20 Art Teachers Share The Most Disturbing Thing They've Ever Had A Student Draw.

Thanks to all the art teachers who shared their most disturbing finds with us!

1/20. 5 year old presented me with a photo of a full on naked, bald man. Only place of hair was his nipples.

When I asked why, he responded "so he won't be cold". I couldn't argue with him, but could only recommend that he give him clothes too just in case.


2/20. When I was in first grade we were told to draw our favorite flag, so I drew a Nazi flag. I did really well. It took up the whole page, I used bright bold colors like I knew it had, and I even remembered how to do it by memory. Well the teacher came over with a bewildered/scared look on her face and asked me where I saw it. I answered, "I saw it on TV last night and I thought it looked pretty cool. I think they're the bad guys though." Years later I realized that the look on her face afterwards was relief.


3/20. I had a 2nd grader come up to me while I was still a student teacher in the art room. He showed me a drawing that looked like a stick figure in a cave. I said "it's great! Why don't you tell me about it?" (Kids react better to that than "what is it?") His response?

"It's me watching you sleep!"


4/20. I teach English to Japanese kids. Text book had them draw their ideal pet. A 10 year old drew a human chained up in a cage, with an electric shock box attached to them with wires.

Taught him for a few more years until he graduated from my class to jnr high school, he had really matured into a sweet charming boy by then. Or he was a psychopath who had mastered the skill of manipulating those around him.


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5/20. My cousin loves to draw, when she was about 4 years old she showed me a paper full of eyes. I asked her what was she trying to convey, she said "Eyes, I see many many many eyes in my room at night."


6/20. One art class I took there was a student who didn't get along with the teacher, whose last name happened to be a fruit. In this class sketchbooks were a requirement, so when it came time to hand them in he only drew one thing in his: the same fruit as the teacher's last name hanging from a tree (by a noose). The kid was confronted but he claimed it was a coincidence.


7/20. I worked as a therapist in an elementary school. In art class, one of my kids drew their dad beating them. Then on the next page, it was a stick figure self portrait with the whole page colored blue to represent tears. So, that was wonderful...


8/20. Art teacher here. I had a Kindergartener draw a bunch of long triangles with handles and red spray coming off of them, looking like the way a 5 year old would draw a knife or a dagger. And lots of blood. I asked him to tell me about his drawing and he got all shy and wouldnt say anything.

I kept his drawing and showed it to his babysitter who picks him up from school and relayed my concern. She scoffed and said "Oh that's just a rocketship. He draws them all the time." Turns out the red was fire, not blood. What I saw as the handle of a knife was the booster engine of the rocket. Facepalm! I should have known, the kid is obsessed with rockets...


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9/20. My aunt is a primary school teacher.

Many years ago, a girl in her class drew a picture depicting her on the floor on a rug, and her father standing over her, with the caption 'we got a new rug, when we got home my daddy pulled it over me and raped me'.

She meant to write 'wrapped'.


10/20. Second grade self portraits are nightmare sauce. Jagged teeth, big bug eyes, pointy ears. everything is terrifying.


11/20. My class of kindergartners were drawing pictures to put in a care package for deployed troops. Well, one girl, yuno (yes, I know who yuno is. Yes, here parents do too. Yes, that was intentional), drew a picture of a family crying over a tombstone with a caption saying " doont feel bad, it's almost over". Holy hell kid. I almost put it in for humor, but I decided to put it on "the wall of little horrors"


12/20. I was in a Fraternity in college. Lived in the fraternity house for two years. Best time I never wanna have again! Anyways, next door to our fraternity house is a Kindercare. Yeah, idk why they did that, but they did.

Anyways, my senior year, one of our fraternity brothers died when he crashed his motorcycle. We don't know how he crashed, but he did, hit his head and died. Apparently he was conscious til he got to the hospital and crashed when they put him in a medical induced coma.

As a kind gesture, the daycare ladies made the kids write us cards and delivered all of them to us. I don't think the teachers looked through all of them cuz some of them were kinda brutal. Keep in mind these kids are like preschool age to kindergarten.

One of them was simple but cold. On the front it said "HEY" and then you open up the card to a drawing of a watch and the bold words "Time Limit." We were shocked to say the least. There was a lot of confusion on whether or not we were being threatened by a 6 year old.

Another one drew a picture of our...

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house and it looked like a legit prison. Bars instead of windows and everything.

