19 Surprising Things Most People Don’t Know About American Hustle.

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2/19 Amy Adams revealed after the film's premiere that she didn't enjoy her time filming the movie. She confessed that director David O. Russell shouted so much abuse at her on set that she often went home feeling like crying.

3/19 Robert De Niro remains uncredited for his role on this film. Cameos of this nature are meant to be somewhat of a surprise cameo, not a real official role. Studio executives often don't want the audience to know that such a famous or esteemed actor is in the movie until they actually see it, making the appearance more of an enjoyable surprise.

4/19 The term "hustle" has no direct translation in many other languages so the studio approved the following alternative titles for international distribution: American Bluff (France), American Scandal (Argentina), American Scam (Quebec), American Sting (Portugal), and American Dream (Israel).

5/19 Despite being a comedy-crime film, American Hustle has over 200 visual effect shots in the final cut. Most of these were for removing modern cars, buildings, and advertisements on location that shouldn't have been around in the late 1970s.

6/19 Christian Bale was initially cast as Irving Rosefeld but due to scheduling conflicts with another film dropped out. He was replaced by Bradley Cooper, with Jeremy Renner taking over Bradley's role Richie DiMaso. Eventually Bale's schedule cleared up and he rejoined the project. Cooper became DiMaso again and David O. Russell created the character of Carmine Polito for Renner.

7/19 This is the second consecutive film directed by David O. Russell, after Silver Linings Playbook the year before, to be nominated for Academy Awards in all four acting categories and all five major categories (Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Screenplay). Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper were both nominated for acting awards in each film.

8/19 In the early 1980s, French director Louis Malle was set to direct Moon Over Miami, a film version of the Abscam story written by John Guare. Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi were supposed to star in the film but Belushi's death in early 1982 resulted in the film being axed.

9/19 Jennifer Lawrence loved to snack on Doritos chips between takes but her cheesy fingers would stain her costume, causing her to ruin several dresses. The wardrobe department eventually made several duplicate dresses for her to use throughout the production so she would always have a clean one to wear before her next scene or take.

10/19 Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence completely improvised their bedroom fight scene after struggling to connect with the version in the script. Director David O. Russell gave them permission to say whatever they wanted and their version made the final cut of the movie.

11/19 The Sony Pictures Entertainment hack in 2014 revealed that Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence made less money than their male co-stars Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale, despite having the equivalent time on screen, equal character significance, and similar status of fame with fans. Jennifer Lawrence later detailed her experience and feelings in an essay for Lena Dunham's publication Lenny Letter.

12/19 According to Louis C.K. the ice fishing story his character tells over the course of the film was improvised on set. He did eventually finish the story but the ending was cut from the film in the end. He disclosed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that the story ends with his character's brother defecating on the ice.

13/19 In October 2014 science writer Paul Brodeur filed a lawsuit against Columbia Pictures over a line in the film where Rosalyn tells Irving that microwave ovens take nutrition out of food, something she had learned from an article by Brodeur. In real life Brodeur had written books, including The Zapping of America about the dangers of microwave radiation, but never specifically mentioned that the process alters the food's nutritional value.

14/19 Director David O. Russell was incredibly lenient regarding actors improvising lines or deviating from the script. Fearing the consequences in terms of plot continuity, Christian Bale asked him if their behaviour was alright. Russell replied, "Christian, I hate pot. I am all about characters, that's it."

15/19 Despite being a comedy-crime film, American Hustle has over 200 visual effect shots in the final cut. Most of these were for removing modern cars, buildings, and advertisements on location that shouldn't have been around in the late 1970s.

16/19 Robert De Niro didn't recognize Christian Bale on their first day on set, even after they were introduced to each other. De Niro pulled director David O. Russell aside and asked who Bale was. Once Russell had convinced him that Bale was indeed Bale, De Niro complimented his transformation say, "Wow, he looks really different." He then asked to be re-introduced to Bale.

17/19 The film is a fictionalized account of the ABSCAM sting operation that took place in the 1970s and 80s to investigate stolen property and art. The FBI employed convicted conman Melvin Weinberg and girlfriend Evelyn Knight, who both faced a prison sentence unless they cooperated with the authorities. The two helped FBI agents pose as fictional Arab sheiks and videotaped politicians accepting bribes from a fake Arabian country in return for political favours. Seven congressmen and one US senator were convicted.

18/19 American Hustle was nominated for 10 Academy Awards but didn't win any. It is tied with Gangs of New York and True Grit for second-highest number of Academy Award nominations but no wins. It is the third movie to be nominated for an Academy Award in all four acting categories without winning any of them, joining My Man Godfrey and Sunset Boulevard.

19/19 Bale underwent a huge physical transformation to become Irving Rosenfeld. He said his physique reminding him of a Buddha statue, and that some actors on the set would rub his belly for luck. Even some extras, who were complete strangers, saw other actors on set doing so and would also rub his belly.


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