18 People Share The Biggest Lie They Ever Learned In Sex-Ed Class.

Sex ed class is a place to learn about the birds, the bees, and everything in between. But when some teachers get too scared to teach properly, or don't have the right information themselves, it can leave a whole lot of people scratching their heads.

Thanks to these awesome folks who shared the biggest falsehoods that ever graced their sex ed classes.

1/18. Female teacher told us that women didn't orgasm, and squirting wasn't a thing.


2/18. If you masturbate , hair will grow in your Palm of your hands , I was waiting for Gandalf to spawn there. Never happened.

0/10 - wouldn't masturbate again


3/18. A youth pastor once told me that masturbation was a form of gay sex. His reasoning was that straight sex involved a woman and jacking off involved no women so it must be gay.

4/18. Not as much of a lie, but they forgot to tell us that antibiotics cancel out the pill. That seems like something that would be worth mentioning to say the least.

5/18. I was taught sex ed in a Catholic school. Apart from being told to wait until marriage we were also discouraged from using condoms or other contraceptives (once becoming sexually active while married). We were told "it takes God out of sex." We were told that if we wanted to have sex with our spouse that we should use the "rhythm system" (planning around ovulation periods), which has about an 80% success rate.

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6/18. If you have sex with one person that means you're having sex with every person they've ever had sex with.

7/18. If you have sex, you shall die of AIDS and get pregnant. In that order. Even when you are male.

8/18. I was told a lie that was probably actually good.

In high school, I had one biology teacher who told us that he wasn't allowed to tell us about contraceptives and sex ed beyond abstinence only, even though he thought that was stupid. He talked with us about how stupid that rule was and let us get all riled up and indignant about the law being dumb, we have a right to know dammit, and we know more than they think we should already, etc.

Then the teacher said "dammit, if you want to have this lesson so bad, we might as well do it!" And we had a really informative class with a minimum of awkwardness because everyone was already interested and really gung ho about learning about condoms and IUD's to say "F*CK YOU" to the man.

Turns out that sex ed that includes contraceptives isn't illegal in our state (though if a teacher doesn't want to talk about it they can say whatever they want). He lied to us about it being banned so we would get all excited and pay attention and distract us from any embarrassment we had about the subject.


9/18. The birth control pill doesn't work for teenagers and young adults. Your hormones are "out of whack" which makes hormonal birth control ineffective.

That was the most insane lie.

10/18. No lies, really, because we just didn't learn anything. We had a "health" class where we did word search puzzles about how drugs were bad.

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11/18. I had my first sex-ed experience at a baptist school. sooo you can imagine some of the things we learned. a few that stick out in my mind:

- The HPV shot is for whores (holy cow did I cry in the doctors office swearing I wasn't a whore)

- Birth control is immoral

- You can't get raped if you're married

12/18. I was shocked to find out that STDs besides HIV, crabs, and warts exist. I had never heard of herpes, syphilis, etc until I was long gone from school. I turned it around. I'm a nurse in an STD/HIV clinic now. I make damn sure all my patients know what STDs are out there and how to protect themselves.

13/18. If you have unprotected sex you WILL get pregnant. You'll also get an STD even if you're both STD free.

14/18. rural Idaho here.

We were told that women don't have sex outside of marriage. If a woman has sex before marriage, no man will ever want her because she's given her heart to someone else. and the first man a woman sleeps with becomes her one true love, regardless of if he feels the same. Hence why you shouldn't have sex before marriage because then you won't have any love left for your husband.

Also, I was taught that men who have sex outside the marriage get AIDS. Then they give their wife AIDS. Then the wife gives the kids AIDS from touching their food. Then the whole family dies of AIDS because the husband cheated.

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15/18. I was taught every time you have sex with a new person you are giving away a piece of your heart that your eventual SO will not be as to have. Yes... Raised in the south.


16/18. 7th grade at Western Michigan school - sex ed teacher told us aids was started by a gay flight attendant named Gayton Dogus. Not sure if he was trolling us or had been trolled but I didn't realize for like two years what Gayton Dogus sounds like.

17/18. Went to a catholic school in Ontario and we didn't learn jack shit. Looking back on it, it infuriates me. We learned not to have sex. No one taught how to use a condom, where to get them, how to get birth control, how to safely get an abortion, how/where to get tested for STDS. I learned all that shit after high school, thank god I have a good family doctor and good parents. I've read in the paper that Ontario changed their whole sex ed system and that makes me THRILLED. Kids NEED to be taught these things in order to be safe.

18/18. That HIV gets through condoms because its so small.


Our sex ed teacher in 8th grade was our PE teacher. He held a flower in his hand and told us to pull a petal off, and that each petal represented people we had sex with outside of marriage, and on our marriage night we would give our SO an "ugly flower (missing petals or without petals)"

That made 13 year old me so mad. Didn't work because 5+ girls from our class got pregnant freshman year.


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