20 College Students Reveal The Craziest Thing That Ever Happened In Their Fraternity Or Sorority.

People who pledged fraternities or sororities were asked: "What were the crazy things that happened?" These are some of the best answers.

1/20 German fraternity member here. We fight with swords until one of us bleeds so bad that he yields. Keeping traditions alive over here...


2/20 Just before being accepted, my pledge class was "hazed" by being rousted out of bed at 2 in the morning, blindfolded, and taken to a local park in our night clothes. While there we had to ride the merry go round, go down the slide, swing, climb monkey bars, etc while we had food stuff thrown at us - jello, hot dogs, cheese in a can, whip cream, condiments, etc. We had to keep singing various songs etc. It was in good fun and made a complete mess. At the end, we were hosed off and given towels to dry off. Then given sweats with our letters. The only NSFW thing about it was that we all decided that we didn't want to smell of ketchup, mustard, relish, etc so we immediately all stripped down and put on the sweats.

We were taken back to the house for a big breakfast by the time it was all done.

3/20 Dressed about 6 pledges in ballerina type clothing. Stuff to get them embarrassed. Handcuffed them all together in a circle facing outwards. Drove them a couple miles from school (4?) and told them they had 2 hour to walk back to campus. It's a rural farm area so they pretty much just had to walk straight. After about 30 minutes to an hour, the frat brothers drove back to tell them it was a joke and they could get a ride back to campus. Except they couldn't find the group of dudes who were handcuffed together and all wearing pink, who should have been taking the lone road back to campus.

Frat brothers drive for hours looking for them and never find where they went. Eventually they freak out, fear the worst, and head back to campus. They go to get help with finding the lost pledges in the countryside, only to see all the pledges back and safe. Turns out the pledges walked up to the closest farm, had a good laugh with the farmer, and the farmer drove them back to campus in his pickup.


4/20 While we had our nights of doing some basic calisthenics and whatnot, pledge ship was a f*cking blast. It was basically an excuse to do anything and it be laughed off, as well as girls absolutely loving it; you got a little bit of sympathy for it but they also like seeing you slightly embarrassed.

If a group finishes library study hall early, you can't go home because your pledge brothers are still working. Instead, you have to go around the library and get as many numbers as possible without speaking. We were given the previous record and told we could come back when we had beaten that number. While some of the girls just gave you a number because they knew what our task was or just wanted to get rid of you, there were a few who insisted we call them later that night when we could speak again.

Not only that, there was sh*t we did with the actives that was fun. We had a campus wide, hide and seek night. Pledges in dark clothes/camo, actives in their vehicles or on foot. We were given vague clues about the location of several items around campus and it was our job to collect them all and make it back to the house without being seen. We split ourselves into several groups and off we went. If you were caught, you were blindfolded and dropped off somewhere on the other side of campus and allowed to continue from there.


5/20 Pledged a frat last year. The hazing wasn't so much drinking alcohol or nasty concoctions but instead it was physical. Got the sh*t beat out of me multiple times. I lasted 12 weeks, but 4 days before initiation we had a brutal 5 hour line-up of getting slapped, kicked, and sh*t thrown at us while doing non-stop 90-degree wall-sits. A brother had thrown a full beer can full force at my face and it managed to hit me right above my eye and gash it. That's when I had enough and got in a scuffle with a brother and left the house and never came back again. I was left with a black eye for almost 2 weeks.


6/20 My favorite was when we got all the pledges to be the pieces of a chess set, and we played wizards chess with them, everyone loved it.


7/20 My sisters friend told me a story that always stuck. She picked her boyfriend from the last day of "hell week" (which is the last week of hazing I think before initiation).

He said it wasn't that bad at first. The pledges had to drink a lot of beers. After most of them were feeling pretty buzzed/drunk, the actives then put them in a dark room, threw on a strobe light, and brought out a jigsaw puzzle. They weren't allowed to leave until it was finished.

It took them 4 hours.


