20 Curious People Share What Happened When They Googled A Special Someone From Their Past.

We've all wondered what ever happened to our hold high school crush. But have you ever actually looked them up? Based on these responses, that might not be such a great idea...

Here are twenty times people looked up someone from their past and got an interesting result.

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1/20. My aunt gave up a child for adoption because of how young she was when he was born twenty years later we found out he became an NFL player for the Chargers.


2/20. I recently found my best friend from second grade on FB and discovered she is now a very proud stripper. This is fine and all, but what is shocking is that when we were kids, I was the overtly weird and sexual one. She was so innocent that this discovery was a bit jarring. I've been debating whether or not to just show up at the strip club, buy a lap dance, and make it awkward.


3/20. My dad looked up someone he used to be good friends with when he was younger. Turns out he is the creator of a game called Club Penguin and he sold that game to disney and got around 1 hundred million dollars.


4/20. Every couple years, it crosses my mind to try to find my daughter's father. We split when she was ~8 months old (he was abusive) and just after her first birthday, he disappeared, never to be heard from again.

This past time I thought to google him, I found a court case that laid out a lot of details about his troubled childhood. I knew he had a mentally disabled mother, a much older father (60 yrs old when he was born), a somewhat estranged sister, and had been bounced around several foster homes and group homes, all leading to a drug problem in his teens.

When I met him, he was a quiet, shy, sweet guy, and he worked his a** off to help take care of our daughter before his mind broke and he leapt head first off the deep end out of nowhere. I later found out he has Borderline Personality Disorder...

Anyway, this court case was between his parents and the state, the state laying out all his problems and why he needed to never be in his parent's care again. There was extreme starvation, beatings, multiple molestations, just the absolute worst you can imagine. It went on to describe how this all caused him to attempt suicide and self harm at 8 years old as well as acting inappropriate sexually with himself and others.

I just sat there reading in complete shock. I mean, this was horror movie level stuff. I had no clue that he'd been through so much. It made me feel very conflicted. I felt enormous pity and sadness for the child still inside him, gut wrenching, painful sadness. On the other hand, I was thankful that I got myself and especially my daughter away from him.


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5/20. There was a guy that I wrestled in high school when he was a freshman, who ended up being a 3-time state champion. Everyone said he could wrestle at any college in the nation. I googled his name a couple years ago and found out he was in prison for raping his best friend's mother while he was intoxicated.


6/20. Two of my high school classmates became Olympic gymnasts.

One high school crush had a nervous breakdown and brandished a knife at a police officer. He shot her. She survived and eventually opened a massage parlor in Vegas.

A high school classmate (who I always thought was a bit of a dick) became a police officer. He is currently in prison for participating in a drive-by shooting.

A childhood friend moved away and we lost touch. He became an actor, playing "Bulk" on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.


7/20. I grew up in Mexico, and was thrilled when another little girl around my age (this was when I was eight, I believe) moved in next door. We played every day for a long time, and even shared a kitten for a while, until one day it was gone and she just said that it fell off of a chair and broke its neck. We continued to be friends and play every day until she shoved my little brother into a ditch with no provocation. We had a fight about it and I stopped hanging out with her.

I found out yesterday that she is now in prison for a quadruple homicide. She was convicted last year.


8/20. She and I went out a few times in high school, but nothing came of it. I ran into her years later and talked briefly, exchanged contact info and parted. I asked her out, but she kept putting it off, and eventually I stopped asking. Maybe I was never the kind of guy she was interested in, and didn't know how to properly say no, so maybe she gave me excuses, hoping I'd get the hint.

I looked her up some time later and found out she changed her last name. Not terribly uncommon when someone gets married.

Oh. She got married.

Well... good for her, I guess.

I'll just go check out her Facebook profile and yep, there's an album of honeymoon pictures.

And... there's her wife.

That explains a lot. A LOT.


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9/20. One of my best friends in high school is now in the biggest rock band of my country. Every time I see him on tv in his slick rock outfits I see the 16 year old him, pony tail in his neck, old woolen sweater to his knees and army boots. I texted him yesterday when he played a live tv show. I got a text back about one minute after they finished. It's very surreal.


10/20. When I visited New Zealand awhile back, I stopped by a bookstore and picked up an old hardback copy of "Lord Jim" by Josesph Conrad dated 1928, with a "To: Lennox Douglas From: J.E.C" on the first page.

