18 Women Who Use Tinder Explain What They're Actually Looking For.

Swipe left? Swipe right?

Women who use Tinder were asked on Reddit: "What are you actually looking for?" These are some of the best answers.

1/18 I was on a business trip in Singapore for 3 1/2 weeks. A few days before I had to leave I signed up for Tinder because I wanted to meet some new people who could show me around the city.

It worked out pretty well. I went out and explored the city twice with a nice, good looking guy before I left the country.


2/18 People over 6 foot apparently.


3/18 My friends and I decided we wanted to make a dick-a-day calendar for a friend who is getting married so we trolled it for dick pics. I ended up with a boyfriend instead.


4/18 I am looking for a normal guy to date and see if it can turn into something. Maybe he won't work, maybe he will become my best friend, only a regular sex friend, a boyfriend for a while, my future husband... who knows?

I know it can seem pretty weird but since there are normal girls like me on Tinder, that just don't have the time and/or opportunity to meet new people, I guess there are normal guys on Tinder too.


5/18 I used Tinder during my summer abroad to practice my French with locals in Paris. I never met up with any of them though, because that's how people get Taken.


6/18 I just really like swiping.


7/18 I was on there for a while, at first just liked flirting with strangers but did meet a handful, I wasn't really in to any but we had a laugh on our dates. I didn't really take it too seriously.

Eventually I met up with this guy and he turned out to be exactly my type of guy, a good looking, intelligent, curly haired comedian. He was really easy to talk to, everything about him was interesting and we talked about stuff for hours, but afterwards the texts dropped off pretty quickly.

After that I realized that you might have a large selection of people to choose from but so do they, and the likelihood that if you do decide you like someone that they will choose you back is low. So I got rid of it.


8/18 I used it in my last semester of college mostly to meet people and casually date since I was going to be leaving soon. That was six months ago and I've been with my boyfriend I met on it ever since. So it goes.


9/18 The love of an emotionally distant father.


10/18 A guy who actually looks like his pictures and can carry his end of the conversation. Amazing how rare that is.


11/18 A mutually invested individual that may or may not evolve into something interesting.

I feel like the majority of the people who quip about it being an app strictly for fucking are basing it entirely on anecdotal circle jerk nonsense and have never actually used it.

For all of those suggesting OkCupid or POF you've clearly not been on the online scene for too long. POF is just as trashy (if not more so) and OkCupid is a waste of time DEPENDING on where you live. For me, it's a total waste of time.

Tinder is ideal because you don't talk to someone unless you're mutually interested. POF and OkCupid remind me of being out at a bar and constantly being drooled on by sleazy men who think "no" just means "buy me another drink and then maybe."


12/18 My honest answer: I don't really know

Swiping is the fun part. It just feels good to see that there's so many guys out there (I recently ended a long term relationship) and it's fun matching with really hot guys. Messaging is fun, but I usually stop replying simply because I don't have notifications on and I only check the app every couple weeks. I've never met a guy from tinder before.... I often intend to but then something comes up and I don't. I just have a hard time prioritizing texting somebody I've never even met before.


13/18 For me it was a great experience. I was wary at first but after a bunch of my friends met their partners through it, I decided to try it out. I wanted sex but at the same time if I found a guy with whom I clicked and wanted a relationship, that was just icing on the cake (and I was very open about that). I liked the security of the app in that I didn't get unsolicited messages and if I didn't feel like a match was going to go further than a cursory exchange of pleasantries I could unmatch and not talk to them again.

It also forced me out of my comfort zone (meeting new people, spontaneity, helping build my confidence) and also gave me better small-talk skills, something at which I used to fail.

I wound up meeting a wonderful guy and am really happy - all thanks to Tinder.


14/18 Anything, really.

Which sounds super open-ended, but I started out looking for a relationship, realized 2 days in that it probably wasn't going to happen, and broadened my horizons. I just go along with whatever happens, be it friendship or hookups or whatever.

I actually have a friends-with-benefits type situation going on right now with a guy I met off of Tinder; I didn't see myself ever doing it, but it's definitely a lot of fun.


15/18 Someone cool to hang out with and see if it turns into something. I've actually hung out with like 4 guys, 2 were duds, and 2 are amazing. Went on 1 date with each and have 2nd dates set up with each. I have no idea what to do if both of the second dates go well...


16/18 Someone willing to lie about the circumstances of their meeting.


17/18 At first I was there to legitimately find someone to go on dates with, but now it's mostly become a way to collect entertaining and outrageous pick-up lines.

Best so far: "I would bury my dick so deep in you, whosoever pulleth it out would be named King of England."


18/18 Attention usually.



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