20 Awful Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong

We've all played pranks and have tried not to die of laughter afterward. Well, these pranks went south and some people died - for real.

Randy Wood was divorced. As divorced people sometimes do, he had a desire to get his ex-wife's goat. So, one day, he called her out of the blue and asked her to come over to his place. "I have something to show you," he said cryptically. 

When the former Mrs. Wood arrived, she found 'something' alright. Randy was hanging from a tree in the front yard, his neck in a noose, apparently dead of suicide.

Presumably in a panic, she dialled 911. Paramedics, police, and firefighters rushed to the scene. But when they went to cut him down, they discovered that he was wearing a harness. He hadn't hanged himself; his weight had been supported the entire time. 

Randy burst out laughing. What a wonderful scare he had given his ex. 

But he didn't laugh for long. The stunt landed him with a $1,000 fine and a year in jail.

In many parts of the world, it's traditional to celebrate your last day of high school by carrying off a hilarious prank. That way, years later, you can sit by the fireside drinking mulled wine and regaling your great-grand children with stories of your youthful hijinks. 

No doubt that was Tyell Morton's plan on his last day of high school. In an ill-conceived attempt at humor, he decided to break into the school through the window of the girls' change room, and leave a sex doll in the showers. 

That way, when the girls went to wash up, they'd see a sex doll, and hilarity would ensue. Classic. 

Unfortunately for Tyell, someone saw him squeezing his way in through the window wearing a hoodie and gloves, and toting a big black box. This witness leapt to the conclusion that Tyell was planting a bomb, and sounded the alarm.

One evacuation, one bomb squad search, and $8,000 of taxpayer money later, Tyell was apprehended and charged with mischief. He received a suspended sentence and community service.

The doll was released without charge. 

Just last year, Nishanthan Gnanathas was on a riverboat cruise in Portugal with some friends. His pals decided it would be hilarious to push one of their number overboard. Nishanthan became the unwitting target. 

Alas, when Nishanthan went overboard, he stuck his head off the side of the boat. After hitting the water, he never resurfaced. 

This initiated a search for the body up and down the coast; Nishanthan's remains were found some days later. The death was ruled accidental, and the family of the deceased opted not to press charges. 

But the lesson is clear: before 'praying' someone, ask yourself, "Is this likely to result in death?" Death isn't very amusing.

This story comes from Reddit:

"Some friends and I went to throw water balloons at a girls birthday party, and I was the get-away driver. 

"After we threw the balloons and soaked a few people, we ran back to my car. Some of the guys from the party caught up with us and jumped on my car as I was driving away. I sped up fast enough so they couldnt jump off. 

"I was going to let them off at the end of the road, but one of them decided to jump off before I slowed down. I was probably going 25 mph when he leapt off the top of the car. He ended up slapping the back of his head on the asphalt and got a concussion. He was in the hospital for a few days and I went to visit him. 

"He ended up losing his sense of taste and smell and to this day hasnt completely recovered."


If you're looking to put a new spin on the age-old bachelor party, don't do what Gianni Catanzaro's co-workers did. Instead of exotic dancers, tequila, and grown men crying in a hotel room, Gianni's friends decided to break new ground. 

The 'party' began when they showed their affection for their co-worker by punching him in the testicles. And it only went downhill from there. 

After making it more difficult for Gianna ever to reproduce, his colleagues then celebrated his impending nuptials by stripping him to his underwear, duct-taping him to a fence, and throwing eggs at him. Then they poured gasoline around him and set it on fire. 

Demonstrating considerable skill, Gianni worked himself free. Unfortunately, he fell into the fire and suffered burns.

Gianni had to postpone his wedding and honeymoon. To add insult to (literal) injury, he was also fired shortly after this incidence. What a great work environment that must have been.

This one is from Reddit:

"I changed my moms Internet Explorer icon on her laptop to a program with a command to open the browser, and then automatically type 'I eat donkey balls' every 8 seconds. 

"I expected she would either 1) realize I'd done it, or 2) call me in to fix it. I had done it the night before, knowing she wouldn't be turning her computer on until the morning, when I wouldn't be around. 

