19 Times People Laughed When They Really Shouldn't Have. Oh God Why?

The best and worst part about laughing is that it's involuntary. We make this weird sound and have a visceral, physical reaction to things that we find funny, or just to being nervous. Things get awkward when the context demands seriousness.

Here are nineteen times people laughed when they really shouldn't have.

Don't worry, you're allowed to laugh at these...

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1/19. My teacher showed us a picture of Hitler and I laughed because I thought it was Charlie Chaplin.


2/19. We'd just laid my uncle to rest and had a little silent moment on his grave. Cue ice cream truck.


3/19. My dad comes downstairs and tells my brother that it smells like weed. My brother inappropriately says "I don't go upstairs and tell you your shit smells like shit so don't come downstairs and tell me my weed smells like weed."

My friend and I laughed to tears.


4/19. My grandfather was a musician and at every family gathering, he'd get all the grandkids and honorary grandkids together for "How much is that doggy in the Window?" At the end of each line, it was our job to bark and at the end of each verse, we were supposed to howl. This happened everytime without fail.

When he lost his battle to cancer, my uncle picked up his guitar at the funeral and gathered all the grandkids and started it up. So you had a bunch of sobbing kids, aged 10-35, barking and howling in the middle of a cemetery, amidst a crowd of mourners, trying and failing not to laugh.

We were devastated and hurting and knew we shouldn't be laughing, but it was too comical not to. It was also exactly what he would've wanted.


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5/19. Back in middle school, I loved to sing and was selected for all-district chorus. There were about 100-150 of us jammed up on small risers. About halfway through the sold-out concert, a girl slowly walks down the risers, sits in one of the front row seats for about five seconds and then....PROJECTILE VOMITS everywhere. All of us singers and everyone in the audience were in disbelief.

That's when my friend leans over to me and says, "She must have really hated that song." So there's about 500 people in the crowd, 150 singers completely silent, and then there's me, laughing my ass off. It happened 10 years ago, but I remember it like it just happened yesterday.


6/19. A few years ago I went to wife's great aunt's funeral. I had never even met the lady so I'm sitting there on the pew just hoping it wouldnt be a long funeral. Well, they had a four person choir standing in the corner and they started singing some hymn and the pitch was way too high for one of the guys in the choir. I started shaking violently trying to control my laughter. Dude's face was straining, turning blood red, just like a cartoon character. Tears are welling up in my eyes and my wife gently elbowed me to stop it.

Just then, this old lady sitting behind us (had to be 90) patted me on the shoulder with a white gloved hand, handed me a tissue and whispered, "You were very close to her, weren't you dear?" Thought I was going to explode! My wife and I still laugh about it today.


7/19. I was at a comedy show (this was probably ten or fifteen years ago) and the comedian really sucked. He was playing a guitar and singing "funny songs," but he was just awful.

One of the drunk audience members started heckling the comedian, who responded in kind. It became one of those situations that was really awkward and everyone was super uncomfortable.

Eventually, the comedian said something that set the heckler off, and he rushed the stage. The comedian grabbed his guitar by the neck and swung it like a battle axe into the heckler's head. The heckler went down like a sack of bricks, and the comedian gave him a couple more wallops for good measure.

The entire club was draped in shocked silence, except for the sound of me laughing harder than I'd ever laughed in my life. My eyes were watering and I couldn't breathe, I was laughing so hard. I still don't know why, and my then-girlfriend was incredibly pissed.


8/19. When my mother broke the news to me that a close family friend of ours had lost his battle with cancer.

On the inside I was crying, but on the outside I just could not stop giggling and smiling. I was absolutely horrified with myself. I apologized and told her I didn't understand why I was doing this.

Luckily she was a Psychology major and assured me that its a weird reaction to stress and she knew that I wasn't at all happy with the circumstance.

We miss you, John!


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9/19. The first time I had my annual women's exam I was nervous as hell. The nurse gave me the hospital gown and a paper to put over my legs. I stripped down, put the gown on and sat on the table with that paper on my legs. The doctor came in (I'd never met her) and went through some questions, then she asked me to put my legs in the stirrups.

I did, and she started the exam, but kept getting the paper in her face and fuming around with it and kind of sputtering trying to blow it out of her face. I was trying so hard not to laugh... She put the speculum in (holds open the doors) and goes for a looksee and gets the paper in the face and starts swatting it and sputtering again.

I laughed so hard and abruptly the specum shot out, which only made me laugh harder. Took me a while to get my composition back.


10/19. Grandfather's funeral. My brother and I were sitting second row. I'm not religious, so I don't know what happened but the priest was swinging that ball thing that had smoke or vapor running out of it.

Brother turns to me and says: "We get it, bro. You vape." I burst out laughing but try to hold it in. I'm pretty sure everyone thought I was crying which was appropriate but nope.

I still laugh about it to this day.


11/19. I was playing coed volleyball and a girl got drilled in the face by a spike when she wasn't paying attention (it was between games and some guys were hitting on the other side of the court from her). She was in the middle of a sentence and got stopped midword by a ball that hit her square between the eyes. Her head snapped back so fast it looked like it was going to come off. I laughed so hard I almost peed and had to excuse myself to the bathroom.


12/19. My brother's funeral.

He passed away unexpectedly when I was 17. At the viewing before the funeral service, my parents had placed things that meant a lot to him around the casket. So there was his letterman's jacket, his football helmet, other various sports stuff, and a little stuffed gorilla with a Penn State Jersey holding a Penn State pennant in one hand.

