20 Of The Worst Cases Of Oversharing Ever Witnessed On Social Media.

People on Reddit were asked: "What's the worst case of over-sharing you've experienced on social media?" These are some of the best answers.

1/20 Girl posted about how she didn't like taking it up the butt, and that she was announcing this fact so that future boys would stop asking her to put it up the butt.


2/20 Some girl was bragging to her rival ho that she stole her man and posted a pic of his dick, rival ho replies with "nah that ain't him, THIS is what his dick looks like" and posted another dick pic, first girl decides to post more to compare. Ended up posting about a dozen dick pics from what seemed like 4-6 different men, trying to out-hoe each other.


3/20 Girl on Facebook went on a rant about how her boyfriend is shit and embarrassed her and he totally has a tiny cock etc... He replied that he dumped her because after being together for 4 years she f*cked her college dorms janitor.

She replied that he's just making shit up because he's salty that he couldn't keep up with her anymore. He posted screen shots of her texts with the janitor including a pic she sent the guy of her sucking his dick saying "remember lol :P"

Girl flipped her f*cking mind claimed he photo shopped it, and deleted her Facebook.


4/20 People posting "proof" that their toddler used the potty. I don't want to see your child's literal shit, thanks.


5/20 After recovering from a horrific labor, I asked my husband to load 2 pictures off of my camera on FB. He did that, plus the whole f*cking ROLL. My abused, swollen bloody vagina (had a 3rd degree tear, stitched up) was on facebook for over 24 hours before my BROTHER alerted me. No one else f*cking told me. I'm still pissed, and this was 3 years ago! He doesn't touch the f*cking camera! EVER


6/20 This drama saga graced my newsfeed for months. This girl I went to high school with met and married this guy who was like 25 years her senior. He was from out of state and they married not long after meeting. I thought it was really weird, but whatever.

Not even 2 months into the marriage, she starts posting rants about how her new husband's ex won't stop "stalking" him. Apparently this woman had a baby and she was claiming it was his. Not only that, she was claiming that she was also his fianc and he had run out on her. My former classmate would post day in and day out about how she was just some "homewrecking bitch" who wanted to ruin what they had because she was jealous.

Well one day, hubby gets served papers at work. He's being sued by this woman for child support. I know this because my classmate posted every juicy detail about it on Facebook. Her hubby vehemently denies all of it. He claims he's never even met this woman, that she's a crazy stalker, that her kid isn't his, etc. Court day rolls around and my classmate is updating her status like crazy. Hubby is requesting a DNA test. The suspense is left to build for a few more days.

You'll never guess what happened, guys! The results came back and he totally was the father. Not only that, he was also the other woman's fiance. Oh shit. Now the entire story spills out. Turns out this guy skipped town once he found out his fianc was pregnant (for whatever reason). He met and married my classmate and took her name, thinking that would somehow throw his ex off the trail so she couldn't sue him for child support. LOL.

For a couple weeks, my classmate would post statuses about "standing by her man no matter what", but ultimately they were divorced by the end of the year.


7/20 My good friends sister Instagrammed a picture of a bloody maxi pad with the caption "praying for what could have been" after she literally had just got an abortion. It got a shit load of likes. I promptly unfollowed.


8/20 Ahh this trainwreck girl I went to high school with.

My brother and I have coworkers who add her just for the pure entertainment value. She's tamed down because she recently had a baby (much to society's dismay). But, among other things she's live updated her Facebook feed on: cheating on her husband, justifying her decision to do so because the guy works at subway and was going to be the manager soon, so he's better than her husband anyway, her cat's labor, the subsequent rekindling of her marriage, her blowout fight with her SIL and brother over them apparently not allowing her to see her niece, her brain tumor, her multiple ear infections, how drunk she is (x1000)


9/20 When my friend was posting her Doctor's comments on her cervix and its condition (velvety and pliable, if you were wondering) I was f*cking done.


10/20 There was a girl I went to high school with who once posted pictures of a clear plastic decorative skull filled with gunk that appeared to be hanging from the ceiling in her house. She then went on to explain in the caption and comments that the skull was filled with period blood that she had been collecting from a diva cup. And putting into a plastic skull in her living room.

Beyond the obvious question of why would you do that in the first place, but why on earth would you share pictures of that on Facebook? I am still baffled to this day.


11/20 I'm sorry, I know it's sad but I don't want to see pictures of your stillborn child before it was buried.


12/20 A close childhood friend's full descent into schizophrenic madness, documented daily with as much as 20 Facebook status updates over the course of the past six years. At first, it was just him finding religion, then it went full fundie, then it got hateful (gays, cancer patients, basically everyone deserves death), then he started seeing and hearing things and now he thinks he's a prophet, literally a modern Noah. He has left the sinful world behind and is preparing a cult compound (his ark!) for the end of days on a farm his wealthy, enabling father bought him. Facebook is his means of preaching to the outside world.

