20 People Share The Weirdest Way They Became Friends With Someone.

"Sometimes me think, What is friend? Then me say, Friend is someone to share the last cookie with."

This article is based on the AskReddit question: "What's the weirdest way you became friends with someone?"

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1/20. I hated a girl I worked with because my crush would hit on us both. One day I went up and asked her about him. We realized he was saying and doing the same things towards us both. So we bonded over mutual hatred.


2/20. When I was 13, I bought a wheelchair at a garage sale for $20. One day I was trying to ride wheelies with the chair in my driveway. Random kid riding by on his bike saw me and asked if he could try.

20 years later, both of us were best men at each other's weddings and we can still ride a wheelies like pros.


3/20. Scene: Me, 6th grade, kid who never talked to me was talking to his girlfriend, I was talking with some of my friends.

Kid overhears me even say the WORD "Halo."

"Wait hold on." He leaves his GF's side.

"You have Halo?"

"Yeah man."

"Can I come over we can play?"

"Yeah man."

10 years later, and still buds.


4/20. We both broke our arms at the same relative time in elementary school so every day during recess me and him played board games instead of that. That was mid 2000's and we're still bros to this day.


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5/20. When I was around 10 years old, if I was playing in the backyard I would bark back in response to any dogs I heard barking in the neighborhood. I guess I liked to think I was talking to them or something. One day, I'm barking back and forth with a dog and my dad walks into the backyard to tell me to come around to the front to see who I'm barking with. Turn out it was another ~10 year old girl who liked to walk up streets and bark to try and communicate with dogs trapped in their yards. So then we (obviously) became super good friends until she moved away a couple years later. Totally weird, in hindsight.


6/20. There was a guy in high school that we just called "God" because he was so beautiful. I mean Greek chiseled God kind of beautiful.

One day he asked me out. Found out he had a girlfriend. And she and I had friends in common. One such friend was a drama loving kind of person. She decided we should fight over him.

I am not a fighter. But I figured I had a good chance, the girlfriend and I were same size and build.

We went out to parking lot.. With everyone chanting "fight, fight, fight". She looked at me and I at her. I was terrified, all senses aware. Hypersensitive.

"Do you want to hug?" she asked. "Uh, umm.. What?" I counter. "Do you want to hug instead of fight?" she asked again. "Yes" as I hug her, "good idea"".

Best friends, soul mates even, for 16 years now.


7/20. Back in school I was bored in class - I forget which one, probably history (I love history, but most people suck at making it interesting). Teacher was droning on so I was swinging back on my chair looking around for nothing in particular, made eye contact with another dude who was doing the exact same thing. We smirked & nodded, then next class sat next to each other. That dude became my best mate for 3 years.

True bros don't even need words.


8/20. When I was 3 years old, I went bowling with my family. I couldn't bowl because hey, I was just barely larger than the bowling ball. According to my mom, I was trying to push the ball when this other little girl came up to me and said "you're really bad at that." I went and cried to her and the other girl's mom made her go apologize to me.

She and I have been best friends for the last 17 years.


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9/20. I was in High school in America. Girl had some fascination with me. She tried desperately to get me to talk to her. Oh wow you're from the middle east? I love your accent! She once asked me if I wanted to come over to her place and hang out. I laughed and said

"no sorry. I'm going home to play Doom and eat Hummus"

"Which doom?"

"Uh. The original. For my PC."

"Can I come and play?" She came over. Played doom. We became inseparable. She had lots of health issues and id visit her in the hospital and set up doom on my Snes for her. We would drive in my car for hours having fun. Walk through cornfields. Ride horses. We lost touch right before I graduated. After searching for one another for many years we reconnected a few months ago. I flew to America to see her. That night we played doom.


10/20. Attempted to run away from home in the 9th grade. I went to school that morning. Before class I approached one of the groups of people that hung out near where me and my friends hung out. I joined the circle and told them I was "running away, can I stay with somebody?" One person said yes, so we skipped school and became friends for 10 years. I was the best man at his wedding.


11/20. I got an ex boyfriend to help me move, his super jealous girlfriend insisted on coming with him... Half way through the move me and her started cracking jokes about her boyfriend, while carrying some boxes into the garage, well me being as uncoordinated as I am, trip and hit her wrist with a crow bar I was carrying in, It ended up breaking a bone in her wrist and I spent all night in emergency room with her while her boyfriend finished up moving the boxes, while at the hospital we bonded. To this day I don't know how it works but we are best of friends 5 years later.


12/20. Met my best friend at a trivia night. Our group got the last available table, and he asked if his group could sit with us. He was with two other people and I was with two other people, and now neither of us talk to anybody else we were with that night.


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13/20. This girl and I were in the same home room in Junior High. During a break a bunch of us from the class were just exploring about. I felt like a weird tagalong but no one complained so w.e.

At the back of the school we found some broken glass. I got excited and was like "these are diamonds!" and the girl joined in immediately. We made all sorts of crazy plans for what we were going to do with those diamonds.

And suddenly I had a friend. Still my best friend 15 years later.


14/20. Had a friend last year in college post a picture of a hamster. I wanted to play with it. I asked my friend if I could, and she said it was her roommates but that I could play with it anyway.

I go to her room and as I'm playing with the hamster we discuss how badly we want to see the northern lights. We then, after knowing each other for about 2 hours, book a trip to Norway. (We are international students so we can travel on a whim)

She and I become very close, we are living in a house together this year all because of a hamster.


15/20. First day of school one year, a tornado touched down a mile away from the high school campus five minutes after the last bell. I was ushered into the girls' locker room (I'm male) and after the all clear realized I'd left my textbook in the locker room. Only one person in the lobby, a girl I'd spoken to only once before. Awkwardly asked her to get my textbook. She's now my best friend, because of that wild tornado-y day.


16/20. I was in 6th grade waiting for class to start outside on the basketball court. I noticed a tall kid kicking a pine cone, I walk up to him and ask him if he has ever played zelda. 14 years later still buds.


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17/20. When I was in 7th grade, we had this crappy exercise thing called Walk The Walk. Basically walk around the outside of the school (we were on a slope/hill). Being very lazy, I hated it. One day, this new kid called Jack came to our school, with a broken leg from ice hockey. Obviously she couldn't do Walk The Walk and the teacher asked if anyone was willing to stay back. I volunteered and we are now best friends.


18/20. So in 8th grade I asked a girl out, she rejected me and this other boy was accepted. A year later me and him are in marching band and since we both are in the low brass we had to send time together. I insulted him and he insulted me after 30 minutes of this we started to laugh.

Still friends to this day.


19/20. First year of high school, sat in art class waiting for the teacher to turn up some one throws a rubber across the room and hits some in the head. Cue the entire class tossing rubbers and other random stationary around the room, just as the teacher enters, me and this other guy are the last to notice and throw rubbers at each other. We were both given detention and bonded over the mutual lack of awareness. 16 years on and I still consider him my best friend. And will for the rest of my life.

I'll miss you buddy, taken far too soon.


20/20. At a high school party. We were all underage drinking, cops showed up. Started to run and hop fences. I lost my friends and was on the side of a house. Then a random kid ended up on the side of the same house with me who lost his friends. We both end up running down the street together. His older sister happened to be driving by and saw him. Told him to get in the car and he told me to jump in too. Saved me from getting arrested. 15 years later, still one of my best friends.



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