The thing about the gorilla is that when you squeezed his paw, he danced and waved the pennant and played a song.

So my other brothers and I deal with things through humor. And one of my aunts that was there was stoned out of her mind the entire time. So we decided to have some fun.

Just as everyone was being seated and waiting for the service to begin, one of my brothers told my aunt that the gorilla was really special and that she should go squeeze it's paw.

And then in the middle of a silent church, we hear the "hey song" coming from the casket. Everyone looks over to see the little Penn State gorilla dancing and waving his pennant next to the casket.

It was the perfect way to start the funeral. My other brothers and I laughed uncontrollably for a solid 5 minutes. My mom and dad laughed a little bit too.


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13/19. Let me set the stage for you. I was a correctional officer in a state-level prison, my job involved searching a lot of inmates, on a daily basis, for various reasons. One day in particular, we were ordered to strip search all the inmate workers as they left the kitchen. We have a little room on the way out of the kitchen with a curtain on its side for exactly this reason. So myself and my partner (Always have to have 2 officers for a strip search) are in the little room, strip searching inmates one at a time. My corporal is out in the kitchen, watching the rest of the inmates, making sure they don't do anything crazy before they get searched.

Most of the searches go ok, just normal, awkward strip searches (Show me your armpits, belly button, under your balls, squat and cough, etc), with me and my partner being as professional as we can; It sucks having to see grown men get naked, so all you can really do is keep your calm demeanor and get on with it.

In comes inmate "Bob", let's call him. Bob is an old timer, already done at least 10 years in prison, so he's probably been strip searched more times than anyone can count. Bob is a very large black man; over 6 feet tall, and quite a bit of excessive blubber. He definitely ate well during his time in prison. Anyways, Bob gets into the room with me and my partner, removes all his clothing, which we search and set aside, and then we're ready to conduct the search on him. Instead of going through the normal routine, he grins and yells unintelligibly (Think "Wheeeeee! Buggabuggabuggabugga"), and starts dancing around, flailing his arms. Imagine a naked man doing the "Cotton Eye'd Joe" while spinning in circles and fistpumping. This man is having a great time jumping around, flab is flopping everywhere, and me and my partner lose it. Laughing our asses off, very, very audibly.

Of course, the other inmates still in the kitchen, and my corporal, have no idea what the context is; All they know is that two cops are laughing hysterically while they're conducting a fully naked search of an inmate. My corporal finally stuck his head in the door to inquire what was wrong with us, by which point Inmate Bob had stopped his routine, and the two of us were just catching our breath and wiping tears from our eyes.

That corporal probably still thinks we're disgusting perverts.


14/19. Somehow ended up going to an Oprah show at Madison Square Garden and she had all of the 9/11 orphans as guests. So they're all up on stage at one point singing the national anthem and the lady sitting in front of us farts in a way that sounded exactly like a whoopee cushion. Just so loud and disgusting.

My sister and I were choking back laughter and tears as we received dirty looks from everyone around us. I know, I know farts aren't funny. Except they ARE.


15/19. My best friends dad passed away from a a long fight with brain cancer and while at his funeral, the mother of the deceased fell asleep during the service. I mean wide-mouthed, head bobbing, just out cold. I nudged my friend and the whole family was in stiches though trying to be silent. Luckily we were in the first row and nobody could tell that we were laughing our asses off. I heard someone comment later that the family seemed to be taking it really hard. I'm glad they thought we were crying instead.


16/19. Another funeral story. My grandfather's funeral was on a beautiful sunny day in April. As his casket is being lowered into the ground, my grandmother turns to me and sadly says "I'm so glad it's a nice day, he hasn't been outside in WEEKS!!". This was both so brilliant and unexpected that I couldn't stop laughing, even as my mother pinched my arm really hard to be quiet.

When I later told my parents what dear old Granny had said, my mom apologized for the pinch and they laughed their fool heads off too.


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17/19. When I was a medical intern rotating OB/GYN I was assisting the attending OB/GYN physician in delivering a baby. As the baby was crowning the soon-to-be-newborn's head was compressing the woman's bladder; and as she pushed she started to urinate. It was a high pressure stream of yellow fluid (picture a super soaker) aiming directly at the face of the OB/GYN.

The urine got the face mask of the attending OB/GYN wet and she started yelling to the Circulator (unsterile team member in the OR/Delivery room; who basically is a voice operated set of extra, unsterile hands) to get her face mask off. As she yelled hysterically I saw the surrealness of the situation and I couldn't control my laughter.

Then the OB/GYN ran off to wash her face and I had to finish delivering that baby myself.


18/19. I'm about 13 in this story. Me, my parents and my sister a driving down from a ski resort in Andorra, in a complete and total blizzard. I'm talking can't see the bonnet or wing mirrors through the windscreen.

We're driving down because with the heavy snow, we were (rightly, as it happened) concerned about getting stranded and missing our flight, so we left that evening.

So we're inching our way down this mountain road in a Rover 25 with no snow chains, snow tyres, or anything remotely appropriate for driving in these conditions. We're barely driving, more engaging in a series of barely controlled skids.

My mum mutters "Wow, it's really snowing hard!", to which my sister replies, under her breath "no shit, Sherlock".

And I utterly lost it. There's my dad, trying desperately to avoid plunging all of us to a fiery death in a blizzard, and me (and then my sister) barely holding in peals of laughter in the back.

My parents were not amused.


19/19. There was a "no smoking" sign on the wall inside the crematorium...


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