20 People Share A Common Stereotype About Their Country That Is Totally Untrue.

Globalization has provided most of the globe with easy-to-access knowledge of the world. Yet, despite proof that most stereotypes are nothing more than oppressive forces based on generalizations, they continue to persist. Some stereotypes are absolutely bonkers!

When people around the world were asked to share the most ridiculous stereotype about their country, they flocked to the internet to respond. Here are some of the best answers we found...

1/20. South Korea: I cannot help you with your math homework. And we do not have sideways vaginas.

2/20. Not all Brits have bad teeth.


3/20. So many people who know I'm from Zimbabwe (or even just Africa) think I'm some sort of poor, uneducated charity case. Are you kidding me? The idea that an entire continent is one big World Vision commercial is ludicrous. I'm highly educated, I work for Google, I have a pet cat and two kids.


4/20. French here, and yes we shower. It drives me absolutely wild when Americans ask me if I shower and wear deodorant. In fact, I've found the French to be much more concerned with their hygiene and appearance than most of the Americans I've met. Well, the French in Paris, anyway.

5/20. As a dutch person, we do not go around the red light district all day while smoking weed and eating gouda cheese before walking back to our windmills on our clogs.

Oh actually, thats all we do.

6/20. That all Americans are impolite when traveling to other countries.

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7/20. I'm from Ireland and people think we go around saying ''diddley deee potatoes'' and all that stuff.

8/20. It's a common stereotype that all Swedes are blue eyed and have orgies all the time.

Not all Swedes have blue eyes.


9/20. I do not replace my L's with R's. I swear it's as though I'm the first Chinese (or just Asian in general) person anyone I ever meet has seen.

10/20. Italian here.

Pizza, Mafia, Mandolino UE UE UE!

Yeah. Please, just stop that. Please.

11/20. I hate all of you who think that Canadian's are super apologetic EDIT* Sorry for those I offended.

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12/20. Scotland here. There's an idea that all our men wear kilts all the time. For most men, it's only really at weddings, and 90% of them don't even wear them properly.

13/20. I am Aberdonian, I am not a sheep-shagger.

14/20. I'm from Greenland. We don't live in igloos.

15/20. Indians do not speak "Indian." There are hundreds of different languages spoken in India, not one of them named Indian.

16/20. I've lived in Texas my whole life but I don't say y'all, and I've never ridden a horse.

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17/20. That all Spaniards dance flamenco, like bullfighting and sleep siesta* (AKA taking a nap) everyday. And that we're related to Central/South America.


18/20. Not all Americans are fat, stupid racists. Sorry everyone.


19/20. Not all Indians own a 7/11 or motel. The rest do not work in IT.

Not all Indians have arranged marriages.

Not all Indians like spicy food.

And above all India is not a land of "spirituality" stop going there to find yourself. Come to meet the locals, come to see the history, Come to see the beautiful country, but for heavens sake leave your condescending "spiritual" self at home.

20/20. Mexicans are not lazy.

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