18 Students Share The Craziest Scandal That Happened At Their School.

Food fights and detentions aside, sometimes there's a scandal that students and teachers will forever remember.

Below are 18 stories of the craziest scandal that happened at someone's school.

1. A teacher climbed up a tree behind the History/Geography block and hid there before the morning break period. He waited until some kids went there to smoke, then jumped down on them like Batman and caught them all.


2. My best friend was caught having sex with his girl under the stairs, yet I got in trouble, since him and I were the only people of color in the school and everyone thought it was me.


3. Dunno about scandal but we had a girl got an art knife stuck in her head, another broke her neck falling from a trampoline and in my college, somebody ran in with a machete and stabbed a guy in the arm.

That's London for you.


4. One time, I caught my math teacher and my science teacher having sex. (I was homeschooled)


5. Someone wrote a (particularly realistic) story for a creative writing class written as a journal of a very deranged person who planned on going on a shooting spree at school. She rode the bus to school, accidentally left it on the bus, and the bus driver found it. No one knew it was a story, so the cops were called, and the school went into lockdown for 3 hours as pretty much my whole town's police department searched the school.

The weirdest thing is that this happened during homecoming week, on cartoon dress up day. So during this whole ordeal, I was dressed as Timmy Turner.


6. I found out that my grade 8 teacher was dating our substitute French teacher. But he wasn't just dating her he helped her leave an abusive relationship which was the cause of her dressing so conservatively for the past few months (she was a long term substitute because our french teacher got hit in the head with a soccer ball and got a concussion or something like that)


7. Pictures of twins naked with each other once circulated my school. Given to a football player who then circulated them.


8. I have some decently good ones..

-Entire swim team got suspended for making "420" symbols in newspaper and yearbook pic. Essentially, 8 or 9 of them would be standing in a line and one of them would hold up 4 finger, the next would hold up 2, and the third would hold up a zero symbol.

-Student got into a fight with another kid and used brass knuckles. The person on the losing end of the fight got a brain aneurysm and died. I was good friends with the kid and visited him in jail for a few years after. He's still locked up to this day and won't get out until he's in his 40s.

-Student got pissed off that lady at pawn shop wouldn't take his Playstation and murdered her. They caught him on camera and arrested the wrong kid and held him for 2 days until they caught the right person. I knew both kids (real killer and the falsely accused one) decently well.

-Each year a student's artwork is chosen for the back cover of the yearbook. The artist selected my year was a complete stoner and included hidden pictures of blunts, bongs, bowls, weed leaves, and other things all throughout the drawing.

-During a fight downtown (we used to walk downtown for lunch, since it was only a few blocks away), someone got stabbed in the butt and, in turn, shot the stabber in the leg with a crossbow.

-Our school superintendent recently got busted by the feds for racketeering, accepting bribes, and money laundering.

Welcome to New Jersey!


9. In elementary school i missed my bus after school somehow. The principal was a very nice older man and personally gave me a ride home, and my parents were very thankful and relieved. About a week later he murdered his wife then turned the gun on himself because he was discovered embezzling money from the school.


10. Our 6th grade teacher was on Dateline: To Catch a Predator. He was fired the day after it aired.


11. I have two for you.

A friend of my brother bought some LSD off one of the local dealers and decided to dose several students without their knowledge. The dealer went to the same school and was arrested.

The Art teacher got caught in a public bathroom with another man. He was married to one of the office admins. He was a great art teacher too.


12. Hmmm...we had a lot, but top 2:

String of a student calling in 10 or so bomb threats a day for a couple of days. He was eventually caught and expelled. Not sure if further charges.

Star football player busted for selling drugs the day before a huge playoff game, that the team would go on to lose. The person that ratted him out got all types of threats and eventually had to transfer schools after getting beat up a few times. And it was a girl getting beat up by other girls.


13. Girl I graduated with became a pornstar.


14. Ehm... one time the police came to ask my parallel class about one of the students who hadn't been to school for a few week. They thought he was involved in a arson.

An other time at the same school, an old student with no license drove a car into a bus stop where several student were waiting for the bus. One girl in my class ended up in hospital.

Now when I'm writing I remember one more incident. Same school, last year. A new girl stars in my paralell class, she is very quiet, I never heard her speak. But according do my friend she was taking heavy drugs and had moved here to go to rehab.


15. A guy was arrested for growing marijuana in the school basement, also both his parents were teachers at the same school.