8/20 As pledges we had to come back a week early from Christmas break to do projects around the house. Painting, replacing drywall that had been damaged during parties, picking up trash around campus, general household chores that arise from living with 70 dudes. Anyway, the last night we were told that some active guys were making us dinner. We line up outside the dining room and they lead us in.

All of the tables had been pushed together longways and there were several 8' 2x4's that had been fastened together end to end which stretched the entire length of the table. They sat us down and duct taped all of our wrists to the long 2x4 so that we all had to take bites simultaneously. We were told that we would be eating together in the most literal sense of the word. We're all thinking, "Ehhh, this won't be so bad." That was until the main course arrived.

Out of the kitchen came a 10 gallon bucket full of franks and beans. We were not allowed to be excused until it was all gone. Needless to say, it took us a while to finish. The next day was just a parade of guys busting a** and making trips to sh*t their brains out. More than one guy actually sh*t their pants the next day. Incredibly stupid shenanigans, but pretty funny I think.


9/20 I'm assuming you mean hazing, which the only thing rushes/pledges HAD to do was go camping together for one night and it was pretty cold, so the guys with sh*tty sleeping bags had to huddle together. Besides it being cold that night, and a few lame team building games, it was pretty fun. That was seriously the closest thing to hazing. We did do a milk chug every year, but it was completely optional and probably only 20% of people (pledges and brothers) did it.

The craziest thing that happened was at one of the annual foam parties (we had an out-building with the first floor rigged up to fill about 4.5ft high with foam, about 400ft2 with a stage for short people). Every year some people get naked and there's always a little sexy time action going on under the bubbles. One year someone threw something that just demolished the bubbles instantly; something like 70% of the bubbles in one of the rooms were gone in the blink of an eye. Lots of naked people hurrying to cover themselves. We never found out what, but from my investigation, I think it was a mixture of bacon fat and talc in a flour like consistency. It was unreal how quickly the bubbles all popped.


10/20 As a pledge in the early 90's I got called into the fraternity house at midnight the week after Thanksgiving, and was told (yelled at) that the house had to be decorated before the brothers got up the next morning.

We proceeded to tear down every Christmas decoration, climbing trees to take down lights, swiping every wreath and piece of garland we could find within three miles, hitting only businesses. We created the biggest 'Elf' looking scene ever in that house, with a fully decorated tree complete with mini-bottles over all the lights. We were so proud, brothers thought it is was awesome, however it took the police one peek through the massive street front windows to put two and two together. The house was bare of anything Christmas related,'Grinch' style, within ten minutes of the police car stopping in front of the house. By the time the campus police and city police came in, the whole night was nothing but a memory.


11/20 I was a member of a fraternity at an SEC school. A lot of the hazing we went through was mostly just workouts. A sesh would be we all go to the basements arms locked, and proceed to do bows and toes, wall sits, push-ups, that kind of stuff. Sometimes it would get out of hand and we would do bows and toes on bottlecaps, or one pledge would vomit into the vomit bucket, and we all had to proceed to basically take huge wiffs of it, leading to more vomit for the vomit bucket.

Probably the most crazy though, is that some pledge classes rebel near the end. They hold a walkout where they basically declare war on the fraternity, and spend a week trying to capture actives. The goal is a fun game of cops and robbers but with a bunch of idiotic college boys. The ones who get kidnapped end up going on an expense free trip somewhere the pledges select. Usually if you get captured you ask hot or cold? To indicate what clothes to pack. Hot meant a beach, cold meant Canada. Anyways, its a fun week because we try to capture pledges too. Haze them, and wait for their pledge brothers to come and try to save them. But it's war. Kidnappings from class took place. High speed car chases, one which an SUV flipped between two trees and almost killed a few brothers. Walk out was quickly suspended after that one.....and the pledges were quickly activated.


12/20 We had to recite Lion-Eating Poet in Stone Den, and if the pronunciation was wrong, we had to eat a big bowl of rice with no side dishes or toppings.