Another one said "I hope your friend stops being dead or else you'll never see them again". That was quite disturbing.

And that's all I can remember for now. I'll text a couple of my buddies I still keep in touch with and see if they can remember more.


13/20. My mom is an educator. She told me of a student she had who admitted that he had once been sent to the school psychiatrist. You see, he drew all of his crayon drawings in black. Houses and families? Done in black outline. Animals and oceans? Black. Grass and plants? Black. Mick Jagger had nothing on this kid.

But as it turns out, this kid wasn't a sociopath. He wasn't depressed and angry. He didn't want to kill his parents.

No, he was just totally colorblind, and his tablemates at art class always stuck him with the black crayon and hoarded all the colors for themselves. Since he couldn't tell the difference anyway, he was more than happy to oblige.


14/20. The actual finished product -- an eight-foot wide knit octopus -- wasn't the scary part, it was freaking amazing. It was the manic look in her eye as she described the hours and hours of knitting -- on the bus, at the coffee shop, anywhere -- that were required to create it. Dat dedication tho.


15/20. I've been teaching art for 9 years. The most disturbing image I've ever run across was from a 5-year-old who was visiting our campus for the day to see if our school was a match for him. He joined our first grade class, and I had assigned our students to create a environment around an object that I had cut out and pasted onto a blank sheet of paper (the objects were from home & living magazines, so the images were mostly food, furniture, animals, cars, etc). The child who was visiting was given a paper with an antique bathtub glued onto it. This kid proceeded to...

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draw a person being murdered in the bathtub with people looking in through the bathroom windows smiling at the murder. The image was pretty insane. When I asked him about why he drew this, he said "this is the kind of stuff I like." I told him that I was going to keep it and give it to his mom when she came to pick him up. As class was ending, he swiped the drawing off of my desk, crumpled it up, and threw it into the boys bathroom trash. I pulled the drawing out of the trash, showed it to our school dean, and explained what happened. Thankfully, he wasn't admitted to the school that year.


16/20. Not a teacher but I am the legal guardian of my nephew now for reasons that will become obvious.

I used to pick him up regularly from his infants school as his mother, my sister is a waste of space. One day his teacher pulled me to the side and pulled out a picture he had drawn, took me a moment to realise what I was seeing before it focused into a picture of a woman with blood around her and needles scattered around. Teacher was very concerned and I mean borderline calling police and social services and not letting him leave with me.

I asked my nephew who is about 6 at the time what is this about, he explains that...

this is what his mommy looks like most nights, I break down crying the teacher breaks down crying I call social services myself from the headmasters office they place him in my care as a temporary measure and investigate.

Turns out my sister had started to take heroin via needles and accidentally broke a vein one night hence the blood. 6 years later and I don't know if she is clean but my nephew lives with me and my family as if he is my own and he has never been happier.

His now former teacher is a good family friend and regularly comes around and brings her kids.


17/20. A nine year old drew a very accurate picture of the playground. The swings and slides were depicted just as they are. He also added all the other campers The picture was well done and I would have loved it if not for the fact that every child in the picture had limbs askew and red pools around their heads and torsos. I asked the boy what he drew. He told me, 'they all got hurt.' He said, 'I'm here' and pointed to an empty spot on the page. Then he said, 'and you're there too Miss dersertchoir', and pointed to one of the ruined bodies. He had a single father who was a MMA fighter. I assume he just watched a lot of gory things because he was otherwise a very nice child.


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18/20. I am not an art teacher but I had my art as a child taken wrongly by one. In school I was asked to draw my family, I drew Dad, Mom, my older Brother, and Myself.

I drew us in a line in that order because that represented our ages...Dad is oldest, Mom second, my Brother third and Me fourth. I also drew us in height representation, Dad is the tallest, Mom second tallest (at the time, now shes the shortest lol), brother third tallest, and me fourth tallest.

They turned me over to counselors and investigated my family because I put myself at the end of the line and made myself the smallest...they said because of how I drew myself I considered myself inferior to and was possibly mistreated by the rest of my family.

I was just trying to be accurate...


19/20. A double sided image depicting cartoon characters having S+M sex with each other.


20/20. Had a college sculpture class with a student who thought it would be clever to splay a roadkill cat on a cross as a project. After class was over, he proceeded to toss the project in a dumpster. Fine and good until it was discovered by someone who decided that it was a clear sign of occult activity and proceeded to notify local media. There were Christian marches through campus for a solid week.


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