12 Teachers Reveal The Craziest Thing Said To Them By A Parent.

3 months ago, Knowable featured the article 10 Teachers Reveal The Most Ridiculous Things Said To Them By Parents. It was such a hit, we've come back with some more. Enjoy!

Thank you to all the teachers who contributed their stories.

1. "I pay 12,000 dollars a year for him to go to this school. That is enough reason for you to increase his grade."

2. Had a parent call and ask, in complete seriousness, if we could cancel the Homecoming dance because of her freshman son.

Not because her son was sad that he had no friends to go with. She wanted us to cancel the dance because her son hated dances, and was upset that all his friends wanted to go to Homecoming instead of spending Saturday night with him.

3. I had a parent contact me with a question about their child's grades.
If you're wondering why that's so crazy, I was a TA in undergrad physics lab.

4. "So teach him better manners!"
Do I look like a parent to you?

5. I'm a high school math teacher. About 12 years ago in February I gave my students (freshmen) an optional assignment where they could write a two page report on a historical black mathematician. I even gave them a list of about 45 to choose from.

One kid turned his in and it was clearly copied & pasted. His lone source was "Yahoo!" written in pen in the margins. The links from the web page he copied & pasted were even still underlined on his paper. I had already had a few mild run-ins with his mom, so before calling her I got a counselor to witness the call on speakerphone. I called his mom to explain the situation and to let her know that I would have to write him up for plagiarism. Her response: "Well you didn't say in the directions he couldn't plagiarize."

6. "I don't understand why he's acting up in school. He's got the house to himself."

This 8th grade kid had been expelled from the district for 2 years previously. Turns out mom lived with her boyfriend in another town. The kid literally had the house to himself.

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7. My 10-year-old student whispered to a 7-year-old girl "suck my dick."

I told the mother about the situation and was trying to come up with ways to handle it in the program with her involved. Her reply was "it's not a big deal, he's just being a boy". That was one of 3 incidents for the day.

8. I used to teach ESL in Korea. Had a parent call to request we keep the shades drawn all hours of the day as she was worried the sunlight coming through the windows was making her child's skin "darker than the other children's."

9. I'm not a teacher but I work at a daycare. We had a 6-year-old girl come on boasting about her lice she has. We called the mom to come get her because no trace of lice can be found before they can attend the after school program. When the mom came to pick her up she said to her daughter, "the one rule was for you NOT to tell them you had lice"

10. I once had a student in my daycare class tell me about how he "drank bleach" to whiten his teeth. Of course, to me, that was concerning so I voiced my concern to his mother.

She just rolled her eyes at me and said, "He doesn't /drink/ it. He just swishes it. I watch him. It's not like I would let him swallow it. What kind of a parent do you think I am?!?"

11. We showed a mother CCTV footage of her son stealing a teachers wallet. The mother said that we had "used our digital editing department to superimpose her son's head onto another students body". We didn't even have a library, let alone a digital editing department.

12. I had a parent teacher conference for a student that was acting out. Parents were not together and DESPISED eachother. Dad made it top priority to come early and let me know that his child was a one night stand baby, mom was a drug addict, and that he conceived a child with the devil.


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