may think your SO or ex is weird but wait till you read this.

People on Reddit were asked: "What's the creepiest thing a boyfriend/girlfriend has done?" These are some of the best answers.

1/18 When I was in college, a guy took interest in me and later that week, he gave me a present: a working key to my front door. Apparently he was a locksmith and had somehow memorized the pattern on my house key when I left them on my desk. I had to change the locks on my house.


2/18 During sexytimes he clamped his mouth over my nipple, looked up at me and called me mommy. WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK.


3/18 I was dating a guy who had a "panty fetish", namely, he liked to smell women's underwear after they'd been worn. I was a little creeped out by it, but decided to give him a chance anyway. Fast forward to a few days later, he comes down from my bedroom, grinning. "I smelled your panties in the laundry and they were awesome." I started thinking how I hadn't put any of my dirty clothes upstairs, and must've looked puzzled. I asked which he smelled, and he says "the pink ones with the rainbows."

Needless to say, he had sniffed my 6 year old daughter's underwear. Strike 1, 2, and 3.


4/18 My boyfriend looks me square in the eyes and says, "So, how do you know I'm not just a really patient serial killer?"


5/18 I was 21. I had broken up with my boyfriend about 3 months or so before this shit storm you are about to read happened, and had started seeing someone new.

I came home to my parent's place after a weekend visiting my new boyfriend in another town. Waltz up to my bedroom, open the door, and am overwhelmed by the smell of roses. My room was covered in them, vases everywhere. At the same time I'm being overwhelmed by flowers, I am looking at a wall that is covered with a "tree" made out of cardboard and little green pieces of paper ripped from magazines. Thus tree is taking up my 14 foot wall. On the tree are hundreds of photos of my ex and I. It's a f*cking photo album of kissy faces with someone who I regret ever dating even before this shit.

Then I look to my desk and there's a laptop open, with a piece of paper on it saying press play. So I do.

The creeps

Its a video of the whole tree-making process done by my ex, but sped up to look cool. Then, it changes to the camera panning out slowly, to show my ex watching the video of his own creation, crying hysterically and pounding the desk. He filmed himself crying, watching the video he made of the monstrosity on my wall. I guess I should have realized how hurt he was? But instead I felt sick.

I ask my parents what the f*ck, and they said they just let him in the house even though we were broken up. They didn't care what he was doing in my room all weekend.

Then I go back in my room and I am in shock, soaking it in, wondering if I should get a restraining order or not. And he walks into my room, in his pajamas, crying. He's been hiding in the bathroom waiting for me. He tries to hug me and he's sobbing and I really thought I was gonna die.

He stalked me for three years after that. I still cringe when I think about him.


6/18 My ex apparently liked big girls. I was underweight when we started dating. Within about a month, I'd gained about 20lbs, and eventually gained 65lbs (about five months in). I was really freaked out and couldn't figure out why I was gaining so much weight. I hardly eat anything. It turned out that be was putting steroids and other things in my food and drinks to make me gain weight because I wasn't "big enough." What. The. F*ck?! Needless to say, I dumped his ass, and I'm proud to tell you all that I've lost those 65 horrific pounds and feel great!

Oh, and my boobs stayed big. I guess I should thank him for that?


7/18 My ex threw her period gunk at me once.


8/18 My husband talks in his sleep. One night I woke up to him howling. Then he sat up in bed, looked around the room and stared at me with a blank expression, something you would see in a horror movie. The next thing I knew, he had grabbed my arm and was pretending to eat it. I was pretty freaked out by this point so I asked him what he was doing. He replied, "They told me to," rolled over, and went back to sleep...on another occasion he was sleep talking and woke me up to tell me that there were "people in the corner" of our incredibly dark bedroom...


9/18 I had an ex who I broke up with while we were still living together. She didn't take the break up particularly well. Not only was she upset that I insisted that we move into separate rooms, she was bewildered as to why I thought us still sleeping in the same bed was a truly terrible idea. Twice I woke to her attempting to awkwardly position herself atop me in an effort to have sex with me in my sleep. Those times I pushed her off and screamed for her to get the **** out.

10/18 I was dating this girl for about 6 months and she could never let me be alone. She always had to know what I was doing. Right before I broke up with her I caught her looking through my window to see what I was doing. It wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't live on the 2nd floor. Bitch brought a ladder to my house yo see what I was doing in my room upstairs.


11/18 My first boyfriend. High school.

7 months into our relationship I get a call from him under the preface of "There's something I need to tell you."

