19 People Share The Most Awkward Thing They Witness During A Presentation.

Public speaking is one of the most common phobias to have, but is it really as bad as people make it out to be. After reading this list of the funniest things people have seen during a presentation, you might answer with a resounding "YES!"

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1/19. Back in high school speech class we were supposed to give a 'humorous' speech, and I fucking killed it -- everyone was laughing uproariously, and I was ready to double down on a career in comedy. Until I realized my jeans had been unzipped and displaying my tighty-whities the whole damn time.

(I was not able to play it off as 'part of the act,' unfortunately)


2/19. Back in college, about 3 years ago, one of my fellow students was giving a presentation to our class of about 25 people. To be honest, I don't really remember what his speech was about, but he had a short video clip to support his argument at the end.

With the Professor's laptop and projector set up at the front of the room, the student inserts his USB Flash drive. He proceeds to click "Play" and walks to go to dim the classroom lights for maximum visibility. He wanted to make sure there was no glare for students in the back of the room.

The movie starts and slowly fades from black...

Then it begins. Moaning...

A naked girl is on the screen pleasuring herself.

The presenter now realizes he just clicked on the WRONG FILE and scurries to the computer to quickly shutdown the video simultaneously saying "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God" about 17 times. I remembered looking around and everyone was in complete shock as to what was happening. The presenter finally gets the movie to close out and doesn't say a word as he heads straight to his desk in embarrassment.

The class uproars in laughter and the Professor, an elderly man in his 70's, who hadn't said a thing as this unfolded, now chuckles and says, "I need a copy of that after class!"


3/19. This story isn't flashy, but it stands out in my memory as a titan of awkward presentation moments...

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In high school I was friends with this really sweet, but extremely uptight girl, Ziying. She was normally the non-confrontational type, but she had a tendency toward emotional breakdowns.

The presentation was for our Religions class, and we'd been randomly assigned groups. She got stuck with a bunch 'cool' kids who weren't known to be the best students in class. I don't know what really happened outside of class with their project, but it would seem that the other kids didn't help her with the presentation.

The first few presentations were done, and Ziying's group went to the front. Ziying was holding this sad little poster board with cut out text and graphs and pictures glued to it, and all the other group members are sort of standing around with their hands in their pockets. They proceed to take turns reading sentences off the board. After they'd all read, Ziying started talking.

She got about two sentences in to her portion, and then started crying, and saying she'd barely slept because her group members had ditched her with all the work. The room went that horrible quiet the way it does when people cry in class. The teacher gave her some words of encouragement to try to finish the presentation. A girl in the group standing behind Ziying started to cry too.

I think the other girl crying strengthened Ziying's resolve a little, because she started the presentation again. Except she only got a few more sentences in before she stopped, and started crying again about how everybody thinks she's a pushover and her parents work all the time so she has to look after her brother. At this point, I think our teacher just didn't even know how to end it. After a few more seconds of silence, Ziying started the presentation again. It was madness. She would cry for a bit, then she would talk about Judaism or whatever, then she'd be crying again. I don't even remember how many times she started and stopped, but in my mind it feels like I spent years there.


4/19. I had a friend in High School that was finishing up an english paper during a study hall, the period before it was due. He finished it up and left to go to the bathroom, then came back and printed it out.

Unbeknownst to him, this other guy changed the final sentence of the paper while he was in the bathroom. The final sentence ended up being something like "And that's why I like anal sex."

The teacher commented on it saying he had "one hell of a clincher" in his paper.


5/19. In one presentation the video was of the dude presenting, jerking off whilst wearing the undergarments of a lady.


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6/19. The night before I gave a presentation, my ex changed the background on my computer to a nude picture of herself in a sexy pose and shut down my computer. So, I go into the class, hook up the projector and start up my computer. Up pops the picture of her fully exposed on screen for the entire class to see. Oh, I forgot to mention. She was in the class and sitting in the front row.

She thought I did it on purpose.


7/19. In my aircraft performance class a kid was giving a presentation of some early jet and mentioning how the ejector seat would malfunction and activate when it wasn't supposed to, but his words came out

"the ejaculation seat had a problem of going off prematurely".


8/19. We did Powerpoints for a class once and we had to hook our own laptops up because the room had a portable projector but no computer. This one guy who rarely bathed and was usually lecherous plugged his in and his desktop was an anime pic of a naked purpled-haired girl (who looked pretty underaged). Totally unfazed, he took his sweet time finding the right folder while giving the "Ladies..." look.

He later was expelled for having hidden a camera in the shower room in his dorm and recording girls in there.


9/19. In a high school senior level government class, we were tasked to find a political cartoon, research it, and present it to the class. This cheerleader found some incredibly offensive cartoon from www.nazi_monthly.com or some equally horrible site.

Their cartoon depicted two armed guards standing under an "Auschwitz" sign having some horrible conversation. I can't remember exactly but it involved the cost of ovens and bullets or something... Anyway, she gave a 10 min presentation on how it was a political commentary on global warming because there were smokestacks in the background. It was unbelievable the teacher didn't stop her mid presentation. I had the pleasure of following that train wreck...