Kid who was pretty right wing political wise burned down some kids from the same school house, when they refused to let him join a party. They were more left wing so they didn't agree with his political views and therefore he wasn't alllowed to join the party.

Ah good times, good times.


16. My sister's teacher was caught selling drugs to students. Good times.


17. When I was in middle school, the dean was set to speak at some game or a ceremony or something... I don't remember. Anyway, some lady hired a clown to get up on the podium and slam a cream pie in his face, midway through the speech.


To the last page for the best one yet!

18. I went to a private European high school, where entire grades generally capped out around 85 people. As such, everybody knew everybody else's business.

There was one teacher who EVERYBODY loved--he was young, hip, and handsome. He talked straight to the students, treated us like we were adults, and was funny and open. All the girls had little crushes, and most of the guys thought he was cool.

Can I make it any more obvious what happened?

Because it turns out that he was REALLY good at treating students like adults. After nearly an entire year of being engaged in a sexual relationship with a senior, someone told the administration. I was in his class on Wednesday, he came in acting completely harried and distracted, ignored our questions, and spent the entire period handing back old work and prepping us (briefly) on the final exam.

The next day he was gone. It was shocking, but not surprising. We all knew what happened (small school, remember?) and it was all anyone could talk about for days. The administration kept the whole thing very "hush-hush" and under wraps. I don't think he was even officially fired (although that may have something to do with French labor laws), but instead was asked to leave.

So whatever, right? Upsetting, but not that unbelievable. Scummy douche preys on vulnerable young girl, it's a tale as old as time.

It comes out later that she got pregnant, and her friend's parents found out and exposed the affair once she asked to borrow money for an abortion. Absolutely vile and abhorrent, but unfortunately this kind of thing seems to happen a lot.


Flash forward to 2011. My friends and I from high school keep an ongoing email thread going, to stay updated in each other's lives. One day, I get this message.

"Has anyone heard about Mr. X's book?"

What? He wrote a book? Let's google that! What do we find?

" NOVEL TITLE is the harrowing story of a popular and adored teacher at a private international high school, who becomes involved with one of his students blah blah blah IT'S THE EXACT SAME STORY"

Gross. Beyond gross. I find a copy in a bookstore and read it, and have to sit down because I'm shaking so much. (Not exaggerating.) Nothing was fiction. Everything was true to life, down to the physical description of the school. Characters were given different names or hair colors, but otherwise were drawn completely (and I mean COMPLETELY) from life. I can tell you who every single person in this book, down to the ancillary characters is meant to be. Like, he lives with this young, equally hip female teacher and they have sexual tension? My 11th grade English teacher. The blundering, blustering older teacher who addresses girls as "gorgeous" (something that Mr. X somehow thinks is just as bad as his affair? IDEK)? My 12th grade IB History professor. I've been to the bar in Paris where he and the girl first begin their flirtation, as it was a popular hangout with students. Everything is based in reality.

The only thing that's not true to life is how every single character is either obsessed with the Mr. X avatar or is an insensitive, unintelligent, jerk incapable of understanding his true Camus-like depth of existential angst. It reads like Mary Sue fanfic of what happened--where he is always justified in his actions (she seduces HIM! He's helpless before her wiles!) and everyone worthwhile adores him.

He even writes about her pregnancy and abortion. In HER voice.

That's right, he writes one third of the novel in her voice, and it is the most fawning, sycophantic thing ever. At the end, after the ignorant school psychiatrist who can never begin to understand their love leaves her alone (this is how he portrays it), adult Girl ends the novel by saying "Sometimes I still dream about him."

Horrible, horrible stuff. It gets a good review in the Times. Facebook is exploding, people can't believe his gall. I get into a couple really heated arguments with people about the line between fiction and reality. Most of us are FURIOUS that this dick has exploited this girl's pain (Oh yeah, she is NOT happy. Feels violated all over again, according to her friends) for his own literary advancement. I see it under OUR PICKS selections in bookshops, and I get all rage-y and roily. But what can you do?

APPARENTLY SOMETHING. About six months after this all happens, my roommate (who knows the situation) says, "I think you should check Jezebel.com". I go, and the top story is an expose of this creep. This girl's best friend from high school, like a Valkyrie avenging her wronged friend, contacted a journalist who launched an investigation and revealed that his fictional novel was anything but. The Amazon review page is now nothing but accounts of this guy's lies, and one of the first hits when you google his name is this Jezebel article. Justice is tasty.



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