What he had to tell me was this: About a year ago when he was getting into drugs or the first time, his dealer friend picked him up to go to his apartment, and for whatever fucked up reason they decided to pick up a homeless person on the side of the road. When they get to the apartment they get super fucked up and his friend - out of nowhere - pulls out a gun and shoots him in the head. My bf said that he was under the influence of so much shit that his friend convinced him to cannibalize part of the homeless guy, and he hadn't told anyone except me.

3 months later found out it was a COMPLETE lie that he told to fuck with my head because he felt I was getting distant and he wanted to make me care about him again. Oh, also he had never actually done any drugs, he was just a manipulative pathological liar.

Yeah we aren't dating anymore.


12/18 My boyfriend of the time and I were hanging out in my bedroom. My parents were home so we weren't doing much but he started teasing me and fingering me under my skirt. Something starts to feel weird and I say so. To this, he pulls a quarter out of my vag, admitting he slipped it in a second ago. He also tried to act like it wasn't a big deal.


13/18 This was something an ex-girlfriend did. I broke up with her and she wasn't ready to break up with me so she kind of started stalking me. She would call in the middle of the night and hang up, drive by my house all the time, and once I caught her parked half a block away casing my place. But that isn't the creepy part. The creepy part was a few months later I started to date this other girl. The ex would call me and scream at me that she knew I was banging another broad because she saw me at this place and that place. Still not the creepy part.

A few dates in and me and this new girl are at my duplex. We start making out and one thing leads to another... we are on the floor in my living room making sexy time. During the sexy time this new girl stops in mid moan and freezes up. I open my eyes and she is looking at me with this terrified look on her face. I look at her quizzically and she pulls my face close to hers and whispers "Someone is watching us through the mail slot." I have one of those mail slots that is just a slot in the door with a little metal flap on the outside but like a hood thing on the inside. It is dark in my house and I can't really see good but as I slowly look over I can definitely tell that there is movement and I can see a line of light from the lamp posts.

I pull out of her and quickly start to get my pants on. The lid on the mailbox shuts and I see the shadow from the screen door close. I can hear multiple foot steps running down my walkway and then a car door open and close. In a flurry I button my pants and head to the door and I hear a crash of something on the door. I fling it open and see my ex's car racing down the street with 2 of her friends with her.

There is some sort of mushy stuff all over my front door and glass all over. I flip on the lights and there is a half broken baby food jar all over my porch and green strained pea baby food all over my door. WTF? Neither she, nor her friends, have a kid at this point so she had to go to the store and pick it up....specifically for this occasion though? Was she trying to send me a message like Luca Brasi sleeps with fishes?

I end up calling her on the phone and cursing her out. She denied it but finally confessed to it in a rage. During the conversation with the ex she told me I had [a little penis. I told her that my penis size wasn't the issue.]


14/18 I woke up to the sound of a set of scissors closing. I look up to see her holding a tuft of my hair. She looks down and says, 'I'm going to keep this, so I have a bit of you with me all the time'.


15/18 I dated a girl for about 2 years or so. Meet her family and all that. Chatted to her dad once in awhile, seemed like an OK guy.

Anyways, we break up. Not really clean, but not really messy. But it happened, it is over. That was, say 6 years ago. Anyways, out of the blue sometimes her dad calls me. Most of the time, it's like "hey, what's up" and just awkward. Sometimes he crosses the line.

"My daughter misses you. She didn't tell me that, but I can see it. A father just knows. I really wish you would of impregnated her. I always felt like family with you. I really wish you would think about giving her another chance. She has such a nice body, just a great ass, amazing tits; tell me you don't miss that. Tell me you don't want to [explicit stuff here that a father shouldn't ever say about his daughter]"


16/18 Would often wake me up in the middle of the night for sexytimes. Which was awesome but eventually I asked her about it and she explained it was because I "looked like I was dead."

Apparently I sleep with my eyes open and breath reeeeally shallowly.


17/18 One girlfriend put Prozac in my cereal when I wasn't looking, called me later to see how I was doing, and because I said I was having a nice day, took credit for "straightening me out."


18/18 I had a girlfriend who would get really drunk, climb on top of me and think she was having sex with me, mind you we were fully clothed and just grind the crap out of my dick while I was in jeans and I would always be going commando, for like 5-10 minutes and just ramble the whole time. The first time it happened it was funny, so was the second time. The fifth time when she started talking about pies and dinosaurs was when it got really weird and I realized I was dating a raging alcoholic.



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