"She immediately drove to the store where she had purchased the laptop to see if they could fix it. They thought it was some kind of virus and tried get rid of it. They decided to reset to factory settings, which fixed it for a $40 service charge. She still thinks it was a virus."


Another Reddit answer:

"Last April Fools Day, my buddy and I went to a department store and picked up a bunch of stuff that looked like a murder kit. Rope, duct tape, two hatchets, a shovel, a cooler, gloves, full body tarp suits, regular tarp, bleach, and cleaning fluids.

"Then we put our actor faces on. I put all the stuff on the conveyor belt while my friend stood behind me, arms crossed, stone cold stare and completely silent the entire time. Meanwhile, I acted very sheepish and afraid. I actually made my body shake nervously for extra effect. As the cashier is ringing up the items, I watch the puzzle pieces fit together in her head and a look of terror wash over her face. 

"Her eyes widened, and after she rang everything through, it took her a good minute to say anything. We just sat there staring at each other. Finally, she asks "Will that be all?" With a crack in my voice, I say, "Y-yes maam. Then I quickly looked down, grabbing for my wallet. I pretended I forgot it in the car (we weren't paying for all that stuff) and turned to ask my friend if I could go get it. He sighed angrily, raised his hand like he was about to hit me, which I want expecting. Then he got real close to me, and whispered gibberish in my ear. I began to fake panic and started saying, Im sorry, over and over again. Then we walked out and began to question our mental health

"We later found out the cashier had an anxiety attack and had to go home after we left. Apparently nobody could convince her it was just an April Fools joke. She said it seemed too real."


In 2012, Randy Tenley decided to dress up like Bigfoot and go walking along the side of the road. He must have figured he would get a couple quick laughs freaking out passersby. 

Sadly, two teenagers happened to drive by, and they were somewhat more startled by the sight of a Sasquatch than Mr. Tenley had anticipated. They decided to run the monster down with their car to be safe, killing Tenley in the process.

Paul Goobie isn't going to win any prizes for "funniest practical joke." But in the "most deranged" category... he's in with a shot. 

Somehow, Mr. Goobie managed to get hold of a dead chihuahua. (Let's just hope the poor creature was dead when he found it.) He then decided to tie the dead dog to the number of one of his co-workers.

When this co-worker went to drive home at the end of the day, he did so with a dead chihuahua dragging behind him. It took him several miles to realize that something was wrong. Of course, other drivers were honking and gesticulating at him, but it so happened he was hard of hearing.

When he finally realized what he was towing, he called the police. The dead dog trail led back to Paul Goobie, who was arrested and charged with unlawful disposal of a dead animal.

Unlike most dentists, Dr. Robert Woo has a sense of humor. But it turns out that doesnt necessarily do anything for his bedside manner. 

While doing some work on one of his staff (who was, presumably, unconscious at the time), Woo got a brilliant idea. He would attach pig tusks to his patient/employees teeth. He took pictures of the woman with tusks hanging out of her mouth while she was still under, and then shared them with the rest of his staff. 

When the woman in question saw the pictures, she decided to sue Dr. Woo for $250,000. But the ending of the story isnt all bad for Woo. He ended up suing his insurance company for $750,000 (and winning!) after they refused to cover his unorthodox sense of humor. 

A word to the wise, though, Doctor: its only a funny joke if both parties are awake when it happens. Now, if youll excuse me, I have to go wash a permanent marker penis off my forehead.

Saran wrap was virtually designed for pranks. It can cover almost anything, it clings, and its deeply annoying if you have to peel off a couple hundred layers of the stuff. 

But, as this story makes clear, you have to be super careful what you wrap. It can cost someone their life.

Seth Stonerock and Derek Greenlee were noted practical jokers. They loved to film themselves pranking people and post the results on Facebook. But one day, they took it too far. 

Stone rock and Greenly had gone to an intersection with a four-way stop. Then they wrapped one of the stop signs in saran wrap until it couldnt be seen. 

Tragically, two elderly sisters drove through the invisible stop sign, were struck by an oncoming SUV, and died. 

