19 Traumatized People Share The Most 'WTF' Moment In Their Dating History.

Dates can be awkward, and getting to know someone over a few dates can lead to all kinds of weird scenarios, but the hope, at the end of the day, is finding someone compatible to share your life with.

Here are nineteen times that DIDN'T Happen.


Many thanks to Reddit user recipeforbulimia for posing this question.

1/19. She showed me pictures of her ex's penis. Before, and after she photoshopped a little cowboy hat and sheriff's badge on it.


2/19. I dated a girl for 2 years, thought I was gonna marry her.

She invited me on a camping trip with her family.

Turns out it was her "family," as in 100ish people involved in a doomsday cult. Took a while to get over that one.


3/19. So I went on a couple dates with this girl and she was giving me some signs that she was ready to get a little physical. So I lean in close and try to kiss her, and she turns her face away from me. Stunned I end up going home and thinking it was over between us. Later on, she contacts me and starts hinting we should go out again. I decide to go for it, again, after getting some heavy hints and she pushes me away. So now I just ask, what's going on? She says, "I go on dates with you so I don't feel like I'm undesirable, but I'm not attracted to you."

She called me the next day and I told her I'm not dating people who make me feel undesirable, then hang up.


4/19. I met a local dude on OKCupid and we decided to meet up one night to hang out. He took his penis out in my car because he thought we would have sex.

Not okay, sir. Not okay.


5/19. A guy I had met three days previously offered to pick me up and "hang out". I was cool with that, but he ended up dragging me around on errands (we went to his dentist appointment) and then when I said I wanted to leave, he said he'd give me a ride home but only in exchange for a blowjob.

I was pretty scarred about dating after that.

And no, I didn't give him a blowjob, I got out right there and walked to a bus stop.


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6/19. Had a friend's friend ask me out, saying he'd love to just hang out with me and smoke and have a few drinks.. I said I don't mind (I found him kind of attractive).

He then asked if I liked parks.. Uhmm, yes, I do enjoy parks (I run and our area has several nice parks for running). His response?

"Cool, let's swing by ___ park first.. we can hang out and talk a bit before going to the bar for drinks.. and there's this cozy spot where you can blow me"

Apparently I attract a**hats.


7/19. I remember a girl in college who agreed to go out with me. She said she had a surprise for me.

Christian revival meeting. Buuuuuuh!


8/19. Went out with a girl for a first date.

She took me to a Kumdo lesson, which is a Korean sword fighting sport. I thought that was cool, but it was an advanced class and I made somewhat of a fool of myself but all in good fun.

Anyway it turned out that she was bringing me there because she wanted me to be part of a documentary about foreigners in Korea. So my looking like a fool was broadcast nationwide. We then visited the grandmaster's house for makeolli and the film crew started interviewing me.

They were basically focusing on my relationship with the girl I was going out with. They didn't seem to understand it was a first date. So here I am trying to answer awkward questions without embarrassing both of us on national television.


9/19. On my first date with a guy from an internet dating site, he took us to the Scientology museum in London. I thought "Hmmm, original, easy to find things to talk about/ laugh at the craziness of, this could be fun."

Then he proceeded to read every, single, piece of writing on every, single exhibit, ask the attendant very probing questions about how one goes about joining scientology etc. etc. and sounding slightly too interested to just be intrigued about a religion. Also he was visibly sweating.

Once we were done there we went for a glass of wine and he told me he used to shoot heroin.

I was out of there like a shot.


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10/19. First date and he took me to a strip club.


11/19. In college this guy from one of my classes asked me to go out with him out of the blue (we'd never even talked before) but he was pretty cute so I said sure.

We exchanged numbers and he said he'd call me with details. He called the next day and told me we were going to a restaurant that was WAY out of my price range. We're talking like no way will this bill will be under $100. I tried talking him out of it and when that didn't work flat out saying I couldn't afford something like that but he insists and tells me not to worry (this all really should have been a clue to me). So I say fine and agree to go.

We get to the restaurant and the waiter comes over and I go to order (the cheapest thing on the menu) when he stops me and says, "Ignore her, we're both having the steak."

"But I don't like steak."

"She's just saying that because she's poor. We'll have steak." And shoos the waiter away.

I'm mortified and pissed and want to leave but he was my ride. He tries to make conversation and just proves to me that he really is an a**. Then he says he has to go to the bathroom and leaves. I'm sitting there for a good 10 minutes before he texts me "Hahaha I got the shits from drinking last night don't eat without me."

That was the last straw. I call the waiter over, pay for my meal, and go to the Starbucks down the street to call my friend to pick me up.


12/19. There's been a few but the absolute worst was the woman who turned up to the pub with literally no money, expecting me to buy her drinks and dinner. I wouldn't have minded if she'd have told me beforehand but this was completely out of the blue.

So anyway, we sat there making awkward conversation, or at least I tried to start a conversation, told her about my life, asked her questions. She was too busy texting and phoning her friends to really take notice.

