20 People Answer The Question: What’s One Thing You Do That You Think Nobody Else Does?

Deep down, we're all weirdos.

1/20. I mentally count steps when I'm walking up or down a staircase. No matter what I do to drown the mental counting, there's always this tick tock tick tock. I could tell you offhand that there are 17 steps upto the first floor in my place, 96 at the KG metro station, 74 upto my classroom in college, 26 upto the Computer lab, 45 at the Shadipur metro station.

And no, I could be listening to music or conversing with a friend while on the stairs and still mentally counting. I'm the only one doing this, right? :P
Niharika Kohli

2/20. Think about conversations with people I randomly meet.
Jeremy M. Thompson

3/20. I have this odd obsession that has followed me all my life. Whenever I watch television or any device which emits sounds, I have the uncontrollable need to change the volume to an even number. I cannot watch it if the volume is at, lets say, 13 or 27. I am not sure where this originated, but whenever people notice this habit of mine, they never relate.
Victoria Pierce

4/20. I like to have a pencil and keep underlining favorite lines while reading any book , be it books related to my coursework , fiction , non fiction, anything. My friends used to tease me because it takes forever for me to finish a book and this habit makes it even slower for me to finish a book!
Varsha Devnani

5/20. Until I was in high school, whenever I accompany my mom to a babys shop to buy gifts for a newborn baby for example, I would buy a new baby milk bottle. And then I would drink milk from them on weekends.
Gabriele Kembuan

6/20. It may not be something only I do, but one habit I have is that whenever I'm in the car and the meter's ticking, I repeat random words, sometimes of a song, in my head according to the ticks.
Emily Thans

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7/20. I imagine my parallel selves.

Whenever I choose a certain driving or walking route to somewhere, I imagine that my parallel self took the other route. Will she get there faster than me? Will she come across a friend? Will she be stuck in traffic?
Shai Lagarde

8/20. Several times a day I wonder something like, "I wonder how many people died doing that?" Ordinary things like being stopped at a stop sign and another car miss something and plunge right into their side door.

Or wonder what some people were thinking when they died. No one in particular. Could even be an imaginary person.
Bianca N. Diesel

9/20. I use junk mail envelopes for making my grocery lists on every week.
Tom Byron

10/20. When I pass a highway maintenance vehicle on the side of the road mowing the grass I cover the side of my face (side facing mowers) as I drive by. You never know when something they hit will fly out and strike your side window.
Tom Byron

11/20. If I'm driving in a car (whether as a passenger or as the driver) I push my tongue to the inside of my left cheek between every barrier on the highway. This could mean between every mile counter, or in between the cars, or between two trees, the key is that it's constant. I essentially push my tongue between those two things.

It's weird, I've never told anyone I do it, and it's not entirely a choice, but more something that happens naturally. I don't know why I started doing it, and I'm not sure I'll ever stop.
Hannah Baxter

12/20. If I am walking, I have to take the same number of steps with each foot. Sometimes, I will take an extra step back and forward again to compensate for this and make it even.
Ashley Trowel

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13/20. Whenever Im alone, I talk to myself. Its old habit from growing up an only child. Ive tried many, many times to break myself of this habit, but I find that I am much more productive and creative when Im able to voice my thoughts aloud and talk myself through tasks.
Ashley Trowel

14/20. While watching any movie I immediately run a quick search for the movie on IMDb and read the trivia and the goofs sections, so that I can actually confirm them while I continue to watch the movie.
Sneha Suresh

15/20. I have worn the same shirt at least twice a week for 5 years now to work/school/formal events.
David Payne

16/20. I sometimes shave my butt hair whenever I might see a lady, or when I might go swimming to save myself from any potential embarrassment.
David Payne

17/20. I write my password first and THEN my email ID when logging into Facebook.
Pravasi Meet

18/20. I have a habit of counting my teeth with the tip of my tongue. I do this several times a day, everyday.
Zoe Blake

19/20. I go for weeks at a time not washing my hair. Too lazy to wash. More than being lazy, it's just taking advantage of my hair (it hides the sticky and oily look pretty well).
Pooja K Swamy

20/20. I have this inexplicable need to get a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream, mix it all up till its kind of creamy, like a very very thick smoothie and eat it with a baby spoon. It's a guilty, slash weird pleasure of mine.
Lee Ortiz

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