19 Totally Real Scholarships That Sound Like Pure BS.

Every year the best students compete with each other for exclusive and high-paying scholarships. But what if there was a better approach?

Here is a list of scholarships that might fly under the radar due to their... shall we say... unconventional nature. Just try to fit these criteria.

1. Optimist International Scholarships

There is an organization that promotes optimimism, and they want to help put people through college. If you think you won't get this award, then you're probably right.


2. The Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship for Parapsychology

Parapsychology is the study of the paranormal such as telepathy, apparitions, telekinesis, and psychic phenomena. If you plan on getting a degree at a certified institution, then download the forms now. You knew I was going to say that, didn't you?


3. Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest.

To win this award students are required to create their own prom dress or suit OUT OF DUCT TAPE. The results are surprisingly amazing.


4. National Potato Council Scholarship

Do you love potatoes and potato accessories? Chips, stew, poutine? Well, if you plan to dedicate your career to the advancement of these carby treats then be sure to reach out to the National Potato Council. Don't be afraid to fry.


5. Asparagus Club Scholarship Fund

I assumed the Asparagus Club was a super food group of vegetable-based action heroes. It's not... but if you're into the future of the grocer industry then you can probably shave off some tuition with this award.


6. Scholarship Red: The Scholarship for Redheads

This one pretty much speaks for itself. If you managed to be born with red hair, then you have earned the opportunity to apply. Fakers beware - you are required to supply pictures from throughout your life to prove authenticity.


7. Tall Clubs International Foundation Scholarship

The TCI offers scholarships to members of their organization, and require that you be THIS tall to apply for an award. No seriously - it's 5'10" for women and 6'2" for men.


8. National Dairy Shrine Scholarship

The future of dairy depends on you. The Dairy Shrine Scholarship is for tomorrow's dairy leaders. For those who enjoy a hearty milk mustache or a fine brie, get on this.



9. Fire Sprinkler Scholarship Program

"The American Fire Sprinkler Association, (AFSA) is a non-profit, international association representing merit shop fire sprinkler contractors, dedicated to the educational advancement of its members and promotion of the use of automatic fire sprinkler systems." This one requires reading an essay and taking multiple tests, but if you have a passion for... fire sprinkler systems(?), then why not take the money?


10. Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Contest

This is actually pretty cool. You can win a create-your-own greeting card contest and pay for school! My condolences if you don't get it.


11. JIF Most Creative Sandwich Contest

Every year JIF holds a competition where people submit their most creative sandwich ideas and the prize is $25, 000. That's a lot of peanut butter.


12. James Beard Foundation Award

Okay, this one was a bit disappointing. I thought it was a scholarship for best beard, but it turns out it's just for culinary students. If anything, a beard might hurt your chances unless you wear a beard net.


13. Water Skiing Foundation Scholarship

The WSF is offering awards to students who enjoy water sports. Skiing is not just for snow, apparently. Yeah, I don't really have a joke for this one.


14. American Quarter Horse Foundation Scholarship

Lover of the equestrian arts unite! The AQHF offers awards to their members who have shown leadership and a love of horses. I assume the American Half Horse Foundation pays double.


15. Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest.

This award is for duck calling enthusiasts and even holds a contest to decide the winner. Better start widdlin'! (People widdle their own duck calls, right?)


16. Foreclosure.com Scholarship

Foreclosure.com is a website that helps you find people's crushed dreams - sorry I mean foreclosed homes - and you can complete an exercise to win the scholarship. Maybe put the money into real estate? What could go wrong?


17. Society of Vacuum Coaters Foundation Scholarship

Apparently vacuum coating is a thing, and its advocates are trying to support education in the field. Vacuum coating processes use "vacuum technology to create a sub-atmospheric pressure environment and an atomic or molecular condensable vapor source to deposit thin films and coatings."



18. Klingon Language Institute Academic Award

Vay' Hol-wej neH nuv tlhIngan Sov HaD van'a' puS offers tlhIngan Hol yejHaD. janluq pIqarD HoD HoD. Don't worry, the award is for anyone in the field of linguistics, so you don't have to speak Klingon to apply.


19. Starfleet Scholarships

Starfleet is an organization that brings together Star Trek fans from around the world to bond over their favorite show. They'll also help you pay for school. Live long and prosper.


So now that you know, it's time to get to work on those applications...

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