13/20 We had to make a model of our fraternity house. It doesn't sound like much, but they held us to a ridiculously high standard, the model had to be nearly architectural grade (ok not really, but for a college kid with no experience building models this is what it felt like). We had to go get blue prints of the building, do all the conversions to make it to scale and couldn't forget a single detail. If there were seven bars on a balcony bannister there had to be seven on the model. The number of bricks had to match, every little detail. Of course, the first one we made wasn't good enough and got destroyed, additionally because only 5/19 kids in the class actually worked on it. When that happened we had three days to build a new, better version and we had to do it as a team.

All this time we were told it was for a competition, and the brothers kept telling us how our chapter almost always finished in the top three which is why it mattered so much, we had a reputation for excellence within the national fraternity. Anyway, after working in shifts for a long weekend we manage to make a pretty fantastic model. It had working lights, mini patio furniture, fake plants matching all the plants all the way around, the whole thing was perfect. The brothers were very pleased and took it to our local advisors house (a member of the fraternity in his 40s who was our the liaison for nationals.).

A few days later we have a meeting and are all told to bring pillow cases, which at this point we know means we're going on a little field trip. We get into cars and drive off campus to a brothers house and sit in silence in a dark room for a bit (just someones living room, nothing sketchy). After about an hour they take us outside, pillowcases still on, and put us in a circle with our backs towards the middle. After a few moments of silence we begin to feel heat on our backs and are instructed to turn around, at which point brothers pull off our hoods. There, in the center of our circle, was our model that we had sacrificed so much time and hard work on, up in flames.

As we stared in silence, some of us tearing up because of all the hard work we put into it, our pledge trainer starts to give a speech on how as individual members, we each represent the entire fraternity, and it only takes one person, to make one mistake, for everything to fall apart. We need to consider at all times the image that we are projecting to the world, and how our decisions will effect ourselves and our brothers in the future. The fraternity was an organization that was greater than the sum of its parts, and was created and maintained by the hard work and dedication of a handful of people, but even so one wrong decision and it could all come crumbling down.

We had just finished reading a chapter in our handbook about a fire that happened in one of our chapters in 906. There were all sorts of stories about people going back to save brothers, and 6 people ended up dying, so it was an important part of our history as an organization. I felt like this was the perfect pledge activity. It brought us together to work as a team to build the model, and then because of that the symbolism of it burning down in front of us sunk in all the more. There never was a competition, the brothers just colluded ahead of time to coordinate their stories.


14/20 I went to an SEC School with a very large Greek system. Nothing too crazy happened when I joined my Fraternity. Mostly just cleaning the house, driving drunk active members around. The only real hazing we ever had was "Big-Brother Night." This was the night where we were essentially inducted into becoming pledges. It was more funny than anything. They dressed us up in trash bags in some basement, did case races and Tour-De-Franzia until we all puked, then did some ritual stuff. We marched quarter decks in the freezing cold a few times.


15/20 I rushed a fraternity in college and can honestly say that I wasn't hazed. I never had to do anything I was afraid or embarrassed to tell my parents and it actually was a great experience for me. I did, however, have a friend who rushed SAE and had to do some fucked up shit. Most notable being put into a dark basement with the rest of his rushing class. The actives stripped them naked, gave them all tweezers, and proceeded to dump containers of sprinkles on the floor. The object was to sort them by color with the only light coming from a strobe light. If they messed up they'd have to do it again until they got it right. I can't believe he did that. Sounds like a nightmare to me. I just drank and had fun all the time with my frat. Cheers.


16/20 We didn't have hell week but we had two nights everyone went through for initiation: First one was called Feel the Fire. Through all of pledgeship brothers would make comments about how you should "always swim left". Swim left swim left swim left. If someone told you to swim right they were f*cking with you and you have to swim left. Then a brother you really trusted would pull you aside late into pledgeship and say "you'll never make it back if you swim left. You have to swim right." Keep in mind we had no idea what the f*ck this meant. Just that I guess at some point we would be swimming and we should swim left.