He believes America is Sodom and when the end comes, the few remaining righteous will be saved on his farm and he will be a king. He also believes the Lord has promised him a wife and that she is coming to the farm any day now....funny how the date of arrival keeps getting pushed back! He even posts pictures of her. Very creepy. I reverse image searched them on google and she's just some random girl from California who probably has no idea who he is.

It's fascinating, like witnessing a train wreck. You just can't look away.


13/20 One girl I used to go to high school with posted a status like 'worst christmas ever' and her partner replied saying 'it' wasn't that bad, I'm sorry'. She then posts saying 'You slept with a prostitute under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve whilst your kids and I slept in the next room.'

Happy holidays!


14/20 10 year old posted that he got his first pubic hair. I'm sure he will be cringing about it his whole life.


15/20 She and her "husband" married at 18 and 19 years old. She is from Canada, he is from the Bahamas. They met online through a mutual friend. They "dated" online for about 6 years before the marriage, but only really saw each other a couple of times before tying the knot. The whole time they dated, she posted over and over on the hour how in love she was, meanwhile he was never online.

After they graduated and married, she moved in with him in the Bahamas and deleted every person from Canada on her Facebook. They were together for a year and she started vaguebooking. No more lovey statuses about how happy they were. Then in August, she re-added her Canadian pals. Her timeline was nothing but vague, depressing posts and memes about being faithful, being a good wife/husband, true love, a strong marriage, babies, heaven, and god.

So then shit got real. She came back to Canada at the end of August. Every single day was a long post about hating her husband, calling him a filthy, lying piece of shit, saying she isn't divorced but she is separated. Every day was like the page of an angry teens diary, because that's pretty much what it was. She only just turned 21 when this all happened. So then she starts posting about her miscarriage. I knew she was baby crazy, but she got unreal with it. Multiple statuses a week talking to her dead fetus, calling it by name, and the same number of statuses written speaking to her dead Aunt telling her to take good care of her baby. Then she posted a multi-paragraph essay about what happened between her and her husband. What I gathered was: She has undiagnosed mental health issues, she saw a counsellor who advised she see a doctor about medication, she has many physical health problems that doctors don't help her with, she says she shouldn't have gotten married, he hit her dog. Now she was a drama queen since she was very young, so I wasn't sure he actually hit her dog, or if her issues were coming between them and she wanted out or both.

So now, phase 3: things get batshit insane. She is still in Canada. Facebook is filled with "heartfelt apologies" and the rantings of a madwoman going on about life and God and her dead fetus and her mistakes and his mistakes and she starts going more baby crazy. Eventually, she realizes that she will never have her baby without a partner. Instead of finding someone more suiting and actually divorcing him, she gets back with him. You read it right. After ruining his reputation more than it already was by being with her, she "took him back". In December, they were officially back together and he came to Canada for Christmas. In fact, he came back again and they are here together now. She lives with her parents, and honestly I pity what her parents must hear.

All of this, and much more, comes from her Facebook.


16/20 Guy I went to school with posted a status, most likely while drunk based on the 1am timestamp, asking if any guy on his friends list was interested in having sex with his wife while he watched.

One of her family members called him out on that not being something to post on Facebook and he got into an argument with them.


17/20 You really don't need to share the porn that you watch...


18/20 My one relative has no boundaries when it comes to social media. She is a hypochondriac, treats her daughter like she's a god and belittles her son like he's a demon.

The worst was when her husband was recovering from cancer. She posted how much their medical bills were (America btw), all in an attempt to gain sympathy from her fans/friends. Meanwhile she had bought herself a new car while her husband was in the hospital...


19/20 A girl I went to high school with live-tweeted during her entire labor. Updates every ten minutes about how dilated she was, how badly she felt like she had to push, how terrified she was that she was going to poop on the table, lol oops she DID poop on the table...


20/20 I saw a post from this guy I went to high school with. His status was something along the lines of "I cheated on my wonderful girlfriend and I'm sorry. I was confused and I love her so much she is the best thing that ever happened to me. I don't even know why I slept with the other girl, she was dirty and ugly. I'm apologizing publicly because my gf asked me to to prove my love" (he was in his 20s and his girlfriend was abut 18)

All of his friends responded, asking why he would ever do this, no one needs to know this shit, and if your girlfriend asked you to do this then you should breakup with her. The girlfriend then starts messaging back ( from his account) about how she thought this would make her feel better. Gf, her cousin and all of the friends get into a discussion about the situation. They end up helping her work through her feelings and tell her to break up with him because she deserves better. Finally the guy realized what was going on, said goodbye to everyone and is probably single right now.



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