10/19. It was freshman or sophomore year of high school, and we were working on our projects in the computer lab. It was a group project in which we were assigned a particular decade; our task was to describe the historical events, culture, literature, popular activities and trends of the time period...

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A high school computer lab is a place of merrymaking, hijinks and general work avoidance. Ours was no different. A group had left their Powerpoint open, but was in another part of the room for some reason. A mischievous fellow from a different group leaned over, making sure everybody could see him, highlighted some text on a slide, and changed it to "gay." Ha, ha. It was trolling of little effort and maturity, easily undone by a CTRL-Z. I resumed work on our project and forgot about it for several weeks.

The time came to give the presentations, and we stood before the grouped US History classes. Perhaps 60 students were crammed into a double-size classroom. We all marched up and took our turns presenting to the class. The 1890's, 1900's, and 1910's went smoothly, albiet with plenty of stuttering, slide-reading and aversion to eye contact that accompany high school freshmen as they present.

Then came the 1920's. Their slideshow was great - loaded pictures of flappers and stock market charts. A quiet, studious Indian kid was presenting the culture section. He flicked to the first slide, Literature, and competently discussed Hemingway, Proust and "The Great Gatsby." Then he moved to the next slide, Music.

The slide contained a single sentence, stark black-and-white Times New Roman: "The music of the 1920's was gay."

For just a second, he hesitated. His eyes widened. This was unexpected.

Then, in an incredibly deft piece of live patter, he covered it! He launched into a spiel about how the mood of the 1920's was festive and bright, leading to a gay and happy musical trend. He even explained that the reason the slide was blank was that it was supposed to have jazz music playing - but the school computer couldn't handle the file! Everybody believed him.

I will never forget the kid who didn't catch an entire slide had been changed to the word "gay," but was brilliant enough to convince everybody he meant for it to be that way.


11/19. Last few days of chemistry class, and we had to give individual ten minute presentations on something chemistry-related, no doubt. In the lunch break between, my friends decide they want to smoke out in their car. I'd already finished my presentation, so I decide to join them.

I go back to class, not knowing that one of those guys was up next. If it's not completely obvious that he's baked out of his mind, he makes it so by stopping mid-sentence every two minutes or so to stare longingly into the light of the projector, and then letting out a giggle after every observation.

He aced the presentation.


12/19. Back in high school my World History teacher was the football coach. We were doing a presentation on a smart board when an IM pops up from another teacher saying she caught one of the football players watching porn in her class...

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My teacher doesn't reply so she then goes onto send multiple messages within a minute, where she starts describing the scene. My teacher finally gets to the computer and says "STOP SENDING THESE MESSAGES. I'M DOING A PRESENTATION AND MY ENTIRE CLASS CAN SEE THE CONVERSATION."


13/19. My IT teacher in secondary school had a programme that would allow him to look at and control any computer in the class from his own.

He was doing this one day when we were supposed to be working on some project but he was showing his screen to everyone via a projector that was aimed at a large screen above his desk, thus allowing everyone to see what other people were doing, but in a joking way.

He was going through everyone's computer until he came to mine where I (having anticipated his arrival onto my computer) had, in fullscreen, a picture of a foot that had been torn up so the Achille's tendon and bone etc were showing. One girl cried.


14/19. Guy in my class was giving a presentation and there was a video playing. It was some boring presentation about transistors, but half way through it there suddenly popped up a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger posing nude with his hips pushed outwards and his penis was censored by a machine gun. The guy had no idea what was going on.

Also at the end of the presentation there was a Samurai who stabbed himself repeatedly in the stomach. That was one hell of a presentation.


15/19. This happened to my mom because she borrowed my dad's flash drive, and he had a bunch of porn on it apparently. During a presentation in nursing school, in front of about 75 people porn started popping up. My mom was crying when she got home, I felt bad.


16/19. Professor had his wife (both late 60s) in a provocative pose as his desktop. Not nude but seeing a 60 year old woman in bed holding bedsheets over her privates was a bit creepy and weirdly arousing.


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17/19. A girl was doing a presentation on Holodomor (Ukrainian famine in the 1930s). She had a infographic that she had downloaded from somewhere, but she had not read the entire graphic.

It turns out that she got the graphic from an antisemitic website, and the graphic was basically blaming the famine on Jews. It just had a couple of facts that she noticed and wanted in the presentation, and she didn't bother to read the rest. The professor was Jewish, so he flipped out.

She left the room in tears once he was done screaming at her. I didn't see her again. I don't think she passed.


18/19. I was in a car accident on the way to giving a presentation in class. I felt good enough to decline an ambulance ride and I didn't want to deal with rescheduling the presentation, but my head didn't feel quite right. Fast forward an hour, I'm in the middle of my speech in front of the class when I start leaking brain juice out of my nose. It literally filled my cupped hands with clear fluid and I just stood there not knowing what to do before stammering "I had an accident".

I'll never forget the looks of horror.


19/19. A kid in one of my human resource classes cited The Onion during a presentation...


Bonus: I should not be reading these an hour before I present a project. Now I'm worried all of these things are going to happen simultaneously.



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