20 Of The Weirdest Things People Have Seen In Someone Else's Home.

Have you ever felt like you suddenly fell into a parallel universe, or a Twilight Zone episode. Everyone around you is acting like nothing out of the ordinary has happened, and you stand in awe?

Here are twenty times people saw something totally strange that the people involved thought was normal.

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1/20. I went to a sleepover when I was about 10. The mom came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her waist. She stood there and talked to all the kids with her tits out. Her sons seemed to be used to it. Everyone else was like :O


2/20. Guy across the street from me had his eye removed, as well as a kidney, both in formaldehyde filled jars on his mantel.


3/20. Communal butt sponge, like instead of toilet paper. There were eight people in that household using the butt sponge for every visit to the toilet.


4/20. Open house.

Palace of a home. Marble countertops, breathtaking country view, 5000 sq feet of luxury

Master bedroom was about 30x30 feet with king sized bed on one side.

At the foot of the bed, aross the room was a raised section of floor about 6x6 feet in size, one step higher than the rest of the room.

In the center of that "podium" was just one thing.

A toilet.

No master bathroom, just a throne on a podium to perch upon while (i presume) your spouse offers words of encouragement and enthusiastic applause.


5/20. When I was about ten I was at my best friend's house and his mom told him to go do a chore or something and he said "no". I was completely shocked and just blurted out "You're allowed to say no??".

A couple days later he was mad at me because his mom wouldn't take no for an answer anymore and would say "Well, Urist's parents don't let him say no".


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6/20. Someone keeping chips and snacks in the dishwasher because they never used it.


7/20. I once made the mistake in 2004 of accepting an invite to the weird kid at schools house because he said he had just bought GTA San Andreas. This kids parents would openly spit on the floor/carpet of their house. But that wasn't the worst part, their toilet was broken, and when I told him I needed to go, he directed me to his backyard where his dad had dug a 4ft deep hole where him and his family defecated. Needless to say I chose to wait until I got home.


8/20. Naked portrait of their mom in their dining room.


9/20. My house:

Until I moved out of the house as a young man, I always thought grilled cheese sandwiches were made with a clothes iron heating the sandwich between sheets of aluminum foil.

Those were some flat AF grilled cheese sandwiches.


10/20. When I was in high school, my dad's coworker had a photography business on the side from his government job. He agreed to take my senior year photos for a great price. Keep in mind my dad only knew this man professionally. He seemed totally normal- married with a wife & kids in the suburbs.

Said man also said that we can have lunch before the shoot. Sounds good. So there we were my mom, dad, me and siblings show up to this man's house. Every wall was covered and I mean covered in paintings of naked women (I don't think there was an inch of bare walls). I am not talking about renaissance or tasteful paintings. I mean like there was one with a woman on a throne made of swords in a leather jacket with her massive bush hanging out and another of a naked woman riding a tiger or a woman in bondage.

I never saw one family photo.

He gave us a tour of the whole house saying that these painting were "one of a kind" or "first editions" He even showed us some of his work of his kids adult baby sitter naked in a field. All of it was super creepy. On the way back home I remember as soon as the car door shut I screamed WTF & my dad was like "I swear I had NO IDEA, he seemed like a normal guy." Pictures turned out great though.


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11/20. Four to five litter boxes overflowing with cat sh*t. The worst part is that he only has one cat. He dedicated an entire room to be filled with cat sh*t and piss and apparently, instead of emptying the litter boxes, he just bought new ones.


12/20. Having absolutely no soap whatsoever. They believed water could do the job, and that soap was 'society's lies.'


13/20. When I was a kid, I went over to a friend's house from church. The place was pretty messy.

The weirdness: She had two little dogs, like terriers of some kind. Little hyper yippie ones. She kept a box of dog treats just on the ground, open, on it's side, with the treats spilling out and within easy reach of the dogs.

Thing is, they wouldn't actually go for the treats until she gave them permission as a reward! And they were super excited to get them, like dogs normally are when they get one!

It was the weirdest thing. They weren't trained in any other way (except basic housebreaking), but I would be shocked if those dogs went for the treats when everyone was sleeping and there was no one around to notice.

She trained them to only get treats on command so she wouldn't have to get up to give them treats.


14/20. I was at a friend's house party the once while his family was away.

I was told I could sleep in his mom's bed with my girlfriend.

In his mom's room there was a chest freezer next to the bed.

Out of sheer curiosity I wondered why someone would need a freezer in their room.

Turns out it's to store loads of loaves of bread. Like, 20.



15/20. When visiting my buddy's college off-campus house he had a plethora of snacks in his bathroom. I asked what they were for and he said in case he got hungry when taking a sh*t or in the shower.


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16/20. Old lady in assisted living had at least 100 "antique" toasters stacked and packed everywhere in her 500 sq ft. unit.

On my way out she gave my coworker and I a warm Ensure shake and practically implored that i go to Goodwill and check out their toasters.


17/20. When I was a kid, there was a boy named Jeremy in our apartment complex. I was 9 and he was a year older than I. One day he invites me over to his place to check out his comics. When I walked in the front door, his father was sitting in his recliner watching TV. I walked up to say hi to him and didn't realize until it was too late that his father was completely naked. I was pretty shocked and taken off guard by it. When we went upstairs I asked Jeremy, "Why is your dad naked?" He said his dad was always naked. I never went over to Jeremy's place again.


18/20. I was on the opposite end of this.

I had a friend over once and he stuck is hand out and leaned on the wall, and I gently pushed his arm down and said "Don't touch that". He was like, " ... What? The wall?"

I said "Yeah, don't touch the walls. You'll leave fingerprints on it."

I got a dumbstruck stare in return, and it was at that moment that I realized how strange it was that I grew up in a house where we were not allowed to touch the walls.


19/20. I have this one friend who always complains about not having enough money. The fact he's always talking about it is a little annoying, but understandable, seeing we're both just Uni students.

I went over to his place one day to hang out and it was the first time I've ever been there. Firstly, there was stuff everywhere. Aside from the floor, there was not a single uncovered surface in the house.

That's not the weird part though, it's a mess, but I've seen that before.

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What was really weird was the amount of $50 bills just lying around everywhere. There were more of these bills next to the TV, in the kitchen and sticking out from behind furniture than I even have.

Like, they weren't in one place or anything. There'd have to be at least a grand in randomly placed cash.


20/20. Carpet in the bathroom. It just makes no sense.



They actually used their treadmill for exercise instead of as a clothes rack like the rest of humanity.



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