If you're not familiar with Lord Jim, the gist of the plot is this: A young man is crewing on a ratty old transport ship when it has an accident and is expected to sink. The crew, including Jim, pile into the only lifeboat and escape--however the boat does not sink and they are all put on trial and labeled cowards for life. Jim spends his years trying to be a good and brave man in the far corners of the world to atone. And he dies young, in a blaze of glory, so to speak.

Anyway, I googled Lennox Douglas. 13-14 years after receiving this book as a gift, he found himself serving as a crew member on a transport ship in a convoy trying to evacuate allied troops from Greece. The Luftwaffe sunk his ship. Two destroyers stayed behind to help survivors of the wreck... and both of them were also sunk within hours. There were virtually no survivors. The lifeboats were all strafed and sunk as well.

So... I guess...

I honestly don't know how to feel. I haven't figured out the moral yet. It's not just "coincidence," it's not "appropriate" it's just bizarre and unsettling and sad. Maybe a little toast for bravery.


11/20. The first girl I ever had a big crush on in 6th or 7th grade believed that December 21st, 2012 was really going to be the end of the world.

Last I checked she had moved to Brazil, bought a house, a (used) Porsche, and wracked up $30,000-$40,000 in credit card debt. She hasn't worked a day in just over a year.


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12/20. My secret crush from middle school grew up to become P!nk.

Dear Pink: Well done Alecia, this is why I kept it secret. I totally knew you outclassed me.


13/20. A friend who everyone thought was an idiot is a millionaire. I'm really happy for him. I never thought he was an idiot.


14/20. I had a friend during my teenage years that I nearly hung out daily with. We always hung around in skate parks and smoked weed together and had a good time. She was a good friend but moved away at age 17. Lost contact with her, which was partially my fault but thats another story.

Contacted her about 2 year ago again if she wanted to hang out and smoke a little, like in the old days. Got a response and we met and I started smoking. She looked me in the eyes and told me "I am a cop nowadays".

Was kind of strange to see my old friend that was into the punk scene and generally didn`t like cops too much being a cop.


15/20. High school friend (graduated 2010) with a 1 year old child, waiting for her boyfriend to be released from prison so they can get married.


16/20. A guy I went to high school with, and who was best friends with my ex-boyfriend, is now a convicted rapist.

An old friend from the same high school is now a convicted murderer. She stabbed her best friend a few times after they got into a fight.

Yup. My school was a winner. I'm a success story for not being in jail or pregnant and I'm only 22.


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17/20. A few years ago, I was at my Mom's house thumbing through the paper, and I happened to see my 9th grade crush's name in the obituaries. This was a beautiful girl, nice as she could be, and I was just too shy to talk with her. Some 30 years later, her husband shot and killed her.


18/20. I grew up with a girl from elementary school to grade 11. We were never close, but we had a bunch of classes together. Decently connected with my family.

Smart, beautiful, popular.

Her mom was great too, used to clean our elementary school in the mornings.

Haven't seen her in a few years, but I found out her mom had been a bit off. To the point that one night she walked up behind the girl, and slit her throat.

Nicked her carotid artery, but thankfully she made it. Caught her mom and she's being charged.


19/20. This kid I knew in high school always seemed like he was a few cans shy of a six pack. Sweet guy, but he acted like he was always high or high-overed and in general seemed a bit off.

Forward to now, friended him on FB and it turns out he's a local newscaster with a journalism degree and competes in professional ball room dancing. He constantly posts REALLY smart, witty things and in general has his life together, way more than I would've expected...

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Chatting with him, I learned that he never really felt like he had any need to be himself in high school because people were so shallow anyway, so he played a monkey-like character at school and at home practiced his ball room dancing, wrote articles for online publications under a pseudonym, and, (I can only assume), sat around listening to classical music wearing a top hat and a monocle and sipping scotch like a sir. You just never really know people...


20/20. I'm from the suburbs of Chicago, and I had the same best friends since 6th grade. One went MIA when we went to college. Try calling or texting or going by his house and he was just never there or never answered. It's been 2.5 years since I've seen him (we are all seniors now).

Found out this past summer he's studying nuclear engineering in Louisiana and working part time on an oil rig.



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