18 Times People Had 'No Idea' How To Use Quotation Marks.

When quotation marks are put where they don't belong, hilarity often ensues.

Here are just a "handful" of examples.

1. When this menu threw everything you knew about breakfast into question.

2. When this street art left Christians wondering who it is they've been worshipping this whole time.

3. When the BBC convinced devastated Harry Potter fans that Alan Rickman's death was all a big hoax.

4. When this sign left patrons confused as to what they should really be doing down there.

5. When this door was just asking for it.

6. When this sign's sole purpose was to troll shoppers.

7. When this booklet completely demoralized its reader.

8. When this shit-show happened.

9. When this ruler got all philosophical about selfhood.

10. When this store tried to frame its shoppers for theft.

11. When this ham's freshness was totally debatable.

12. When this paper towel dispenser encouraged bad hygiene in the workplace.

13. When Dona Maria Mexican Cafe had suspicious plans for the holidays.

14. When this Facebook post wished one hundred years upon someone, but who we're not too sure.

15. When this sign left us feeling slightly uncomfortable.

16. When this caution sign was totally emasculating.

17. When this flour tortilla quickly became a mystery.

18. And finally, when this person was put in their rightful place.


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