Pot Smokers Share The Positive Or Negative Effects Of Their Chronic Use.

Chronic pot smokers of Reddit were asked: "Would you say it has had a positive or negative impact on your life overall?" These are some of the best answers.

2/20 I quit smoking about a year ago due to discomfort associated with breaking the law and fear of f*cking up my living situation. I was hoping that quitting would have a positive impact on my willpower and motivation. I spent a lot of time lamenting that depression and apathy were probably the result of being stoned from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. The upside is that my therapy sessions don't revolve around pot anymore and I can discuss what's going on without being told that everything I'm experiencing is a result of smoking.

I also have some physical health issues (crohns disease and ankylosing spondylitis) that pot did amazing things for. With the crohns I have absolutely no appetite and anything I eat leaves me feeling bloated and sore. Pot not only gave me an appetite, but greatly alleviated the terrible feeling of having eaten in the past couple hours. I could smoke, eat, and smoke again and then go about my day without the misery that eating brings about. For the anylosing spondylitis pot helped me deal with the pain and stiffness and break the cycle of fixation and magnification of pain that constantly hurting can bring about. It didn't really kill the pain but it allowed me to focus on things other than hurting which made the pain significantly less central to my experience. I also noticed that smoking regularly eased the stiffness in my joints and increased the range of motion for my back and shoulders.

Looking back, pot had an overall incredibly positive influence in my life. If you would have asked me at the time I probably would have said that it was overall negative as I was blaming it for my own mental and emotional shortcomings. Thankfully my symptoms in general are much better controlled at present due to some new medications but I would still love to have the opportunity to smoke before and after meals. Eating is a terrible thing that I have to force myself to do when I don't have access to pot. That's a bummer.


3/20 Like almost anything that is enjoyable, a little bit occasionally is good, too much all the time is not.

I smoked daily for over 10 years. Before I started smoking I was uptight, anxious, and often a jerk, pot taught me to chill the f*ck out, and to enjoy activities like long walks in nature, and to love my friends and family without judgment. So I will always hold a special place for Mary Jane in my heart.

But over time she helped me turn into a reclusive, inactive, bore. So I finally just stopped altogether one day, it felt like I had done that enough for one lifetime, and that it wasn't fun anymore. I don't regret all the high times, just wish I had cut way back sooner.


4/20 I'm vaporizing the medical stuff for Crohn's disease.

I can honestly say that I don't know how I would have gotten through the last few months without it. It makes the pain bearable, slows intestinal motility, and gives me a few hours of pain-free peace when I need it most.


5/20 Positive. I'd be a raging, compulsive, over analyzing [malicious woman] otherwise.

Many have their nightly glass of wine. I have by nightly bowl.


6/20 Negative, but not because of the actually weed smoking itself. I was a chronic pot smoker when I was in my teens and despite it not having a large effect on me either way it created lots of tension between my parents and me which was certainly negative.


7/20 My experience with weed seems to be very atypical of most users. Everyone one here is saying that weed is bad for introverts or people that lack motivation but for me it helped me turn all of that around.

I'm 26, male, extremely introverted and have a decent amount of social anxiety (nothing I've ever needed medical help for but it's something that has always had an effect on my life in a negative way). I started smoking a little over a year and a half ago and quickly became a daily smoker and still smoke daily, usually once before work and once or twice after. I don't see myself quitting any time soon. Most of my family members that knew about it warned that I would gain weight and become lazy and throw my life away. I got a lot of crap for smoking. I think that may have had an affect on how I approached marijuana from day one and I made a big effort to ensure that I didn't become a stoner stereotype.

I've always struggled with my weight and still do. However, rather than having gained more weight since I started smoking, I'm down 40+ lbs and counting.

I've gone from being a typical early twenties male slob that never cleaned or did dishes until it was absolutely necessary to being a person that takes pride in having a clean living space. When friends and family members want to get together, my house is generally chosen as the meeting place because it is clean, comfortable...and has herb. I wake and bake every morning and immediately straighten up the house. I deep clean my house and do all of my yard work every weekend while completely baked and blasting music. Getting into the habit of cleaning in the morning is one of those little things you can do that gets your day going in the right direction and I highly recommend it. It seems so hard but really is easy once its habit.

I was pretty much an insomniac and couldn't sleep anytime I was under any kind of stress. I now sleep great most nights.

I work in tech support and smoke every day before work. For a new smoker, it may be hard to focus and keep motivated while high, but for me it increases my focus and especially my empathy which is really the most important factor in doing my job well. It allows me to give a sh*t when I've been answering the same questions over and over all day. I've been promoted twice since I started smoking. While it helps me keep focused on one thing really well, it does make multi-tasking slightly harder.

I had also been telling myself that I would go back to school for the previous five years. I was signed up for classes 3 months after I started smoking. It's hard to manage classes while working but I've been able to consistently keep at it and even learn on my own. I learned HTML, CSS, and PHP all while stoned.

I can come up with more examples but the short story is that my life has improved very much overall and I attribute a lot of that to herb. I have more friends, I'm more social, I'm more motivated, I'm more active, I'm more open-minded, I don't do other drugs, I rarely drink and only in moderation, I've developed habits and hobbies that enhance my life and, I believe, I am a genuinely better person.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't dependent on weed but I don't see that as being as terrible as it sounds. Many people are dependent on one or more medications for anxiety and other social disorders, most of which have much more severe side effects. It is an expensive habit, but with a steady job and a budget it's definitely manageable and not more expensive than binge drinking at bars every weekend.

