20 People Share Their Most Horrific Hotel Room Experiences.

This article is based on the AskReddit question "What was wrong with the worst hotel room you ever had?"

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1/20. A cheap Comfort Inn in Texas. After taking a shower, I grabbed the blow dryer, pointed it towards my head and turned it on. An object blew out of the dryer, slapped against my forehead and bounced into the sink. Took me a second to realize it was a live cockroach.


2/20. My girlfriend and I walked into the room and felt something wet on the floor. We couldn't see anything because the lights were off. So we turned on the lights and see the toilet is just broken. Didn't overflow, the tank is just cracked and water is pouring everywhere. The entire bedroom and bathroom is soaked.

Go down to let them know and request money back and cancel the room for that night, they offer us another room instead. Okay, sure. Walk into the new room, someone is already staying there. The poor woman looked horrified when we walked in. Got ALL our cash back after that and left.


3/20. Found myself stranded in a small town in Colombia. I asked a police officer for the cheapest place to stay, he pointed me in one direction but also suggested the second cheapest hotel. I dismissed his suggestion figuring I'd be leaving early the next day. I went down into a basement and knocked on a metal door and this elderly woman let me in but was surprised that I wanted to stay. I asked her how much for the night and it took a minute for her to calculate it. We start walking to the room and from the room next door emerges a guy and a hooker. The guy pays the old woman for the hour room rental and I realized where I was staying. The room had a plywood bed with a blanket for a mattress and used condoms in the trash. There were earrings on the sink and the shower was just a pipe in the wall. I fell asleep on top of the bed to the sweet sound of Colombians copulating.


4/20. Found the creepy old guy that runs the place behind the motel peeking in my window, while I was there. My work was paying for the place and I told them move me now, or I'm going to need bail money. I can only imagine what he did while I wasn't there.


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5/20. We choose a ground floor hotel room in Cancun, unfortunately their was a gap on the bottom of the front door and the room was overrun by palmetto bugs.

The damn things fly, they sound like little helicopters. Girlfriend woke me up asking what the sound was, turned on the light and holy shit they were on the floor, the walls and on our bed.

We literally just put on our clothes after shaking them out a few times and went through the balcony exit, went to the concierge and demanded a room on the 4th floor.

After they saw the room they stopped arguing and comped us dinner and drinks plus gave us a new room.


6/20. So I fell asleep with the door locked, sleeping in the chair because the bed was broken. Woke up with three homeless guys watching tv in my room. They seemed pretty cool but it still freaked me the hell out.


7/20. Our hotel room was in the basement down a long, dark hallway with half the bulbs burnt out and around two or three corners, was fully prepared to meet a murderer in the dark. Got into the room, and a whole bunch of stuff was duct-taped together. Air-conditioner duct-taped in several places and duct-taped into the window. Shower head repaired with duct tape. Duct tape holding the couch and desk together. It was like being in Red Green's motel.


8/20. Some seedy place in Montreal: the whole place stunk of cigarette smoke, but the icing in the cake was that someone came into the room and switched on the light during the night, waking me up. I was sleeping naked and was too scared to move (I was 20 and spending my first night in Canada) so I just stayed perfectly still while the person stood at the door. After probably 20 seconds, the light went off and they disappeared Left on a bus to Quebec City early the next morning so never found out what it was to do with.


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9/20. I once got to my hotel in Abu Dhabi, the place my customer had recommended right across the street from his office.

I walk in, and the lobby is full of people from the two nightclubs in the hotel. It also smells a bit like smoke, but I chalked that up to the clubs.

I got checked in, and as I was walking to the elevator to go to my room, I was approached by a woman asking me if I wanted "a massage." I declined, moved on, and was approached by a different woman with a similar offer while waiting for the elevator.

Then I got to my room. It looked perfectly serviceable but smelled like the place where ashtrays go to die - and yes, it was a nonsmoking room. It was also directly above one of the nightclubs, and sounded like it. That was enough for me. Hotel crawling with hookers + stinky room + club noise = Nope. Walked back down to the front desk, told them to tear up my credit card receipt, and called the Hilton down the street from the taxi.


10/20. I lived in a weekly-rate hotel in suburban Atlanta for 6 weeks when I was between apartments. I lost count of the number of men asking how much I cost. Once a man followed me home from the bus station and when I turned him down for casual sex, he chased me all the way to my room. I've never ran so fast.


11/20. It was NYC in January. The window was jammed open, but with the heat on it just about evened out at around 18 degrees in the room. The door had an extra interior bolt on it because the key cards weren't secure (we found this out at 3am when a kind security guard woke us up to ask ' if this door is supposed to be wide open?' Um, no!). The water ran brown and at one point and wouldn't shut off.

I ran to get someone and found a maid. English was her second language but she spoke it fine - the trouble was that I'm Scottish, and in my blind panic I forgot the word faucet and kept saying THE TAP BROKE WATER IS COMING OH GOD THE TAP and she kept saying tap? Tap? And tapping on objects in utter confusion. By the time we got to the room it was minutes away from flooding over the side of the tub.

