20 Interviewers Were Asked: 'What's The Most Ridiculous Thing You've Seen On A Resume?'

The night before a big interview most of us will pick out the perfect outfit, go over our practice questions one more time, and print off an extra copy of our resume. But there's a small section of society that leaves that last part to the last minute or doesn't even make one at all...

Interviewers on Reddit were asked: "What is the most ridiculous thing you've seen on a resume?" These are some of the best answers.

1. "None of my references really like me, so please don't believe what they say"


2. Under "certifications" this guy put "bad ass". He didn't get the job.


3. When I worked retail, I once received an application that was filled out with a rainbow pen. Under address they wrote, "Not Relevant."


4. While reviewing resumes that were included for a scholarship application, I happened upon an interesting one, it was a two page resume which I was not too happy about...I turned to the second page to find professionally taken karate action shots of the guy. I felt like an ass for laughing so hard at it because it was a completely serious application, but then that made me laugh harder.


5. "Grate communication and atention to details". On a resume I looked at maybe an hour ago.


6. "I bake great cakes and will share if you give me this job." It was for a mortgage banking position.


7. Used to be a manager of a retail games chain, and you would be surprised at how many people actually put down their gaming achievements on their resume. The one time it worked in the applicant's favour was when a particular candidate listed obviously fabricated and/or absurdly difficult gaming achievements (though it could have only been written by a gamer), which made me laugh and got them to the interview stage.


8. "My name is Mike and I'd like a job. Here is my phone number. Thanks." All nicely typed on the first and only line of the page.


9. World of Warcraft Guild Leader as an example of leadership skills (listed like a previous job)


10. I once worked at an adult bookstore as the over night manager. We had to hire one employee. So the boss said since I had to work with him, I got to pick him. Which I was immediately grateful for, because the people that are willing to work the graveyard shift at a porn shop are usually weird. Looking through the resume's it was clear that I couldn't hire any of them to be a "real" employee. One employee stood out though. I'll call him "dwight" and I'll call him that because his resume read like Dwight's from the office. He listed himself as a shamanistic natural healer by trade, a master of 7 forms of martial arts, a trained hypnotist, a "computer hacker" and several other ridiculous things. I called him in for an interview because i had to meet this guy, I had already pretty much decided we were gonna hire him anyway. He arrived to the interview in a three piece ill fitting suit and was one of the strangest guys I've ever worked with but highly entertaining.


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11. "I am in the top 2% of programmers" No explanation of how that is determined... I should have asked. :-(


12. I once got a resume that had been photocopied crooked, and then the top line said: I am seeking a job at Jugo Juice Stitches. Crossed out. In pencil.


13. Not exactly what you're looking for, but I'm a producer and have read a lot of acting resumes. If you list "dinosaur noises" as a skill, I AM going to make you demonstrate in your audition.


14. I had a guy put "Cougars" in his interest category. Granted, it was for a bar tending position.


15. I interviewed a 24 year old last week who had his previous job experience listed as "Assistant Vice President- Citi Bank"

Turns out he interned for a semester at Citi Bank. Why he didn't think I would not figure out that a 24 year old is not a vice president of one of the largest firms in the world baffles me (even though Citi is way to liberal with their titles).


16. I asked someone to fill out an application, since they didn't have a resume...he only had one previous job, and in the space where it asked why he left, he wrote "got locked up".


17. Left a contact email that started with [email protected]


18. "Applied to Harvard University" under their education profile. Of course, that was not their actual alma mater. Hey, points for trying though? Nah.


19. "Hydration specialist" - she was the water girl for a football team.


20. Warhammer mentioned in every category on the resume.



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