So eventually we did get talking, and then out of nowhere, she told me that she killed her dog. Not accidentally either. I just upped and left and avoided all contact. That was 2 years ago.


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13/19. When I was a teenager I worked at a retail store in the mall and a guy who worked a few stores down would always come in and talk to me.

He was super sweet and genuine and would randomly take me to lunch and bring me coffee and the like. It was nice to just have someone to talk to and who seemed genuinely interested in me and what I had to say. He asked me on a date a few times and I always declined. I don't like the idea of dating someone who I work with/work next to (just in case it goes sour).

After a month or two I finally agree to go on a date with him, because good guys are hard to find! I couldn't just let him pass by. He picks me up at my house and on our way to dinner we get into a car accident. The driver's side was t-boned pretty badly and we ended up having to go to the hospital where he contacted his roommate..... who then contacted my date's girlfriend.


14/19. After my freshman year of college I met a guy on OK Cupid and we went to get dinner at Friday's as our first date. Offered to give me a ride, but I said no.

He was a couple years older, well dressed and started talking about how he'd started his own business after college and it was going well. Good for him! Bragging a bit but hey that's an accomplishment.

So after we order he says "Let's play a game. We'll each take out our wallets and compare what's in them." Wasn't a joke, literally started showing me his credit cards and bragging about the high limits, ending with "Clearly you can't afford to pay for this dinner, but don't worry I can cover you." I was pissed and protested but he wouldn't take no for an answer.

So as we leave he says he wants to show me his car. Unfortunately it was before mine in the lot so I had to walk by it. It was a white, windowless serial killer van. He begged me to have sex with him in it, right there in the Friday's parking lot.

I was pretty glad I drove separately.


15/19. Setting: blind date at a sushi restaurant, I was 24, he was 19.

We already had nothing to talk about so I told him this story:

I had gone to the local Gamestop for the sole reason to talk to the Guy behind the counter. I got in line, had some small talk, and as I was getting my receipt, I asked him, "hey are you seeing anyone?" His reply: "Me? ...I'm gay." I was mortified that my gaydar failed me so I just gave him a high five and left. I was still shocked and cried in my car.

About five minutes after I finished that story, I look over to the eight-person group beside us. I caught the eye of the very same gay Guy I hit on at Gamestop. We waved to each other. He was with his boyfriend.


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16/19. One of the people I dated took me to her parents house for our first "date". Wherein I listened to her dad talk for an hour about this deer that he was so inept at killing it took 4 bullets to finally put down.

It's times like those I wish I had a jetpack.


17/19. After I made him dinner, did the dishes, and we had amazing sex, he rolled over mid-cuddles to tell me all about his ex-girlfriend, how I had no desirable girlfriend-esque traits, and that the only reason he liked me was because I liked him. I boosted his confidence.

This was after a month of seeing each other.


18/19. When I was young and stupid I dated a guy with a temper. He would get mad about something stupid like saying goodbye too quickly on the phone, pick a fight and we'd break up. He would call a day or two later and we would make up.

After a few months I had figured out the cycle and I was fed up. So, when he picked a fight as usual I ended it and then didn't take him back. While we were dating I had become close with his sisters and his mom loved me. We had scheduled a girls lunch and his sister begged me to go. I finally said yes and went. Everything was fine and I had a great time. The whole lunch was probably 2 hours long. At the end I walked to their car with them and the mom grabbed me and said, "Hear him!"

Out of the car comes her son (WTF!) who was trying to explain to me why we should be together. I just walked past him to my car as he ran after me. He ended up picking a fight with me because "it was my fault we broke up and I didn't even call him so he could fix it." Then he threw rocks at my car as I drove away. I wish I had a picture of what my face looked like when he came out of that car.

I never spoke to him again and never accepted another invitation from his family.


19/19. In my senior year of high school, I went on a date to see the movie "Up" with a girl I had been talking to for about a week. She was from a different high school so I knew nothing about her, really.

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Well, I can't drive because I'm partially blind, so she picks me up at my house. On the way to the movie she is acting crazy and it takes me about ten seconds to realize she is drunk out of her mind - like drunk to the point where reasoning doesn't exist. So naturally I hold on for dear life on the swerving and bewildering drive to the theater.

Already feeling uncomfortable, the movie starts and we are surrounded by families with toddlers and young children. My genius date decides to pull out the fifth of whatever vodka she had been guzzling and chug it right there.

She then proceeds to start rubbing my crotch and refuses to compromise about it. Ten seconds later, she has my dick out and she's slurping it like there's no tomorrow. Several people get up and leave immediately and the ones who don't notice are all crying over the film. I am naturally mortified.

She then passes out with my flaccid penis in her mouth and her boobs hanging out, snoring loudly. I had to call my mother and father to drive her and her car home.

Needless to say I never saw her again.



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