20 Flight Attendants Share Their Most Surprising On-The-Job Confessions.

When your job is to jet thousands of miles into the sky, be responsible for everyone's safety, and plunge back down to earth again, there are bound to be lots of stories that arise. Much like that rolled up pair of socks in your suitcase, these stories are tightly compressed, so as to not create panic. These are funny, sad, and just plain weird.

A big thank you to these flight attendants, who shared their stories on Whisper, a secret-sharing website for anonymous contributors worldwide.

1/20 "I once smoked in the lavatory of a plane and caused an emergency landing...

They never knew what happened."

2/20 "Sometimes I'm terrified of my job...

I pray I make it home everyday."

3/20 I'm a flight attendant and I had an emergency landing...

The whole time I was just thinking, "I really hope this doesn't intrude with my 2:00 hair appointment."

4/20 The stupidity of my passengers is outrageous.

The minute I get off my flight, I drink or take a Xanax.

5/20 Last night I had a one night stand with a passenger I met just that day.

It's not the first time. I think I'm addicted to the rush.

6/20 I love turbulence...

because then I don't have to do beverage service.

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7/20 I slept with 3 men that work for the airline that I now work for...

to get my job as a male flight attendant.

8/20 Being a flight attendant is cool and all...

but the pantyhose and granny shoes have GOT to go.

9/20 When I do night flights, I walk up and down the aisles...

laughing at fliers with their sleeping faces.

10/20 Today I got called a "servant" by a passenger.

We are NOT your servants. We're here primarily for your safety, not to cater to your every whim.

11/20 It seems impossible to find...

someone who will accept that I have to travel a lot.

12/20 No, I'm not flirting with you and no, I do not want to "join the mile high club."

How would you like it if someone came to your work and made you feel uncomfortable?

13/20 Sometimes when I'm doing service and someone asks for the whole can of soda...

I ignore them.

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14/20 I hate dealing with my passengers.

I always hide in the galley and play games on my phone.

15/20 I think it's funny when people try to tip me.

It's very sweet but really not necessary.

16/20 There's nothing I love more about being a flight attendant than sitting in the bathroom to take a big poo.

Dunno why, it's always so nice.

17/20 I feel bad that I wish my plane would crash...

so I could save everyone and people would respect me more.

18/20 If you press the call for help button multiple times rapidly...

I will deliberately give you slow service.

19/20 Trust me... I hate crying babies

as much as everyone else.

20/20 Being a flight attendant is so lonely. I love my job because I love aviation...

but it's not as exciting as people think it is.

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