20 Of The Biggest Online Shopping Fails Of All Time. Can I Return This?

Online shopping involves a higher level of risk than in-person shopping. Sometimes, the product comes exactly as promised. Sometimes, well, sometimes you end up with these...

1/20. I Bought This Cup For My Wife Expecting It To Change From A Black Cup To A Christmas Scene

2/20. 3 Years Ago I Unknowingly Bought A 2 Person Child's Tent Thinking It Was Adult Sized...And I Still Took It To The Festival


3/20. Thought I Brought The Cutest Little PJ Set From Ann Summers Until I Looked Closer At The Pattern

4/20. Bought A Rug Online For My Room

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5/20. Tried To Surprised My Mum For Mother's Day. Put This In The Special Requirements And They F***in Print It On The Box

6/20. My Mum Ordered A Cake For My Sister And Asked For A Blond Girl On Top But It Autocorrected To Blind And We Got This

7/20. The "Fur Wolf Tail For Halloween Fancy Dress" I Ordered Off Ebay Has Arrived

8/20. My Mum Ordered My Nephew A Converse Rucksack For School Online And This Is What Came

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9/20. Pretty Sure These Aren't 32" Length

10/20. I Don't Know About This, You Guys. I Don't Think This Is What I Ordered

11/20. Worst Purchase Ever

12/20. My 16 Y.O Daughter Bought This. It Is Ridiculously Small And I Probably Couldn't Legally Post A Pic Of What It Looks Like If She Attempts To Wear It. It Does Cover Cat's Nipples

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13/20. My Roomate Ordered A TV Stand Off Amazon. This Is What Came

14/20. Wtf Never Buying Off E-bay Again

15/20. Thanks For The Flowers Substitution

16/20. What Size Is This?

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17/20. Online Shopping Probs

18/20. What I Ordered VS What I Got

19/20. I Actually Ordered A Tiny Rug. Now It's A Beautiful Bookmark!

20/20. I Think This Company Missed The Mark On "Sized For Large Breed Dogs"

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