Stonerock, who admitted to being the one who actually saran wrapped the sign, served eight months in prison of a four year sentence.

On August 25, 2000, news broke that a company called Emulex Corp was under investigation for its financial practices, and that the CEO of the company had resigned. 

As you might expect, the companys stock value imploded. That same day, the price plunged from $113 to $43 per share. Investors were furious. How could this happen without then catching so much as a whiff of trouble?

It turns out nothing had happened. Emulex wasnt under investigation, and the CEO was staying put.

The following week, a 23-year-old man named Mark Jakoba was arrested for leaking the story to the press. He had been working at a little-known internet media company, and had made $250,000 on the stock market after Emulexs stock price dropped.

18-year-old Premila Lal and her younger cousin were alone in their empty house - or so they thought. They house was about to be sold, and the two girls assumed they were the only ones around. 

Eventually, they realized that a family friend and Premilas older brother were there, keeping an eye on the property. So the girls decided that they would hide in a closet, jump out, and frighten the two men.

When the friend and the brother heard noises coming from upstairs, they naturally assumed that there were intruders in the house. 

Armed, the two men began searching the place room by room. When they got to the bedroom, Premila and her cousin jumped out of the closet, and the family friend opened fire, killing her.

Ron Zero was working the night shift as a security guard at a toy store. One night, he decided to entertain himself by dressing  a Ken doll up in girls clothes, and putting him back in his original package. 

Eventually, a mother-daughter duo discovered the cross-dressed Ken, and thought they had stumbled upon a unique specimen. The cashier tried to warn them that this wasnt a limited edition or anything, but they made the purchase anyway.

The idea that this cross-dressed Ken doll was some kind of valuable anomaly spread and spread. The mother and daughter were ultimately offered $4,000 by a collector.

Ron Zero intervened, however, and confessed that he had fiddled with the Ken doll himself on a lark. He was fired for the infraction.

Are you ready? Because this is a sad one.

11-year-old Tysen Benz was shocked and devastated when he read a number of posts on social media which seemed to indicate that his girlfriend, 13, had taken her own life. 

Inconsolable, taking these posts very seriously, Tysen decided to join his girlfriend, and hanged himself in his room. 

Its enough to make you think twice about the things you say in jest, and who you say them to.

When Joseph Tellini and Ian Walker graduated from high school, they wanted to pay all those teachers and administrators back for four years of education and fun. So they decided to bake a special batch of brownies just for the staff. Special being the key word. 

The brownies were chock full of weedy goodness, and within hours, nineteen teachers had to be taken to the hospital. Tellini and Walker got off fairly light; they were sentenced to community service. 

As for those poor teachers, well… They got one last end-of-year field trip.

Mark Drewes wasnt exactly breaking new ground with his prank of choice: ding-dong ditch. For you uptight folks, thats just randomly ringing someones doorbell - then running away.

However, when Drewes rang the doorbell of Jay Levin, he was messing with the wrong man. Levin assumed that Drewes was some kind of intruder rather than a bored kid, and shot him dead.

What would you do for a Klondike bar? Would you kill your family? - Family Guy

Dont worry, this story doesnt involve a guy killing his family for ice cream. But it does involve a pretty messed up attempt to win some Kanye West tickets. 

As part of a dare to win tickets to one of Kanyes shows back in 2008, a woman called her husband live on the radio and told him their 9-year-old son was actually another mans child. 

The prank backfired, however, when the man made a startling confession of his own. Ive been sleeping with your sister for the past year! he shouted. And he wasnt just pranking. 

On top of all this humiliation and betrayal, they didnt even give the lady her hard-earned Kanye tickets. So, not a great day for her overall.

A friend got in a prank war in nursing school. They decided to put a fake skeleton from their class lab into a girls bed while she was out one night. They hung out in the joint bathroom when they heard her come in expecting to hear her scream. She came in but no scream. 

After a few minutes they went into her room and turned on the light. She was lying in bed stroking the skeletons head with a strange look on her face. Turns out she had a nervous breakdown and had to drop out of school a short time later.

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Has someone ever pranked you? Or have you pranked someone so bad? Share these stories with your prankster friends and stay safe. 

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