Weed doesn't control you. If you're being lazy when you're high, it's because you're choosing to be lazy and using the weed as an excuse. The majority of people I toke with regularly are highly functional, even successful, members of society. In fact, of the 15 or so people I know that smoke and that I see regularly, every single one is gainfully employed and good at what they do. I know that's probably not typical but it is true.


8/20 I smoke every night just to sleep easier. Without it, I have insomnia and could be up for a day or two at a time, so Id say it has a positive effect.


9/20 Frankly, for an adult user, pot is one of the least destructive things you can put in your body. For me, it helps calm me down, makes me less likely to get angry in the first place, and, most importantly, stops me from driving myself insane. Apart from alcohol which, frankly, has too many negative side-effects to be my drug of choice, marijuana is the best at turning my brain off for a little bit. So, overall, very positive.


10/20 I think it helps me deal with stress and anxiety. I would probably be an alcoholic if it weren't for cannabis.


11/20 Current user here, and I'd say it has helped and hurt me in different ways. Since I became an everyday smoker, my general motivation and willpower to do things has gone down. Also, it makes not being stoned seem awful compared to when im high. On the flip side however, marijuana helped cure my depression, and I havent attempted or even considered suicide since I started smoking. It has also helped me make a lot new friends and connect to my current friends more, however alienating some of my friends who didn't chose to smoke like I do. Also, the $$$ spent on it has been a lot higher than I would like.


12/20 Negatively. Definitely negatively. And here's why: Normally when you are bored, you take up a hobby. You become creative, you learn new skills. You clean up your house, you get things done. You won't settle with just being bored, not doing anything.

When you are high, and/or when you are a stoner, being bored becomes ok. You won't feel the need to do something else, to experience new things. You are ok with the fact, that you are not doing anything. This also effects things such as social skills, further education possibilities and simple things such as daily routines.

Of course there are some examples of people getting more creative from smoking pot/weed. But I can guarantee you, after a couple of years with excessive pot smoking, that will fall apart as well.

Smoke weed! Please do. Weed is awesome, but do it with care.


13/20 If you're lazy, or an introvert, or lack motivation or ambition, daily use can make those traits more dominant. As a result, I have significantly cut back on my consumption. Other than that, no real difference.


14/20 For me personally it has had a largely positive impact, with some smaller negatives thrown in there.

When I first started smoking I was smoking way, way to much and to often. You continually need to smoke more to get high so it builds on itself until you are spending 100 bucks a week or more. That was the negative.

Once I realized that like most things, moderation is a good thing, it has been great. I take a puff or two in the morning before work, another couple puffs on the way home, bowl before bed. It keeps me level headed and prevents me from over thinking every scenario to the death.


15/20 It helps me immensely dealing with my panic attacks and overall anxiety. That being said it is definitely having a big effect on my lungs; My breath is short a great deal of the time and I get stinging pains in my left lung sometimes (I'm not sure how much of this is due to smoking so many blunt wraps way back when; I used to cough blood from too many blunts). There is definitely an "addiction factor", and going without smoking has a strong, negative effect on my mental state and my mood.


16/20 Pretty negative. I started in the beginning and even though I enjoyed it, I kept me isolated from non pot smokers, and eventually just reinforced my laziness and hurt my motivation. I still enjoy it on occasion, but to really be productive and create things (music) I needed to be sober. Pot can make you be totally OK with being bored. Which, in turn can make you a pretty boring person.


17/20 Absolutely positive. I went from practically being a sociopath to someone who discovered his own emotions and how to be empathetic.

Marijuana seems to have a completely different effect on me compared to others. It energizes me, makes me understand others, and makes my introversion less troublesome. I don't like to smoke around or with others, but it drastically improves my sober time/life.

I haven't smoked in a long time now, and my emotions are fading away and I continually find it more difficult to feel empathy. Really I choose to be a better person while smoking, and it makes me happy to chose to. I fall into a down of not seeing the point and do so just to not rock the boat. I care with pot, I'm incredibly apathetic without it.


18/20 I have smoked daily for 20 years. I work in a scientific field. I would be a much better scientist if I wasn't high all the time. I quit two months ago and I am better at my job but life isn't as much fun sober. Main thing I have noticed is that pot made me okay with being bored.


19/20 Extremely positive. My ex-wife introduced me to weed. She said it changed me from an uptight douchebag to a laid back dude. Saved my life. Had to put it on hold cause I got a really nice job that needs me 24/7 clear-minded and we pee in cups every so often, so I can't fail a test. But once I'm done with the job, in a couple of years, I'm retiring to farming, and weed. Not farming weed, but who knows, weed makes you do strange things. I boned so many hippie type chicks cause of weed, I'm very happy, I miss weed. Heck, I wrote brilliant code on weed, solved numerous life challenges on weed. My single weed rule, don't smoke when you are pissed or depressed. Also, It will make you lazy and if you can't keep your sh*t together, you will mess up.


20/20 Two years, smoking on the daily, went through an eighth a week, absolute minimum. The good sh*t, too.

Definitely negative. It exemplified my lack of motivation and laziness, and as such, instead of going to college and saving money, I was totally cool living paycheck to paycheck working at Waffle House. Now I smoke maybe once every couple weeks, and I'm in college and working a full time job that pays pretty well.

I would never trade the times I had with my buddies though, smoking and skating around the city, or playing magic, or going on top of buildings just to be above the city and have a bowl. Good times :)



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