None of that compared to our friends down the hall, who found the word 'murder' written on their window. When they tried to wipe it off it was written backwards on the outside, and the window was stuck shut. Great hotel.


12/20. This happened to me in Daytona, FL. I was down there working and had a super long, stressful day. Finally time for bed... Pull the covers back, and blood. A bunch of it. And it wasn't dark and dry, it was bright red and still wet. So nasty! Then they send up a guy, who resembles the creep in Scary Movie 2, with new sheets. I'm like, thanks.. I will change them myself.


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13/20. While we were in Egypt, one of my Friends found a small green lizard in his room. He got closer and closer to it but it didn't move. So he tried talking to it.

"Hello Mr. Lizard!" No response (of course) so he then decided to poke it with a pen because he was clearly asleep.

The problem is Mr. Lizard wasn't asleep, he was definitely dead. When he poked it, its belly stuck to the carpet and all his guts spilled out.

"Oh noooo... Mr Lizard


14/20. Hotel in Vietnam. We were really scraping by till the next pay check and found this back street room for 10 bucks. We went in - there were bars on the windows and a lock on the outside of the door. All my spidey nope senses went wild but my partner really needed to sleep. I let her sleep whilst I wedged the door open and sat watching the doorway. My life being sold as a drug mule flashed in front of my eyes for about 5 hours.


15/20. It was at a Greek Mythology themed casino/hotel resort in Macau, China (the Asian Las Vegas pretty much) and the hotel was shut down recently due to public safety concerns...

Anyways so it was our first night in the city and my family and our cousins checked into the hotel. Having been to Vegas' themed hotels, I expected at least a similar quality, but the hallways were dark and shabby, with a tad smell of liquor and cigarettes in the air. And this was just the beginning.

The showers were dark and there was long black hair on the shower floor, not unlike a horror movie. The tv was an old box that played in black and white and very static in color (this was 2014, at a RESORT) Then the final straw came when my dad moved the sofas to make small beds for our cousins, and there was ehat looked like a shotgun hole hidden by the sofa and a used condom, still leaking the lustful fluids from those before... Our uncle arrived too the next day and set us up in the much nicer5-star Venetian.


16/20. When I checked myself in, the clerk handed me the remote control for the TV in the room. I thought that was strange, but whatever.

When I walked into the room, there was a flyswatter, just in case we needed it. The water was brown and everything was dingy. The worst part was that there was only two hotels in the city, and the one we were staying in was supposedly the good one.


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17/20. Once, I got a hotel room where the bathroom wasn't in a separate room, or even closed off at all. One of the walls just had a toilet up against it and there was a sink off to the other side, and a completely glass shower stall.

The third of the room that had the bathroom stuff was all tiled and I would keep stubbing my toe on the ledge back to the carpet, it was weird.


18/20. The room itself was nicely arranged, but what made it the worst room ever was the house flies. We got a fresh supply of flies every hour. Once in the room, they were attracted by the lighting fixtures, one of which was hanging over our bed. So they would fly into the lighting, fall on our bed, and die. Some would fall on the hardwood floor and breakdance a bit before dying. We had our dog with us, so we had to constantly pick up dead flies.


19/20. My parents and I went to Florida for my brother's college graduation. We were sharing a room.

First, in order to get to the room, you had to walk through a door which lead you to another hallway with another door at the end. This door was much smaller and the following hallway even smaller. It felt like Alice in Wonderland. Trippy.

Next we get to the room. There's a couch and then a door that folds in the middle of the room like an accordion to block the room with the bed. However, once closed it would not open unless you jiggled the whole door and made a lot of noise.

Lastly, there were no windows. There was a half window that didn't open in the bathroom right below the ceiling. Pointless.


20/20. Went to Vegas for a wedding, stayed in the Luxor.

We exited the longest and most terrifying elevator journey of our lives next to a garbage can, atop which was a half-empty glass of scotch that had become an ashtray for about four hundred people. It was then that we realized that our room was on the exact opposite side of the floor from the elevators. On our long walk we noticed dozens of food service trays outside of doors, and some on abandoned carts which had started to gather flies. We got to our room and I flopped onto the bed, exhausted, while my wife inspected the air conditioner that sounded like it was about to be the reason the Luxor burned to the ground.

While I lay on the bed trying to let go of my travel anxiety, I noticed that the comforter had a very peculiar smell. I asked my wife to come take a whiff and offer her analysis. She leaned in close and sniffed, immediately recoiling and grabbing the phone. I'll never forget my wife's face as she explained to the front desk, "we need new comforters up here. These ones REEK of after-sex."

Not much else went wrong, but when we left, almost two days later, every single food tray and the scotch ashtray were still in their positions. Untouched by time or employee.



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