Then the day before feel the fire, an older brother would "let slip" that we would all be driven to a town 13 miles away at midnight and we all had to make it back to the fraternity house by morning or pledgeship would be extended indefinitely. We were told to dress warm as there was a creek at one point you had to cross and this was in the middle of October. Well the night finally came and the president made the announcement we'd all be dropped off 13 miles away and had to make it back by morning. They blindfolded us. Put us in cars. Drove us around for 15 minutes. Took us out and sat us all down on the ground then told us to take our blindfolds off.

We were back in the fraternity parking lot with couches set up around a fire where all the brothers sat. 30 of us were sitting in rows of 5 with only the first row able to "feel the fire". It was f*cking cold and you wanted to be in the front row. When a brother yelled "switch" the front row would quickly get up and move to the back and all the other rows would scooch up a row. We spent the next 9 hours awake sitting up straight being told stories, jokes, presentations by the older brothers on whatever topics they liked, some were very sentimental, some were just ragging on other brothers, some taught us advanced accounting and a history lesson on the spread of Kudzu in Georgia.

The catch was the entire time brothers would f*ck with us mercilessly. Including dumping buckets of ice water on the back rows, pelting you with food or empty beer cans. They also made 5-6 pumpkin heads which were just pumpkins with a whole cut out in the bottom and all the pumpkins had to be worn at all times. When a brother yelled "pumpkin switch" you had to pass the pumpkin to a pledge brother. This went on until the sun rose and despite almost getting hypothermia, it was an hilarious night.


17/20 We had a narrow corridor leading to the main living room. We would place a trophy or something on the fireplace and tell the pledges they had to retrieve it. Because of the narrow hallway, numbers didn't count for sh*t. This was also done with all the lights off, except for the red 'emergency/exit' lights, the windows blacked out, and music like mortal combat playing. People would tackle each other and things would usually get pretty intense. We would normally let them win once we saw that they were working together. There were usually a few injuries from both the pledges and brothers, but the idea wasn't to beat the sh*t out of each other, and I think we eventually put people standing on the sides to make sure nothing ever went too far.


18/20 I pledged an SEC school fraternity and it was f*cking brutal. We had a week of nothing the first week and it was great we all thought it would stay like that. Till the 8th day we get calls at 1 in the morning and are all told to report to the house. We did planks on broken glass bottles and bottle caps for about 4 hours.

Another incident, all 50 pledges were taken into a storage locker where members would sit outside and blow smoke in though the hole in the door. Forced to walk 10 miles in shorts and a t-shirt while it was 20 degrees out while soaking wet. Got really sick after that. It was absolutely terrible, I made it two months and dropped cause it was such sh*tty conditions.


19/20 I was in a sorority at a state university in the southwest (you can probably guess which one). The chapter is pretty famous nationwide for... pushing the envelope in terms of rituals and "hazing". Anyway, the little sisters have to go through a few week of the usual stuff, including walking the campus blindfolded, DD duty and outdoors activities. Now after that, that's when things got interesting...

So this is apparently something that goes back a few years in time, but we had this "agreement" with a fraternity at the school. About a month in to the semester, they (our "big sisters" and their frat officers) would arrange a weekend-long party of sorts. Basically what it meant was that we would be paired up for the first night with a fraternity guy each. Beforehand, we would each make a list of 'activities' that we wanted to do - just making out or cuddling naked, bj in public shower, even bdsm. When the pair met, they would compare lists and the things they had in common would be what they would do. If they didn't share any mutual interests, it would by drawing a note from a goblet (don't ask me why). Whatever the note said, that's what the would do.

And as I said, this was over a weekend, meaning we would switch up 2 more times. It was all very fun and I know some couples that met this way haha...


20/20 The sisters poured several containers of sprinkles onto newspaper, and we had to dip our hands in marshmallow fluff and organize them by color. Around 4am after about five hours of this, they told us the whole point of the exercise was that things that belong together (like "sisters!") can't be separated. This was during our hell week, so afterwards we went back to dorms and had to be in the library at 6am in formal wear.



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