20 Surprising And Little Known Facts About Breaking Bad.

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Breaking Bad has been described as one of the greatest TV dramas ever created. Let's go behind-the-scenes and see how the award-winning show actually came together.

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2/20 Creator Vince Gilligan's only regret on the show is Jesse's teeth. Considering Jesse's drug use his teeth should've been more messed up, not even considering the fact that he was beat up multiple times on the show and always came out with perfectly straight pearly whites.


3/20 56 of the 98 people deliberately killed on the show die from being shot.


4/20 Julia Minesci, who plays prostitute Wendy, is much healthier than her character counterpart. The actress has completed six Ironmans and countless marathons. The casting directors specifically chose an older actress to play Wendy to give her a more weathered and wrinkled look without too much makeup.


5/20 In 2013 a man by the name of Walter White was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for dealing and distributing 32.5 lbs of methamphetamine. He was not a teacher or a cancer patient but he was threatened by suppliers when he tried to leave the business and became addicted himself.


6/20 Jesse and Walt Jr. are the only regular characters appearing in every season who never meet each other.


7/20 In the final season Jesse, Todd, and Walt rob a train for methylamine, a key ingredient in meth production. However scientists have found that the compound could have been synthesized quite easily in their lab if they had simply purchased a few common chemicals.


8/20 Daniel and Luis Moncado, who play the Salamanca twins, are just as tough as their characters. Both of them have served time in jail and been in gangs. Luis even has the letters "F U" tattooed on his eyelids. He says that the worst part was when they put the spoon under his eyelid because if they don't put something to protect the eye the needle will go right through the thin eyelid skin.


9/20 An entire industry has been built around Breaking Bad's setting in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Already known as the meth capital of the southwest you can now buy meth-themed souvenirs like blue-meth candy, Heisenberg dark beer, Heisenberg Pez dispensers, and Walter White t-shirts. You can even take a tour of the show's filming locations in mobile home designed to look like the one on the show.

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10/20 Raymond Cruz, who plays Tuco, was originally written to last the first two seasons of the series but when Cruz landed a part in TNT's The Closer they had to write him out of the show. In brainstorming the next nemesis on the show the directors thought to go in the opposite director of Tuco's psychopathy and create a character who's a softer gentlemen with a heart of steel. And thus Gustavo Fring was born.


11/20 The series ran for 62 episodes total. The 62nd element on the Periodic Table of Elements is samarium, the major component in samarium lexidronam which kills cancer cells in the treatment of lung cancer.


12/20 To celebrate the series finale a rehab clinic in Albuquerque offered two "Breaking Bad" scholarships for addiction treatment worth thousands of dollars. The goal was to use the show's success to open a dialogue about mental health and drug addiction in the community.

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13/20 Jesse Plemons earned the nickname "Meth Damon" on the internet for his resemblance to actor Matt Damon.


14/20 Chemical symbols appear in the show's title and every name in the opening credits, in the form of two letters together (i.e. Br for bromine or N for nitrogen) except for Vince Gilligan.


15/20 With the help of the show's science advisor Donna Nelson writers were very careful to not actually give away any meth recipes on the show. Nelson insisted that if a viewer were to follow any of the instructions they wouldn't come up with meth because they took bits-and-pieces of various syntheses and strung them together.


16/20 A Queensland correctional center had to replace 425 television sets after prisoners started using their TV's electrical cables to light their cigarettes - just like how Walt used an electric cable from a coffee pot to burn through his wrist ties.

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17/20 Walt's alter ego Heisenberg is named for German physicist Werner Heisenberg who is best known for his uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics. The principle states the exact position and momentum of a particle can be simultaneously known, leading some fans to speculate that the name was chosen because the more we know of Walt-the-drug-dealer the less we know of Walt-the-father.


18/20 Charles Baker noticed that writers would include aspects of the actors' lives in their characters and wanted the same for Skinny Pete. One day he noticed a piano in one of the back rooms and started playing. A month later the writers approached him about having Pete play Solfeggietto in C minor in one scene so he practiced three hours a day for a month until they filmed. Unfortunately only the song's intro made the final cut.

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19/20 Creator Vince Gilligan and Bryan Cranston intersected once before the show. Bryan appeared on Vince's sci-fi show The X-Files as a racist roofer who must drive in a westward direction or else he will explode. Raymond Cruz, Aaron Paul, Danny Trejo, and Michael Bowen also made appearances on the show.

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20/20 Breaking Bad was the first show in over a decade to win the Emmy for Best Drama Series without being nominated in its first season.



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