20 Doctors Reveal Surprising Secrets On How They Feel About Their Jobs.

Doctors travel down one of the more difficult career paths available. Considering their daily experiences, it comes as no surprise when some begin to think of them as more than just human. But what makes us more human than having secrets? The following doctors revealed secrets they would never repeat out loud.

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1. I watched someone die last night. I'm a doctor, it comes with the job. But it never gets easy.

2. I sometimes lie about where I work because I don't want people to like me just because I'm a doctor.

3. I'm a doctor and sometimes I get turned on when I examine an attractive patient.

4. I'm a doctor. I might be a jerk but what matters more is that I'm never bad at work.

5. All my life I felt like no one really listened to what I had to say. So I became a doctor. I want to matter in people's lives.

6. Sometimes being a doctor can be overwhelming. But then I think about the lives I've helped and suddenly it all becomes worth it.

7. I'm a doctor and I avoid saying that to my dates for as long as possible. They start treating me like I'm superior. I just want to be considered special because of who I am, not what I do.

8. If one more person claims that vaccines cause autism, I'm going to lose it. Being a doctor can be incredibly frustrating in the age of Google and WebMD.

9. As a doctor I can't tell you how incredibly pissed off it makes me when my coworkers and I save your life and instead of thanking us you thank "God".

10. As a doctor it seriously bugs me when people don't take a shower, even when they know they have a prostate exam.

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11. I'm a doctor and I'm so happy with what I do, but I'm beginning to think it is consuming my whole life. I'm so scared that I'll never have a source of happiness that is unrelated to work.

12. I'm a doctor. I am trained to make faces that make it seem like I care, when really I don't.

13. Being a doctor is a bummer. I get to know what diseases my future child would get and it make me think that I should just not get pregnant at all.

14. I'm a doctor (this is my first year practicing) and I can't help but feel I get too attached to my patients.

15. I won't lie, I became a doctor for the money.

16. I'm a doctor. I watch fictitious medical shows like Royal Pains and The Night Shift and I ridicule them when they're medically incorrect.

17. Being a doctor is hard. Debt after med school is crazy. Patients are hypochondriacs that trust WebMD. And malpractice insurance is so expensive. I just wanted to help people.

18. I'm a doctor and today for the first time I couldn't hold it in and started crying when I delivered bad news.

19. I became a doctor because I thought it would be like Grey's Anatomy. I was wrong...it's worse.

20. I'm a doctor. Once I told my cancer patient: "It's ok to let go." He passed away the next morning.

Yup. Definitely human.

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